How To Rip a Bong

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How To Rip a Bong


Getting stoned is a feeling of satisfaction unlike any other in the world, and once you begin to figure out that there are so many ways to get even higher from weed, it’s a truly amazing moment.


Cannabis is a delicate subject in more ways than just plenty. The smallest trick could result in you getting higher than you could have expected or sometimes even wanted.

How To Rip a Bong is one of the basics that every pot head should know how to do, and if you don’t, no worries just keep reading.


Bong’s are a way for many smokers to get much higher than some other smoking mediums such as pipes, papers, or blunts.  The design of the bong makes it easier and is made for larger, THC filled hits that take you on a field trip to the Moon but drops you back off at Jupiter.


Starting of with a clean slate works well with most things and bongs are no different.

Having junk all jammed in your bong parts is a sure fire way to get yourself a dirty hit and not get as high as you should be, at least not off weed.


Next make sure you have a stable grip n the piece itself. SUGGESTION: Hold the neck of the bong with your left hand and use your right to lift/open/close the carb. Seated with the bong on a coffee table or something is cool because you’re not preoccupied with fumbling the glass, only getting toasty.


Now for some mouth talk.

Wet lips should never make it to a blunt and we know this, but they’re a no-no with bongs also.

Drying off your mouth and lips before approaching bong buddy is always best.

Most importantly stoners, relax and breathe.

Crossing over to bong activity from anything else might be a little frightening as it is uncharted territory.


Never blow into a bong while it’s in use, you’ll give yourself a mess to accompany that headache. Shallow breaths at first until you find your feet, but then go for the gusto!


See, nothing too complicated just a little bit of Stoner 101 to get you blowin’ bongs like that’s what you were born to do…. but hey you’re doing it so you must have been born to burn enjoy!

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