Top 10 Halloween Munchies Presented By StonerDays


Top 10 Halloween Munchies Presented By StonerDays

StonerDays presents the Top 10 Halloween Munchies. Being a stoner means being accustomed to having the munchies. Munchies, the subtle and sometimes aggressive hunger that hits your entire solar plexus. So naturally us seasoned smokers already have our go-to’s on deck, or ready to soar to the store with no list needed. Why is that you might ask? Well because your high, but this mouth watering study should shed some fluorescent light on the subject. Take a look at a pot heads most beloved candies.


#1- SOUR GUMMY WORMS- A staple in almost everyone’s childhood and a tokers best homie. The tangy crunch of granulated sugar hits your flavor receptors and wakes them the funk up! Very similar to the look and feel of the THC crystals gleaming on the prettiest sativa nug. Once the sour fades you’re left with a sweet chewy treat.

#2- REESE’S CUPS- There might not be a better combination than chocolate and peanut butter… EXCEPT both of these paired together with Mary Jane of course. Going beyond the taste for a second the economics make sense; butter cups are thick, creamy, and somewhat filling. Cop yourself a king size and you might find yourself satisfied and skipping that extra trip to the 7/11… more cash for Garcia Vegas to start the process from scratch.

#3- MARSHMALLOW PEEPS- Multi-Colored and ready to brighten your day with soft pillow like goodness, it’s the unforgettable Marshmallow Peeps; and they’ve earned they’re spot on this list. These goofy, gooey, pastel pals are perfect for any get high session.Don’t make the mistake of limiting these sweet treats to only decorative baskets. Bong rips become a bridge between stoner and peep as you witness your munchies fly out of the package and into your soul.


#4- PIXY STIX- Obviously a pure sugar candy with all the flavors of your favorite Kool-Aid will make you smile as well as exhale a big “OH YEAH”. Straight to the point thinking is preferred when we travel to the moon. Pixies allow you to grab, tear, pour, and enjoy.

Chronic Class On Halloween Munchies

Cannabis Sativa is multi-dimensional almost literally, having many properties and more active ingredients than just THC. One of these being cannabis sugars. Cannabis naturally has a small percentage of sugar within the bud. When we ingest these sweets they have a reaction with these sugars as well as other cannabinoid receptors in your stoned system letting you know these snacks are not only delicious but decadent, not just blueberry but bliss. Depending on your strain of the day your taste buds will dance to the indica, sativa, or hybrid munchies; stoner scientists unite!

#5- JELLY BELLIES- These beans are not the Mexican kind but will jump straight into your belly. Jelly Bellies have been a chronic favorite since the 1860’s. Jelly Bean began manufacturing and pushing for these hand full of happiness to be shipped to the soldiers during the Civil War. Toke up don’t tote guns, munch treats instead of shooting up the streets. Jellies come in multiple flavors and special edition variety bags. Get as faded as you’d like because you’re safe, you’ll never trade your life savings for beans… You’ve already got the best ones!

#6- NERDS- By now we know nerds are awesome and the candy is no exception. Like yin and yang the link and purple pebble like crunch is balanced, giving off mostly sweet and at the same time tangy sensations. Some pour them down their throats all at once. Others suck every ounce of goodness until all that remains are the tiny translucent nuggets and memories.

#7- HARIBO GUMMY BEARS- Purchasing a bag of these bears and a bag of Kush simultaneously is second nature. The perfect representation of Candy Land meets Willy Wonkas trippy factory come to life and in your loft. Gummy bears sing and scream on the way down as you smile in a Nirvana like high state. Munchies that catch your eye while captivating your tounge sensors.

#8- CRISPY M&MS- A rare delicacy that’s hard to spot on the shelves these days, but worth the extra detective work. M&Ms are a staple for most chocolate lovers and these crunch with the goodness of Whoppers. Crispy and colorful and all one flavor but far from a monotone bite. It’s no wonder Detroit stoners will loose 2-10 minutes at the grocery search for the family size of this classic.

