Cannabis Receptors; An Evolutionary Mistake?

marijuana and the brain stonerdays

Cannabis Receptors; An Evolutionary Mistake?

Smoking marijuana has been an accepted practice by many different cultures for thousands of years. Of course, some people try to keep cannabis from reaching the public. Cannabis is considered an eye opening substance, much like mushrooms. It broadens the acceptance of ideas in a person’s head and allows people to accept other possibilities other than what they’re told. While this seems like an incredibly amazing thing, there are those that don’t want citizens to be able to think freely.

marijuana and the brain stonerdays

Getting stoned goes far beyond the fact that “it feels good”. We get high because we’re built to get stoned… Literally. Our bodies, as well as the bodies of every other animal with the exception of bugs, has a cannabinoid system built in. The brain automatically bonds with THC and produces it’s own endocannabinoids. If you believe in evolution, then this system had to have appeared for a reason, right? We must have utilized cannabis much more at some point in our history, as the system is still present in every human that is born.


Oddly enough, the cannabinoid receptor in life forms seems to have developed long before pot was even around on the planet. 550 million years before, in fact. If the cannabinoid system and receptors in the brain were an evolutionary mistake, then there must be a reason as to why the system is still around. Evolution produces traits that make living easier. Life on this planet must need cannabinoids to make functioning better.

600 million years ago, when the cannabis system first appeared, the following 75 million years had a surge of evolution for life on the planet. Oddly, these events seem to coincide. It is suspected that the appearance of cannabinoid receptors and the accelerated rate of change in life are related. Evolution’s sole purpose is to improve life by changing things. If the receptors improved life on earth that drastically, there is a very solid reason why we should be using the plant on a daily basis. It improves life and everyone knows that life is extremely difficult these days. If it’s possible to improve the quality of life just by ingesting a plant to make our own endocannabinoids stronger and better equipped to help make us happy.

syn04 sm

So if the cannabinoid receptors were an evolutionary mistake, then it was an extremely good mistake. The fact that our bodies can process CBD and THC so well that it can kill cancer cells and completely eradicate depression and anxiety, among so many other benefits, is incredible. People are afraid to accept that our bodies are ready to process cannabis in an extremely positive way.

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Cannabis Receptors; An Evolutionary Mistake?

The Stoner Evolution


The Stoner Evolution

Smoking pot has been around for thousands of years. It’s many uses make it a very valuable part of life for a lot of cultures.

 Stoner Evolution of Smoking Marijuana | StonerDays

This used to include our own until some people with large pockets decided that the many uses meant that their pockets would shrink drastically. Stoners themselves have evolved drastically since marijuana became part of American culture. We’re definitely not smoking the shwag that our parents used to smoke in their day, that’s for sure.

Vintage Marijuana Pipe Smoker - StonerDays

Weed entered the American circuit sometime in the 1800s. It was sold in pharmacies as a medicine for all different kinds aches, pains, and illnesses. Who would’ve thought right? Unfortunately for those early medical users, it seems like we’ve almost regressed. However, the potency and quality of their medical marijuana was basically all natural. There were no such things as nutes to add to the soil and hydroponics didn’t exist. Hemp farmers were at the mercy of the elements and dealt with issues that we no longer have, such as pests and frost. These patients happened to be the first cannabis users in America.damesa

Once the 1900s hit, however, cannabis use began to be a negative thing if you weren’t using it for medical use. The southern states began to outlaw any type of recreational use of the plant. Does this sound familiar? History really just sounds like a broken record sometimes. 1936 brought around the release of every stoners favorite film Reefer Madness, which was used to deter younger people from indulging in marijuana. The next year, 1937, was the year that cannabis was officially banned from all use in the United States. This was the point at which marijuana became an underground, Prohibition style substance… Everyone was still doing it but the “law” still said it was illegal.

reefer madness stonerdays

Thirty years later, hash oil began to make an appearance on the market. This was one of the events that later led to the development of the latest pothead craze; BHO. For those that don’t know, hash oil has been around for a very long time and only recently has gained support among marijuana users in the past couple of years. I’m sure that when it was first made, it probably wasn’t as concentrated as it is now. Not to mention the weed that was being used still isn’t as strong as it is today.

trichomes on marijuana stonerdays

We all know the stoners from the 70s. These were the people that gave us the hippie name. They were peaceful, chill, and would rather sit on the beach and smoke a joint before actually going to work. It was a good time, from what I’ve heard from parents of myself and friends. Everyone was smoking weed, even though it was still very much illegal. The thing is that no one really cared. As it should be today, the government was definitely more concerned with pressing issues.

Apothecary_smoking_pipe stonerdays

In the 80s is when potheads strayed away from the hippie side of smoking and started doing the classic stoner moves; adventure places, smoke with friends, chill out, have fun. It was in this time period that Cheech and Chong started to move the stoner image from hippie to goofball, as Up In Smoke had come out in 1978. Cheech and Chong, as most of us know, really started a marijuana movement. Whereas before, it was more about peace and love, we learned to direct our focus. We want this plant to be legal and we’re going to pester you until you do (Which unfortunately still hasn’t happened more than 30 years later).

marijuana plant stonerdays

When the 90s finally rolled around, an explosion of marijuana based comedies flooded the media market. Fear & Loathing, Dazed and Confused, and the Big Lebowski just to name a few. It was this time period that got more people to pay attention to marijuana. How can you not support a plant that makes you cry with laughter at the escapades of potheads overfeeding diabetic horses and innocent potheads getting beaten up by thugs just because they have the same last name as some rich guy. It was in the 90s when California started the snowball of marijuana support. While other states, such as Oregon, had already been working towards weed acceptance, it was (and still is) California that is the first state thought of when referring to pot. Sorry, Colorado and Washington. I know you guys are important but California has been doing this for a while now.

stoner pipes stonerdays

It seems like once Cali made medical okay, everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Between 1998 and 2010, there were nine states that either changed their laws to allow medical use or held a vote, leaving it up to the citizens (AS IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE) to decide whether or not they wanted their state to allow the plant to be ingested for medical reasons. It was in 2011 that a study showed that more than 50% of American were FOR the legalization of marijuana, rather than against it.

stoner marijuana

These days, Colorado and Washington have taken that next step and completely legalized the usage of marijuana for both medical AND recreational purposes. This is a huge step for the movement and just by reading this short blog, you can see how far we’ve come from flowerchildren to highly educated, seriously enlightened debaters that can talk any anti-pot person off of their high horse. We have advanced in both quality and quantity of marijuana that gets produced, sold, and smoked. BHO has advanced greatly as well to become a cleaner, healthier way to medicate. It’s been a really tough road but as I said, we’ve done a lot of very positive work for a movement that so many people love and believe in.


As you can see from this pretty basic overview of the stoner history, there’s been so many obstacles and issues. Legalization gets more realistic with every day that passes, due to the tireless efforts of the ones who support it. While some people still deem it okay to trash talk our cause and spread lies, more people are being awakened to the truth. This plant can help us and at this point in history, we could definitely use it.

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