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Stoner News; Vets For Cannabis

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Stoner News; Vets For Cannabis

For the vets that have served and come back from war (we thank you for your service!), smoking medical marijuana may be heading towards an uneasy patch for treating PTSD. Those that suffer from post traumatic stress disorder suffer from multiple problems. Sleep disorders, eating issues, fits of rage… The list goes on and on. Cannabis really helps suffers to alleviate symptoms of PTSD, especially the super strong strains that are coming out these days. With higher THC and CBD percentages, this medicine is crucial to these patients daily lives. But all of that could change with the oncoming legalization of marijuana.

cannabis for ptsd stonerdays

One of the issues that has been presented regarding legalization is the fact that the government will take control of the marijuana production. If that happens, there is a chance that marijuana will become… Well… Crappy. If the government takes control, they may create a “generic” marijuana, if you will. The pot will all be the same potency, with no real taste of flavor. Kind of like the lamest cigar on the shelf… It’ll do what it needs to but it’s not going to impress anyone, you know? This presents a huge problem for PTSD sufferers. If the marijuana becomes substandard, then patients will have to smoke more of it to get an effect.

cannabis for ptsd stonerdays 2

Augustine Stanley, an Iraq war veteran was actually fired from his job at Bernalillo Metropolitan Detention Center for holding a medical marijuana card. Not only is that incredibly awful morally, but seeing as how the man was prescribed a medical card by a doctor, it’s completely unfair for him to lose his job over it. The facility, located in New Mexico, apparently missed the memo that PTSD is included in the medical cannabis laws. Stanley, however, will continue to take cannabis to treat his PTSD, as he claims that the plant has given him his life back.

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These people fought for our freedom. They have seen horrible things in their lifetimes. We cannot imagine what they have been through. That being said, there is absolutely no reason why cannabis should be held out of reach for PTSD sufferers. Seeing as how the pharmaceutical medicine used to treat PTSD has a high risk for suicide and severe withdrawal, cannabis presents itself as a much safer alternative. Vets fought for us. We can give them the same courtesy and fight for their right to medicate the safe way.

Stoner News; Vets For Cannabis

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