Kottonmouth Kings – Reefer Madness


Kottonmouth Kings – Reefer Madness 

Stoners come one come all and raise your voices to legalize the natural God given green plant, Marijuana.

Kottonmouth Kings sing with peace and harmony as they unite for the greater cause of humanity, to legalize weed. Lyrics include: “All my friends are stoners, everyone of them gets high… maybe they’re afraid of too much peace and harmony, peace and harmony.”  Stand up stoners, let’s fight for our rights to smoke marijuana! Don’t let the government control your minds, marijuana is a plant that grows from the earth… how could they say it’s illegal? Sounds like control and a bunch of “reefer madness” to me. Take pride in smoking the green! Stay Blazed.

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Kottonmouth Kings – Reefer Madness

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