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Hash: noun 1. nickname for hashish; a type of marijuana concentrate that consists of only the psychoactive ingredients of the cannabis plant

Example: “When I was in Spain I smoked the best Moroccan hash of my life.”

The Cannabis plant grew the most lavishly in Western and Southeast Asia as well as the Middle East. Hash extraction is an ancient technique that was said to have originated in these regions, particularly the Middle East, because of its abundance and dates as far back as 100 A.D. Hash production quickly spread throughout India, Nepal, The Himalayas, Afghanistan, Turkey and Morocco. Similar to making scissor hash, the earliest way of creating hash was by carefully rubbing the cannabis plant on the fingers and palms until the trichomes slowly formed a resin and was then scraped off by hand. These scrapings were then pressed together into a green, brown, or black “Charas,” an early term coined in Northern India for this type of handmade hash. While the creation of hashish has come a long way, the product itself has remained relatively unchanged for centuries. Modern hash production utilizes several different methods. Flat screening is one of the easiest and cheapest methods, however the end result will contain more plant matter and contaminants making a less pure product.

The process involves removing the trichomes by rubbing your buds and trimmings over a fine steel or silk screen, essentially like a cheese grater.

The blender method involves separating the trichomes from the plant matter by using agitation, ice, water and a blender. The resin glands are heavier than water and will sink to the bottom while the plant matter will float to the top. A more complex and expensive venture is using a drum machine, which is a cylindrical electrically operated device that contains a flat screen inside and essentially tumbles the trichomes off of your skuff. It’s like combining a drying machine and the flat screening technique. As of now, especially in the medical marijuana dispensary world, the most popular product is bubble hash. This method combines the flat screen technique and the blender technique creating a product that is so pure that it bubbles like magma when heated. 

Sticky and gooey, and every bit as delicious as a cinnabon, hash wouldn’t be a bad addition to your breakfast.

Hash is another term for collected cannabis resin. It’s sticky and made up of potent THC and marijuana’s other active ingredients. Hash is also referred to as marijuana concentrate. You can put hash into a joint, pipe, or bong and it will increase your high greatly. Because of this consistency, it’s a common practice to make hash into sticks, patties, blocks, or cakes. There are also many medical marijuana dispensaries that will carry hash in various different forms, even flavored candies. Hash is said to have many positive effects on your state of wellbeing including relaxation, pain relief, and nausea relief. Hash would be a great idea if you’re looking to amplify your high and sooth your stomach from the lunch ladies’ mystery chili surprise.

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