Whats Your Smoking Style

Whats Your Smoking Style?

Sometimes the mind might wonder, is there really a reason for everything? Every action and reaction?

Think about this in terms of your Mary Jane actions. Why do you hit the blunt the way you do, or hold a bong in that certain way you like, or why do you only roll Little John’s when you’re smoking papers? THC Thursday Whats Your Smoking Style?

Are these random ticks, or maybe tricks of the trade.

What’s Your Smoking Style is ready to investigate a few of these habits to see what’s really poppin’.

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How you hold your blunt/joint is important because it controls your smoke flow and sets you up for the inhale. Do you pinch or “square hold it?” Pinching looks like putting your index finger and thumb together with the piece in the middle.

This way gives easy control as not to burn your lips or be a butterfingers and go droppin’ smoke all around town.

Square holding is more a mirror of the way you would smoke a “square” or cigarette. Even though this way may not be as common, there are some who like to puff this way. Which one you go for doesn’t really matter as long as you’re smoking.

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The flame you choose is just as important as what toilet paper you use.

Delicate decisions require delicate thought, so don’t burn your ganja with just any ol’ kerosene lamp.

There are matches, lighters, vapes, hemp wicks, so many things to get the herb heated to appropriate temperatures.

Hemp wicks are said to burn slower and eliminate harmful chemicals getting into your smoke, lighters are fast, matches are vintage and cool, and vaporizers are life savers.

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So what style habitual stoner are you? THC Thursday What’s Your Smoking Style?

Is there any rhyme to your reason, or are you the whatever you see first kinder toker. It’s time to analyze your smoking style and see what little stoner OCD traditions tickle your fancy.

Whats Your Smoking Style?

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg | Stonerdays

Long Beach, California couldn’t have wished for a better marijuana spokesperson than Snoop Dogg.

The LBC isn’t the only place Snoop gets lots of love, he’s given the up-most respect everywhere he travels.

This is because of his overly addictive, feel good, laid back gangsta jams.

The fact that he burns down the tree like a forest fire has done wonders for him in his musical career. Snoop Dogg deserves every bit of recognition he gets or being such a fantastical stoner and lyrical genius.

For years he’s managed to give us quality get high and ride out music to be cloaked in a cloud of smoke to, thanks Dogg.

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. better known as Snoop D-O Double G was born October 20,1971 and boy are we glad. Things began to take a successful twist for Snoop in 1992 when a hip hop producer guru by the name of

Dr. Dre discovered Dogg’s untapped talent and decided to help him take his talents to infinity and beyond.

It’s true that his image has changed continuously over the years and is still evolving, still Snoop has never failed to keep in touch with his fans. He has been the star of his own reality T.V. show and many philanthropic endeavors. All the while supplying our high minds with good music.

Snoop’s first album entitled, “Doggystyle”  went 4x Platinum so winning is nothing new to this man.

He’s a champion through and through that knows how to stay true to himself, no matter what prosecution he may face or slashes from internet trolls and media.

In 2013 Snoop is so much more than an inspirational stoner but an icon, an icon that also happens to love smoking ganja and enjoying life, sucking all the sweet juices out of it in fact.Now it’s time to throw on some Snoop Dogg and light the Indo because really, there is nothing else that you should be doing.

Snoop Dogg | Stonerdays

Tokin Tuesday Weed Talk

Tokin Tuesday Weed Talk

In our society we love to be entertained, we love things to talk about that connects us with others like sports, politics, music, or art.

Within all of these categories there is a language that can only be decoded if you are knowledgeable in that subject. Marijuana is exactly the same way, and some people feel it’s actually more entertaining to talk about than all those other subjects combined.

This Tokin Tuesday Weed Talk edition is all about our lingo and what it means to us as a people.

For more beyond awesome lingo check out the Stoner Dictionary!

Code words for MJ have been being used fo centuries as a way to stay under the radar but still remain high at all times.

It also adds flare to the already awesome and laid back personalities that stones have.

They have so many meanings and can be used in some pretty diverse situations, for example:

Dealer Talk

You might want a quarter, dime, nick, half, eighth, watevs. Chances are you’ll say one of these things and no need to elaborate because of course he or she will know what you mean.

Friend Talk

“Aye Bro, let’s blow some trees after work and roll up that fire! Scored a blunt and a few bowls worth too, shit’s gonna be dope!”

Authority Talk

“I think 4:20 pm would be a great time to take a walk and admire the greenery”. “Yes honey, the trees are in bloom and the flowers are so high”.

These are a few ways that you can incorporate cannabis conversation into your everyday life.

You may not even notice that you’ve been having a 45 minute conversation with your sister about marijuana because you never actually said the word “marijuana”.

How sweet is that?! Thanks for reading stoners! Flip through the StonerDays Stoner Dictionary for more smokin’ slang.

Tokin Tuesday Weed Talk

Best Places to Get Stoned

Best Places to Get Stoned

So it’s officially 4:20 and you’re ready to burn it down!

Everything you could have ever wanted is just a puff away, and the anticipation building up inside of you is thicker than smoke.