#9- STARBURSTS- Ganja takes the body and mind to infinity and beyond. Every stoner is their own honorary astronaut, Buzz Light-year in the flesh. Starbursts just by the name take you to foreign nebulas and galaxies of energy. Endlessly juicy and tropical, perfect to take on hikes and beach trips every stoner and their Mama loves Starbursts. It’s one of those rare occasions when you can say every flavor tastes like a dream. Pocket size and ready to party.


#10- AIR HEADS- We are them and they are us! Stoners, aka Pot heads, aka Air Heads love these harder than we love melted cheese on toast. Air Heads have the possibility of being manipulated into so many combos it’s ridiculous; suck, chew, roll into a ball, hot dog, intertwine flavors, virtually limitless possibilities. The mystery flavor pairs well with any flower, concentrate, or vape choice. Low, exotic fruity notes will carry you to a destination far beyond the cerebral reach.

Cannabis and Skin Care Presented By StonerDays

Cannabis and Skin Care Presented By StonerDays

There is no doubt that Cannabis and Skin Care is taking the world by storm. From your classic glass shops to your stay at home mum. Canna business is a booming. We all know of its many any health benefits and its fun nature. More people 25+ age group – use it for more of its medical uses the its recreational fun. The world is changing and we also know that Snoop Dogg said that Canada is ahead of America when it comes to Canna business. Body Shop has sold hemp hand cream for many many years. But do we even know why? How many of us just bought it to make our parents roll their eyes?

There are many compounds that make up cannabis a few are: d-9-THC, CBD and THCA. Over 400 compounds, dating back to the 1899 – when the first compound was found. It’s not hard to believe that this complex green plant could have many health benefits for your skin.

Our face / head carries a few of our major senses; Taste, Sound, Sight & Smell. Cannabis and Skin Care.

Cannabis & Skin Care
Cannabis & Skin Care

Our brains are constantly sending electrical messages throughout our body, telling every nerve ending what to do. That includes controlling our skin. We all have our own skin cell patten with its own chemical makeup that reacts to our everyday lives. Zits, pimples, acne, redness, 2 tone, the list goes on, on what each individual carries. It’s important that we take care of our face/skin. We all know of the commercial brands, St.Ives, Clinique, and Avon . There are many cannabis infused products out there, here are a few reasons on why we should begin to use them.

MGC – Derma Day and Night Cream:

Purpose is to hydrate and protect your skin. Leading ingredient CBD. (Cannabinoids) despite its many benefits its a compound that doesn’t get you stoned. In oil form (hemp oil) it reduces inflammation as well acne. Acne is caused by 2 much oil on the skin, witch is caused by too dry of skin making the oil receptors produce more than what they need. Day cream can help protect your skin against UV rays from the sun and keeps skin looking energized and firm.

Lord Jones – Pain & Wellness lotion:

High CBD lotion is created to help soothe the body’s muscles from aches and pains. Every 1 pump contains 2mg of CBD. The human body has tiny protein cells that receive messages creating a chemical reaction that helps relieve pain.

Cult Beauty – Therapy Slumber Pillow Spray:

Although this isn’t a skin care product, we all know how important a goods nights sleep is for the human body. An unhealthy sleeping pattern can cause, stress ,anxiety, weight gain (some cases) weight loss, irregular eating habits. Cult Beauty Therapy Pillow Spray contains essential oils in lavender & sweet grass, both known oils to help ease the body. Camomile, a main ingredient in the well known camomile tea and CBD.

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Lets not forget about the “hippy home made always crafting something” mum – She has probably made her home-made hemp infused lip-balm and body butter for the local market. Or cannabis infused dye /normal shampoo. Cannabis is being used in day-to-day life. The amazing properties that it contains over 72,000 makes up this plant. The known properties and unknown is that makes this plant outstanding. How amazing is it that one plant can be used to aid the health of the entire body.


