Welcome to StonerDays.com Reggae Dub stoner mix! Music genres are constantly evolving and always keeping us on our toes. Just as we get familiar and comfortable with one genre, another sub-genre pops up. Right when a hit song is released, 20 remixes are released soon after. Some prefer to stick with the original classics and do not require the perpetual rebirth of musical styles. However, our generation thrives on change. We are empowered by evolution instead of afraid of it. Remixes are embraced rather than shunned.

Always ready for new flavors of life, we are a generation of movement and innovation.

Being the last generations of this technological era who remember a time before cell phones and having to wait to get your photos developed until you see them for the first time, we are the manifestation of the transition between past and future. As much as we love and appreciate the classics, we have also become accustomed to the many technological comforts that surround us daily. Music, phones, fashion, philosophies, cars, everything is changing so quickly that it is often hard to keep up. Sometimes, though, we want the best of both worlds. A world that is fast but slow, exciting but chill, happy but melancholy. During those smoke sessions when reggae sounds too mellow and dubstep sounds too intense, find your happy medium with StonerDays’ Reggae Dub stoner mix. With some classic dub as well as reggae dubstep remixes, you will find a mellow vibe with a heavy beat. Enough to make you bob your head but keep you chill. Great for parties or just a mellow evening with your favorite stoner buds. Like light and dark, life is a duality that possesses two sides and we must embrace them both, because without darkness, light would have nothing to illuminate.