What scenery shall have the privilege to bask in the presence of you and MJ, such a beautiful couple. 

This StonerDays feature is all about the best places to get stoned. Lighting up is ritual and should be thought about to some degree to make sure you get the most out of your session.

The Bathroom

Yes people, the restroom is the perfect place for a toke. It’s a bit secluded and most have at least one window if you need to air out, or just small enough for a killer hot box.

There’s also multiple places you can ash in the powder room like the sink and the toilet.

Don’t forget to wash your hands!

The Car

The original hot box is always in the top places to toke up. You get to enjoy the passing or still scenery from high eyes, and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Throw on the radio and freak out to your favorite artists while you’re at it.

Roll up all of the windows, lock the doors, and proceed to get trippy mane.


Marijuana is as natural a thing as birds flying in the sky.

Smoking a doobie in the wide open fresh air gives you a connection with the bud like no other.

Smoking earth while enjoying earth is something that every cannabis lover should treat themselves to.

Night-time smokes are the best as you star gaze into the darkness blunted up and carefree, searching for UFO’S

or shooting stars because you’re feelin’ it and know they’re out there staring back at you. Just as amazed as you are to be alive in such a wonderful time in history…..see what we mean, trippy.

These are just a few places where cannabis sativa can be intensely enjoyed. Of course you realize that 24/7, 365 anywhere, anyplace is the perfect time to burn the bowl….

except maybe in front of a police station, don’t do that. Stay Fly Stoners!

Memories of a First Toke

Memories of a First Toke

A feeling like no other that’s beyond more than just foreign but soul and eye opening as well.

No matter what may have caused you to first lay your troubles in Mary’s lap doesn’t even matter, as long as you made it. Having Memories of a First Toke is beautiful nostalgia wrapped in OG Kush and pre rolled to perfection.

Taste, sound, smell, touch, and sight all became new to you and born again in a world filled with endless possibilities.

There is no fear only Cannabis Sativa and you love every crumb that you get your hands on. So where were you when everything was going down? Where were you when you realized that there is more to this life than what meets the eye?

Memories of a First Toke is all about that great first, maybe even your favorite first.

There you are, in a place where weed meets lungs, and you’re ready and willing to give this hobby your best shot. The first inhale is always a surprise as you feel your virgin lungs with THC coated smoke that was longing to be inside of you all along.

A burning sensation that doesn’t turn you off but instead lights the flame of desire inside your being and makes you puff for more.

The seed has officially been planted, and the roots have begun to spread further than just under the surface. This plant is one that penetrates the mind, body, and soul, takes you to a personal place that knows no judgement or anger only familiar funny feelings that seem to have been a part of you all along.

Certain substances may place themselves in your life, this is when it’s time for you to take the responsibility to find out which ones you want to stick with, or which ones you might want to start kicking.

Mary Jane is a lover and a friend, not  a substance, but a sacred soul all of her own. Being birthed into a new world where everything is bright and vivid is something some people don’t even dare to imagine because the thought of change scares them.

But not you faithful stoner, not you.

You accepted the head high and face floating body relaxation as a gift from mother nature and in return she keeps getting you higher than high and blazed for dayz.

With that infant blunt in your hand you liked the way your head became tight with funny thoughts and vivid day dreams.

The way the cool summer breeze caressed every follicle of hair running up your spine and neck, and how you knew that this was the first time in your entire life that you actually felt it, and it was good.

Take the time to sit with your homies and reminisce in the good times, the times when you and Mary first became one and the world was a simpler kinder place. Thanks for lending your baked pupils and your time, Happy Smoking to all you green lungs out there!

Memories of a First Toke

Wake and Bake Wednesday Generational Stoners

Wake and Bake Wednesday Generational Stoners

So you’ve found yourself once again rolling up on your front porch sitting in your rocking chair with your own killer stash box.

Everything about the way you move and prepare is unique to you and your personality.

Everything has to begin somewhere, and no matter how long you’ve been burning down MJ, you had to start somewhere, someone had to show you the way.

Given that the media and outside influences do have a lot to do with the ways we interact with one another, our family history plays an even bigger roll still. Wake and Bake Wednesday Generational Stoners is all about your trippy family tree.

As we all know, marijuana is an ancient treat that has been shared in countless places around the world so it should come to no surprise that your parents, grandparents, and yes even some of your great grands could have enjoyed the satisfaction of lighting the natural cannabis doobie.

Genetics most definitely play a big role in who we become as people and ultimately the role we will play in society.

There are so many stoners in this day and age, and they have to be coming from somewhere.

Our young people have been said to be more laid back and understanding when it comes down to the issues of parenting. This means that we have different views altogether when sticky icky is brought up.

Unlike many hard asses before us we don’t see as many, or really any issues with someone of age being able to enjoy a healthy bowl of Cannabis Crunch, or Kush Puffs.

With thinking and innovation like this floating around in the atmosphere, the future pot heads of tomorrow have plenty to look forward to. Stoner Days homework for the day: If you’ve got the moxy, ask some of the elders in your family if they know a sexy lady seductive lady by the name of Mary, and ask how well.

Wake and Bake Wednesday Generational Stoners