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Stoner News; Two More Polls Show Growing Marijuana Support

legalize marijuana

Stoner News; Two More Polls Show Growing Marijuana Support

When a recent poll was released regarding the percent of Americans that supported cannabis legalization, the results were proudly put on display by stoners everywhere. Over half of the citizens in the states want the plant to be legalized, a huge improvement from past years where it seemed as if cannabis was one of the most hated substances around. If there were any that doubted the outcome of this study, they can’t deny the two new studies that have been released that say the same thing.

legalize marijuana

The first poll was conducted by NBC, along with the Wall Street Journal. Their results showed that 55% of those that replied approved of cannabis legalization, again more than half. Even though a quarter of those polled said that they did not agree with marijuana legalization personally, they wouldn’t try to repeal any laws approved by voters or state legislatures. Again, these results are amazingly supportive and just show how much cannabis knowledge has grown in the general population over the past few years.

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In the second poll, done by CBS, 51% of those that responded answered yes to legalizing cannabis, the exact question being “Should marijuana use be legal?” This survey has been repeatedly done over the years since 1979, when the support of cannabis legalization was a whopping 27%. The last time the poll was conducted in April of 2013 showed that there was only 45% that supported legalization. So with a six-point jump in under a year, cannabis is well on it’s way to reworking how people view it.

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Over the year over 2014, we can expect to see huge strides in the progression of cannabis. Support will continue to grow. Another six-point jump in the next year would put cannabis support in the US at almost 60% but most people expect that there will be a lot of positive happenings in the marijuana industry. Even if we could get a couple more states to get on board with medical marijuana, it would give more patients the chance to obtain medicine that they desperately need.

Stoner News; Two More Polls Show Growing Marijuana Support

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