IMAG Plus Vaporizer Stoner Review

IMAG Plus Vaporizer Stoner Review


Only the very best devices in the world make the cut onto Wizard Puff shelves. The IMAG Plus is the first and only pen style vaporizer that meets our strict standards for quality and reliable performance, and I could not be more excited. The IMAG Plus is the vaporizer pen to purchase and is hands down the best option in the pen style category.


Sleek, sexy and constructed of only high quality materials, the IMAG Plus Vaporizer is as well built as the FlowerMate V5.0S and offers a very similar operation and maintenance. No space is wasted allowing the device to be both lightweight and ultra minimal. Everything is near perfect in the design of this Pen Style Vaporizer. Hopefully we’ll see a more premium mouthpiece option in the future! 4.5/5


Vapor Quality / Herb Efficiency

Three temperature settings allow the user to get the most out of their dry herb material by starting on level one and ending on level three. Draw resistance is balanced and highly enjoyable, the baking chamber offers full and even vaporization of dry herb material and is really efficient. Huge clouds of vapor from the IMAG Plus… it slightly outperforms the FlowerMate V5.0S! 4.5/5 (Outstanding performance. Seriously wow.)



The IMAG Plus is the slimmest and most discreet portable vaporizer option available. One button operation, three temperature settings and a solid and consistent heating chamber make this device near perfect in terms of practicality. An average 2200 mAh battery life is the price you pay for the ultra slim, ultra discreet form factor. The size and ease of use of the IMAG Plus makes it a device that I can see you using every single day, on-the-go, no problem. (The FlowerMate V5.0S offers more than double the battery life and is still discreet) 5/5




$90 is a fair value for the IMAG Plus. Many, many pen style vaporizers have tried and failed to create a genuine and effective vaporization experience, the IMAG Plus is the first pen style device to actually perform as advertised whilst being a robust and rugged instrument. The IMAG Plus offers a truly premium experience in a revolutionarily small form factor. 4.5/5 (90$ for only 2200 mAh battery life is still a little steep)

Final Verdict

The IMAG Plus is pretty much identical to the FlowerMate V5.0S but much, much slimmer and even more discreet. It offers about 30-40mins of actual vape time and has the convenience of micro-usb charging (any USB port will do). I highly recommend you grab a car charger and extra cables so that your device is ready to rock and roll at all times.

– Mr. Puff

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IMAG Plus Vaporizer Stoner Review


Mediedibles; Product Reviews


Finding a good edible company can be hard these days, with so many of them out there. Not to mention the unfortunate scandalous nature of some people that make their edibles far less potent than advertised. There’s also the issue of finding something that tastes good too or at least good enough to choke down to get stoned. Let’s face it, the taste of weed isn’t always awesome. So when you stumble upon a medicated treat maker that’s good, you make sure that you tell your friends!

After recently relocating to California, we decided to try these edible candy bars from Mediedible, a newer company on the market. The product was called a ZenBar, featured a cool wrapper, and boasted “Sparkling Birthday Cake” as the flavor. We were told that it totally tasted like Funfetti and having mastered the Funfetti edible cake back on the east coast, I felt strongly compelled to try these treats. And at $5 a bar, we couldn’t argue and grabbed two, one for each of us.

I stuck to eating a quarter of the bar and my partner ate half. The taste of weed was still pretty strong, even through the chocolate and Funfetti sprinkles. Regardless, they weren’t bad as long as you pair them with a drink (the California heat is different for us and it’s tough to eat candy out here sometimes because it’s just so damn hot!). Plus if you bite down on the sprinkles, you get that added sweetness. Overall, the taste wasn’t too bad. Like I said, mostly just make sure that you have a drink but most candy requires some sort of liquid companion anyway.

After about an hour of just kind of hanging out, the realization washed over us that we were, in fact, stoned. The bars worked pretty well, even for our high tolerances. They were perfect for a relaxing day off of just hanging out and watching cartoons but also didn’t hinder us from walking a mile to get some snacks from 7/11. The Zenbar is definitely a product that stoners should give a try. They come in multiple different flavors so I’m sure you’ll find one that you love!

Mediedibles; Product Reviews