StonerDays Presents: Heavy Hitters – Heavy Metal Stoner Mix!

Oftentimes when we think of music to smoke to, metal does not come to mind. Many will think of the soft staccato sounds of reggae or familiar classic rock like the Beatles or Led Zeppelin. Now, as well as back in the day, metal and marijuana were uncommonly associated. StonerDays Presents: Heavy Hitters – Heavy Metal Stoner Mix. The hard world of metal was often correlated with alcohol, drugs, sex and destruction, which are all awesome. We all have a dark side and for some of us, metal is the perfect way to express that darkness. Some choose to keep their dark side incognito while others flaunt it proudly. In 1971, Black Sabbath changed that stereotype with the release of the song “Sweet Leaf” from their album Master of Reality. Considered by many as the first pot rock album, all the metal-head stoners who worshiped the sweet leaf just like Sabbath finally found a common ground.

Together, metal and marijuana joined forces and blew minds while shredding as they blazed a new trail of stoner traditions.

To some, the guitar of Dave Mustaine or voice of Ozzy Osbourne is the perfect choice for those nights spent with Mary Jane. Just as there are several genres of music, there are several types of stoners. Not all of us are donning red, yellow and green, wearing tie-dye and sitting around listening to Slightly Stoopid all day (not that there is anything wrong with any of those things). Some of us are hard, dark, love the color black and enjoy the thrashing sounds of double bass drums and wailing Gibson SG guitars. So if you are a different breed of stoner who would rather go to Ozzfest than Coachella, throw on StonerDays’ Heavy Hitters Heavy Metal Stoner Mix, take a fat bong rip and show that air guitar who is boss. 

StonerDays Presents: Heavy Hitters – Heavy Metal Stoner Mix

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