Stoner Dictionary | CBD

CBD: noun 1. cannabidiol, an extremely beneficial but non-psychotropic ingredient in marijuana

Example: “I wish more strains had a higher CBD percentage because it helps fight cancer.”

The hidden heroes, the underdogs, the cure for cancer, whatever you want to call them, CBDs are a somewhat newly discovered active ingredient in the sacred herb we know as Mary Jane. Cannabidiol and cannabinol (CBN) have greater health benefits than THC but are not psychoactive. They are also a very low percentage, usually averaging from 0.2% to 2% and more difficult to extract than THC. There are some relatively new medically bred strains such as Harlequin, which have a low THC percentage (2-5%) and extremely high CBD percentage (an unheard of 5-10%) which is best prescribed for older patients who want the medicinal benefits of marijuana but not the psychoactive effects. CBDs are similar to many synthetic anti-psychotic chemicals and have been proven in many studies to provide relief from inflammation, epilepsy and has even, in some cases, slowed the growth of cancer causing cells. A true medical marvel, but not a favorite amongst stoners for obvious reasons,

strains like Harlequin can completely change the global perspective of marijuana


CBD or THC; Stoner Guide


THC is the active component in cannabis that gets the user high. Most people who smoke weed are solely after the THC. But this substance isn’t what cures cancer or other illnesses. The curing element of cannabis is CBD. This incredible compound is responsible for the reduction of tumors, decreases in seizures, and the curing of other ailments such as muscle pain, headaches, and eating disorders. So what’s important to know about CBD?


– It’s still very illegal. Even though the substance doesn’t get the user stoned and instead, promotes a healthier body while at the same time curing current problems, the government still sees it as a schedule one substance, making it extremely illegal to possess and ingest cannabis oil containing CBD in most states.


– CBD is non psychoactive, meaning that it will not get you stoned. Since there are no mental effects on the user, CBD represents more of the medical side to cannabis, as it is the compound that cures cancer and other illnesses. Since marijuana is looked at for the “negative” effects that it has on people because it gets the user high, CBD shouldn’t be looked at in the same light at all, considering it is for pure health benefits.


– Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t need to be heated to take effect nor does it need to be smoked, negating the idea that ingesting CBD can still be bad for you. Most patients that take CBD for ailments use an oil form, making it easy to eat or add to already prepared meals. Ingesting CBD in oil or capsule form has absolutely no ill side effects.


– Medical benefits of this substance are endless, as stated above. CBD is just now starting to be studied by scientists and doctors, something that definitely should have been done a long time ago. CBD can treat cancer, seizures, anxiety, inflammation, neurological issues, arthritis, and numerous other disorders that effect the human body.


– When THC is ingested, the human mind becomes more in tune to smaller details, which can lead to the “everyone is staring at me” or “why am I doing this wrong” kind of thinking. Strains that are more even in the CBD/THC ratio prevent this over analyzing stoner problem. This is how CBD can really help with anxiety, as it is the compound in marijuana that allows the user to slow things down.

CBD or THC; Stoner Guide