Megan Thiessen

Lethbridge AB, CA

5 Tips For Making Weed Wine With Cannabis


5 Tips For Making Weed Wine With Cannabis

Legalization in various states has favored weed which is not only among the most desirable substance but has also helped expand the horizon of experimenting with various products with it. The eatables have been around the market for quite a while but there is one product that has all eyes on it and that is weed-wine. This is an ethereal blend of a drink that can drench you in happiness and weed that can help you experience a multitude of feelings. Both of these have individually been known for their amazing health benefits too and this has always diverted a lot of interest among people to know more about the weed wine. While this wine has received mixed reviews, it sure has a good fan following.

The idea of infusing the two is not very new as such blends have been dated back to many centuries when the drink was used as an anesthetic. Weed wine has also been a cultural part of the Greeks and even early Christians. The new interest from various companies such as Rebel coast aim to bring the drink for recreational purposes that will add more fun to your social gatherings. So, if you’re an enthusiast of either weed or wine and even better both, then these 5 tips for making weed wine will be your secret of making your own at home.

weed wine

Weed Wine With Cannabis Tips:

  1. Having the right setup: There are various ways available on the internet for making weed wine. One of the simplest ways will need a cheesecloth, a dry wine with a dominating flavor, a pot, a pan, and 1/8 – ¼ ounce of cannabis of any strain you wish to add. This will be idle for making wine with a deep essence of weed filling the drink. White wines are the better choice over red to avoid hangovers.
  2. Getting your weed ready to infuse: If you choose to go with marijuana oils then you can add it directly. Otherwise to activate the THC line a pan with the foil and spread the buds on it evenly. Close the pan and set the buds for about 120 minutes in 220-230 Fahrenheit. This process is going to bring out a pungent smell. After this, the weed will look slightly dull.

Making a fully infused weed wine:

  1. Grind the buds after removing from heat and tie them in the cheesecloth. Place this cloth bag inside a pan or bowl containing the wine and let it rest for 2 days. Keeping the mixture still and undisturbed in the fridge is the best way. Remove the cloth bag and strain for any small particles left in the wine. Weed wine is now ready to serve.
  2. A mild weed-infused wine: Well, weed wine need not always have strong flavors clashing. Enjoying a mild flavor and feeling of weed in your wine could also be a great way to enjoy. Add to your previous list of ingredients some orange, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. You can roast these separately and add them to the cheesecloth or put all the ingredients including the wine and cannabis together to boil which will bind these together.
  3. Making weed wine cocktail: While weed and wine combined with spices is such a rush of flavors a cocktail style blend of weed wine is a perfect way to ease your way into enjoying this drink. Some blueberries and sugar along with yeast could get you a delicious drink to cherish. Prepare a mixture of blueberry and sugar mashed together and boil them with some water added to it. After 30 minutes in simmer, let the mixture to cool down. Add your wine to this mixture and now all you need to do is let the weed work its way. In a bottle add the buds and the blueberry wine mixture, airlock it preferable with a cork and let it ferment in a dark place. In 4 weeks this could make its way into an amazing cocktail enriched with a combination of outstanding flavors.
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There are various other methods for preparing your own weed wine at home that is pretty easy and exciting. Like honey or mint-infused wines, marijuana-infused wines also can make an amazing drink that you will absolutely enjoy.

Author Bio

Harold Camaya

She is a blogger who loves to write in different verticals and is currently dealing into fashion and apparel niche.

She has written many captivating, informative and unique articles. Her hobbies are travelling and reading novels.



Cannabis And The Youth

Cannabis And The Youth

When we were young we tried to fit in – It was cool because it was the thing to do or our parents said no. REBELS.

Staying up late smoking pot drinking and in parking lots. What a time. Now 25+ we enjoy the medical more than the recreation part. Legal or not many of us would still continue smoking it. But would 16 year old you smoke it if it was legal? Is it now uncool because it’s legal? Does that mean the youth will stop smoking cannabis? Or maybe they will start? Thinking back to when you were in your teens – the social norm for many was to party, skip school, smoke weed or cigarettes, drink, toke up. It was cool. It was the thing to do. Now In 2018 it seems to be the exact opposite of the “cool” thing to do.

