Morning Wake & Bake – Stoner Clothes


Morning Wake & Bake – Stoner Clothes


If there is one thing every stoner knows, it is the magic of the wake and bake. The term breakfast refers to the idea that when you are sleeping, you are technically fasting and your first meal upon waking up is breaking this six to eight hour fast. The same logic can be applied to smoking herb. While sleeping, you are fasting from marijuana and as a result, that first rip you take in the morning lifts you higher than a hot air balloon. The only thing better than breakfast in bed is a nice, milky bong toke in bed.

For the functional stoner, waking and baking is a better way to start your day than drinking coffee. By tickling those cannabinoid receptors in our brains first thing in the morning, our minds and bodies feel euphoric and happy, ready to conquer any adventure the day may take us on. A proper wake and bake will make you feel empowered, energetic and blissful. For those who suffer from chronic pain or other ailments, waking and baking is essential to having a happy and functional day. It can mean the difference between comfort and discomfort. Those who wake and bake do it proudly, and now you can rep it inside and out with our new line of stoner clothing!

In addition to our collection of wake and bake shirts in shades of black, white, green and various other colors, we even offer a wildly appropriate wake and bake coffee mug so you can sip on your favorite brew while enjoying your favorite dank. We’re talkin’ baseball tees, we’re talkin’ V-necks, we’re talkin’ crew necks, we’re talkin’ long sleeves, we’re talkin’ tank tops, we’re talkin’ sweatshirts, we got what you need here at the StonerDays store. A great look and an even greater message for both men and women, get lifted, high, irie, baked, blitzed, stoned, or whatever state you choose and indulge yourself in a wake and bake.

Join the StonerDays revolution and proudly wear your love for Mary Jane! Wake and bake with us at our new Stoner Store!



Morning Wake & Bake – Stoner Clothes

Stonerdays Presents – Stoner Clothing


Stonerdays Presents – Stoner Clothing

As I awake from my sweet slumber, I rise to my feet knowing I must start the day off right, being that today is our photo shoot. First things first… I grab my bong and pack a fat bowl of kush. Stonerdays Presents –  Stoner Clothing.

Stoner Clothing

Now that I’ve got my Wake n’ Bake on, it’s time to get to work.

The whole day went incredible well, we started with rolling more joints then we could smoke and took all our indoor shoots.


After the smoke cleared we find ourselves at the top of Mt. Baldy with the sun at our side, we captured every Good Vibe this green earth has to offer.

Our stoner collection was created from one the most talented artists Southern California has to offer. Stonerdays Clothing provides easy going t-shirts, men and woman’s tanks, long-sleeved shirts, comfortable hoodies, and not to forget our must have Wake & Bake coffee mug.

Stay Blazed Mens Black Stoner T-Shirt

As stoners ourselves, we guarantee you’ll feel at ease and comfort in our stoner clothing. Stonerdays Clothing was created for both men and women of all walks of life.

By purchasing our t-shirts, you are supporting a greater cause than mere industry.

Our purpose is not based on our sells, but to provide a service to you. With a comfortable and cool feel you will enjoy and embrace life to it’s fullest.


Be sure to check out our epic stoner clothing line up

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Stonerdays Presents – Stoner Clothing