Cannabis Tea Recipe

Cannabis Tea Recipe 

Stoners explore the world of cooking and doing it yourself, watch this short Stoner Video on how to make your own Cannabis Tea. Follow the step by step procedure and you too can make a yummy cup of “green” tea! Enjoy!

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Cannabis Tea Recipe

Top 10 Stoner Munchies


Top 10 Stoner Munchies | StonerDays

We know you get the muchies so here is a short list of awesome muchies to have around when you are feeling the rumble in the belly.



These tasty chips deserve the number one spot on the munchies list for the simple fact that they’re absolutely perfect! Munchos are super light, crisp, and airy chips that pack an amazing flavor and crunch. The lightness of this snack make it great for eating them by the bagfull and bever getting tired of them. When the munchies call, munchos are your best bet.

Cooler Ranch Doritos

Doritos are a staple  in many stoner pantries and rightfully so. The cooler ranch flavor works well with stoned munchies because of all the tangy and salty flavors that it has. The bud really allows you to experience the crunchy goodness at it’s full potential and before you know it you’re family size bag of doritios is empty and crumpled up on the floor next to the other three bags.

Hot Pockets

So many flavors and easy to grab packaging makes this snack a no brainer. Within just a few short minutes of getting intense hunger cravings, you’ll be biting into a hot masterpiece  wondering how mankind ever survived in a world without them. With veggie and meat flavors, hot pockets are the perfect munchies to have in your hot box.

Rice Krispy Treats

Sticky green buds and this sticky marshmallow treat are a match made in heaven. Munchies are often paired with a mean sweet tooth and this snack is sweet, crunchy, and soft all at the same time hitting on many good textural notes and overall exciting to munch on. So if you like to light, hit, and inhale, you might want to snap, crackle, and pop!

Oreo Cakesters

Thick, creamy, cakey goodness is what you’ll be getting yourself into with these guys. The cakes come in chocolate or vanilla and packed with the sugary soft oreo cream we love and adore. If you’re daring enough to try them, the double stuffed cakesters are guaranteed to make that perma-grin you’ve got going on last even longer.


Cereal may not be your first choice for munchies, but is never the less a pretty cool snack. Your favorite cereal is sure to taste even better while stoned and with an entire box at your disposal it’s the perfect munchie to keep coming back for more… and more.


Fruity mildly sweet licorice by the bagfulls, perfect! Twizzlers make a great candy for continuous munching and flavor. They don’t leave your mouth in an overly sweet or tangy aftertaste and the soft but firm texture brings favored memories of enjoying a licorice like a child.

 Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

A cold but delicious treat to get yourself into, cookies and cream ice cream provides nice chunks of cookie that are perfect to sink your teeth into while enjoying this creamy cold heaven on a spoon.  The falvors remind you a bit of cookies and milk and put a nice flavor into your mouth after hitting a bong.


A timeless favorite that blends classic cheese, sauce, and italian flavors that make you want to dive into a slice head first. Pizza is perfection in a bite and an awesome choice that’ll fill you up and have you ready to take more hits. Any pizza you eat while blazed quickly becomes the best pizza in the world, what more could you ask for?


Tacos and burritos supply you with an explosion of flavors that leave your stomach saying, “what munchies?” Whatever your style, if it’s full of meat, cheese, and beans and wrapped in a tortilla shell, it’ll be down your throat in no time.

Top 10 Stoner Munchies | StonerDays

Marijuana Flavored Pig Meat

Marijuana Flavored Pig Meat

There’s a new craze in Seattle Washington, Marijuana Flavored Pig Meat. A local butcher has started selling marijuana feed pig meat to his customers. Consumers report that the flavor of the marijuana flavored pig meat  is ‘savory’. Pot is becoming more and more popular in the food industry, so stoners get ready to experience a new side of marijuana. Hope you enjoy the this stoner video. Stay Blazed!

Marijuana Flavored Pig Meat

Five Places To Cure Stoner Munchies In Denver


Five Places To Cure Stoner Munchies In Denver

If you’re a stoner, you know the munchies. Here are Five Places To Cure Stoner Munchies In Denver Colorado. They rear their ugly head whenever you’ve gotten the most comfy on the couch. All of a sudden, you’re craving some insane pizza slices, maybe a heaping burger topped with egg or whatever, or perhaps you just want some good old Mountain Dew and Doritos. Whatever you’re craving, Denver will have a place for it. And since Denver is now one of the biggest marjuana tourism spots in America, we figured wewould give you five spots to cure your case of the munchies.

11371161_897327110349862_14014237_nFive Places To Cure Stoner Munchies In Denver

5. Sweet Action Ice Cream

Yeah, it’s almost summer and even in the Mile High City, it’ll be getting warm soon. In order to prepare for the glorious summer weather, take a trip to Sweet Action Ice Cream. It’s not far from downtown and they have amazing flavors like Cadbury Creme Egg, something that’s sure to cure your munchies!

4. Mellow Mushroom

Pizza is something that you can never go wrong with when you have the munchies. The Mellow Mushroom has a dope stoner vibe and also won’t break the bank so don’t worry about how your wallet will feel. They have soups, salads, and calzones as well so even if you’re not feeling pizza, you’ll be able to find something that you’ll like.

3. Hapa Sushi

I know I’m not the only stoner in the world that loves to get baked and eat sushi. Hapa is a place that you’ll definitely want to visit. They even went that extra mile and paired items on their menu with weed related puns. You can’t deny that awesomeness so if you’re in Denver and craving sushi, Hapa is the place that you’ll want to hit.

2. Hey PB&J

When you’re low on cash and don’t have a lot of food, what’s the one thing on your mind? PB&J. And while you might have trouble finding Hey PB&J in Denver is a delicatessen PB&J food truck that makes an incredible sandwich. They put a spin on the traditional sandwich as well, adding crazy things like coconut, spicy peanut butter, and other amazing additions to a sandwich we all thought we knew.

1. Voodoo Doughnuts

Based in Oregon originally, Voodoo is a favorite of hipsters and stoners everywhere. This doughnut shop has been a cult classic for years and continues to impress it’s customers. With doughnuts topped with cereals like Captain Crunch and other doughnuts boasting names like Maple Blazer Blunt, there’s no way you can go wrong with a box of Voodoo Doughnuts.

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How to make Salsa with Marijuana

How to make Salsa with Marijuana:

Fresh vibrant veggies with a bit of spice and heat means tasty salsa. There are so many combinations you can put together, this being one of the greater ones. The high of this dish really seems to pop out at you in the presence of all the loud flavors. Salsa is really one of those breakfast, lunch, or dinner type eats, and even more so when you put put a little reefer in to wake you up.

1 bag of salted chips
4 Tomatoes
1 Ripe avocado
1 ½ Serrano chilies or jalapeno peppers (Serrano chilies are hotter)
¼ Cup of cilantro fresh
½ Of a Yellow onion
1/3 Canna-oil
½ Teaspoon of salt
½ Teaspoon of Ground pepper

 You’ll need a large bowl to mix the salsa in. Begin by cutting the tomatoes, chilies, onion, and avacodo into small squares and finely chop the cilantro. Add everything together in the bowl with salt, pepper, and ofcourse canna-oil. Stir it all up together.

 It’s as simple as that and you’ve got some kick ass dank salsa, enjoy!

Thats How to make Salsa with Marijuana!