Now the social norm is to have a natural health, vegan, gluten free fitness lifestyle. And for many wellness people, that in includes toking-up on the finest cannabis. All over the world cannabis is now being normalized. For 2018 it’s almost weird if you don’t smoke cannabis. People seem to be quite concerned about the youth. And the effects of making cannabis legal. Will they continue to smoke weed? Will they begin to smoke cannabis. More than what seems to be the better question. Are they educated enough to understand why it is becoming legal.

Lethbridge 4/20/2018: I asked a group of teens from 16-18. “ Why do you smoke weed”

1 out of the 6 had a medical card. The rest of them smoked it because it was either the cool thing to do. Or because it was the thing to do. Asking adults from ages 30-40. They used it for the medical reasons but most all of them did admit to starting the same way. “ it was cool.”

It’s hard to say if the youth will continue to smoke pot or not. Or if they will begin to smoke pot. As a mother of one and a cannabis enthusiast. I have to say this.

“I hope that they don’t begin to think, that it is okay to excessively smoke cannabis. And that
they do read up on why it is now legal. And how hard it was to get here. So that they can truly
appreciate what it is”

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Smoking cannabis will still be “ cool” to the youth. Many of them didn’t know what 4/20 stood for or any of the old history of cannabis. It was just “ cool”. The subject on drugs is blowing up – Many newspapers have “the opioid” crisis as first page headlines. Few pages later you can find a small article on cannabis. In our communities, many of us have experienced a death due to overdose. We can’t yet seem to get away from it. But this is also a wonderful time to speak to our youth about this looming subject. There is a lot of focus on cannabis and the youth. Instead of asking each other “Will the youth still/begin to smoke cannabis” The question should be “ Are you and your child educated enough”

Writer: Megan Thiessen

Canada and Cannabis: Freedom or Boundaries?

Canada and Cannabis: Freedom or Boundaries?

Canada and Cannabis Freedom or boundaries. Oh Canada- we finally did it after decades the government finally lifted its hold and made cannabis legal country wide. The first G7 country.

Canada and Cannabis: Freedom or Boundaries?
Canada and Cannabis: Freedom or Boundaries?

In so many ways this is a time for celebrations, and for others it’s a time to rethink rental/work agreements. Many speculate on the new rules. And questions like Can a homeowner really ban a legal drug from their rental home? And can you still get fired for being high at work? Legal pot freedom! But maybe not as free as you would think.

As of October 17 the law will then state – Canadians can now legally carry 30 grams of cannabis and share up to 30 grams of legal cannabis with another adult. So can you really get fired at work? yes and no. According to work policy – it’s not as simple as you think. A breach of policy can be as simple as “ the boss taking his/her employees out for a few drinks”. Moving forward with the new law. Anyone running a business must state very clearly. That anyone using anything that impairs themselves at a job site (cannabis) – Must inform the manager. In America, Many companies have opened their floors to smoking up on the job. Some businesses even say “ if it helps them get the work done were fine with it”.

Canada and Cannabis: A Rather Large Debate!

Another rather large debate on acceptable or not is the 4 plants to every home. Most “stoners” have already tried growing a plant in their home. And if you haven’t i’ll let you know it’s hard work takes up alot of energy humid and time consuming. Most homeowners worry is their house turning into a growop. On the economic side of things. Growing 4 plants in home will raise the price of electricity and power. Making utilities go up. This added bill to renters could cause many financial problems. For people who use cannabis to help them stabilize their health. This could be a cheaper & easier route.

canada and cannabis
Canada and Cannabis

So are we really free? Financial battles, work expectations, let’s not forget the designated smoking areas for cannabis. For more stoners the dream of sitting down in our favorite coffee shop. Lighting up a J and enjoying good coffee with friends, is OUR freedom dream. BUT this is a movement forward and we celebrate this notion. We continue to stand together, giving the best education on cannabis, and continue to move towards a FREE cannabis country.

Writer: Megan Thiessen

Lethbridge Ab Canada

Cannabis Tolerance Trials and Tribulations Are All Part of Enjoying Marijuana

Cannabis Tolerance Trials and Tribulations Are All Part of Enjoying Marijuana

The name of the game is to get stoned, and stoned to the bone is what we’re aiming for. Cannabis tolerance comes with time and you have to be ready to put in the hours. So what do you do when you’re just not getting as high as you’d like? Tolerance trials and tribulations are all apart of enjoying Cannabis Sativa, and this should shed some light on the subject.

Cannabis Tolerance Trials and Tribulations Are All Part of Enjoying Marijuana

Cannabis Tolerance Comes With Time

In short tolerance is how much your personal body can tolerate. The amount of marijuana intake needed to get you high is your tolerance. So many factors contribute to your tolerance level; how often you smoke, what strain you’re smoking, how long you’ve been medicating, and even your sex. Studies on the subject are still in the grey area but science has shown that males and females process CB1 and THC differently meaning you’ll never fully feel the same high as your significant other.
Of course flower isn’t the only way to get your daily dosages of THC and when you broaden the horizon into products such as edibles, oil, wax, and tinctures you’ll notice changes in your stone meaning the potency and duration of the bliss.
Cannabis Tolerance Trials and Tribulations Are All Part of Enjoying Marijuana

How To Raise Your Cannabis Tolerance

If Mary Jane isn’t hitting the way it used to (in any form) the best thing to do might be taking a break. Unlike lost college relationships this break is honestly temporary. After a week or less blunts will taste sweeter than ever; Mary Jane will have you reminiscing on your first time with your first love. Scientists in lab coats say through PET scans they observed a significant recovery in CB1 receptors In the brain after 2 days. Overall complete recovery can take as little as 2 weeks. So never be discouraged  the human body/brain is extremely resilient and weed is only here to help.
Regardless of your Tolerance never tolerate any bullshit and keep the fire blazin!

Marijuana Blog: Animals and Stoners Go Hand in Hand


Marijuana Blog: Animals and Stoners Go Hand in Hand

StonerDays is the best marijuana blog on earth and we love animals worldwide! We know that stoners come in every shape and size from all walks of life and corners of the earth. But, what you may not have known is that we also transcend species. The saying that the owner begins to look like the dog over time or vice versa works the same with emotions and temperament. Chances are if you’re a stoner, your pet is too.

Marijuana Blog: Animals and Stoners Go Hand in Hand
Marijuana Blog: Animals and Stoners Go Hand in Hand
One of the greatest things about our furry friends is their already tripped out perspective. They come in to this pot head planet and are wired differently (because science ). This makes them perfect companions for chronic users. Nine times out of ten the whole point of getting elevated is to change the mental perspective. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes to you while getting blowed next to your best friend. Except this time they’re not sharing philosophy,  not waiting patiently for their hit on the blunt, no. He’s right there laying next to your feet breathing gracefully and giving you the best puppy-dog eyes you’ve ever witnessed.

Marijuana Blog: Animals and Stoners Go Hand in Hand

High times with any animal is sure to be a good one. THC does it’s job as always without fail and will have you and tweety communicating on a whole new trippy level, squirrels and other critters helping you spring clean, giving off complete stoned Snow White vibes. Animals have a deep connection with the earth just like cannabis. Your furry friends can pick-up in the good vibes in a great session and most times will want to be invited.

Marijuana Blog: Why Do Stoners Love Animals So Much?

Zoo trips are an awesome way to get in your vitamin A and if you don’t do the whole creatures in your crib thing. Gettin faded off your favorite sticky and gazing highly at exotic animals is completely epic. We love it so much, therefore it’s so worth the eighth and exhibit tickets.
Sometimes it can be as simple as flipping to the discovery channel to have you intrigued. You’re feeling like Steve Irwin, ready to wrestle with your komodo Dragon. As always, please smoke responsibly and explore possibilities!
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Cannabis Dispensary 101: Presented By StonerDays


Cannabis Dispensary 101: Presented By StonerDays

Six to eight weeks seems like a lifetime to wait when you’re expecting the mailman to drop off your official Medical Marijuana Card. Cruising past a multitude of Mary Jane markets on your drive home just didn’t sit well with you, that paired with a rolledex of physical /mental issues made you the perfect candidate to become an MMJ patient…Congratulations!

Now you’re ready for the dispensary, a brand new experience that’s soon to become a weekly if not everyday occurrence in your life. No need to worry stonerdays is here to help guide you and give you an idea of what to expect after entering the holy gates… Dispensary 101

What Cannabis to Burn + Price Range

Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid one of these or a collection of all three is going to get you straight. Most spots will have the flower labeled telling you the percentage of the sticky. If you’re still a bit perplexed don’t hesitate to ask the friendly stoner behind the counter, THC talk is what they specialize in.


Price Range all depends on what you’re looking for and the quantity. Dispensaries carry a variety of cannabis goodies from flower, to edibles, to wax; each of these for different prices. Don’t forget to ask about any deals or specials they might be running that day, chances are this will influence your choices. Also most places offer first time shopper deals and will have you walking out with some free highness. ..hell yea! But to give you a loose idea around 10 a gram for mid grade.

What’s it like in there?

That dream you have when you’re surrounded by ganja from to wall wall…Yeah it’s like that except this time you get to smoke it before you wake up, aslo after, and if you’re really gifted during. Every dispensary is a bit a different from the next whether it be their set-up or variety of bud. It’s always fun to see other products they all offer. Try out as many as you’d like and you’re sure to find your new home. Opening the doors to your future and immediately being hit with the sweet pungent smell of Marijuana Is totally welcoming. Enjoy yourself and happy shopping stoners!


Dispensary 101: Presented By StonerDays

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Canadian Cannabis Laws – The First G7 Country To Legalize


Canadian Cannabis Laws- The First G7 Country To Legalize 

BIll C-45 was passed to the house of commons early July- it will be the first of many passes between the two parties as Canada gets ready for the legalization of cannabis. There are many countries that have legalized the use of cannabis, although Canada will be the first G7 country to legalize nationwide. What makes Canada a G7 country and what is so fascinating about this place.

A G7 country is one of the “7 advanced nations” such as; France, Germany, Italy, Japan United Kingdom United States. These have the most advanced economies in the world. To pause here, cannabis use is legal in America, BUT America is not cannabis legal nationwide. Over 20 states are legal but, not all 20 plus states are legal for open use. Many of them are only legal for medical purposes.

Justin Trudeau

The Canadian bill was approved in the upper house, and is now sent back down to the House Of Commons where ot will be reviewed. Here is what we call the “bill dance”. The bill came with only 12 amendments & now has over 40 “potential” amendments. This bill will go back and forth until both parties are happy with the outcome. Something that is said to be done before July 1 2018. Will that happen? We are all questioning that part. One of the amendments is the number of plants you can grow in home.

Provinces Manitoba and Quebec

Manitoba and Quebec want to ban the number of in home plants to zero, in BC a few laws already exist, being a more lenient provence. Lenient as in Vancouver is known for its 4/20 annual event, as well as its many markets on the island as well as on the “mainland”. A few rules are. ( many provinces are also moving to these laws) No one under the age of 19 can have cannabis on them ( legal drinking age in BC and most provinces is 19). Cannabis can be publicly used in places where tobacco smoking/vaping is allowed ( some provinces want to ban public use completely). You can grow up to 4 plants in home.

Canadian Cannabis Legalization

Canada is the leading fastest growing country in the G7 – with the biggest metropolitan areas – Toronto Vancouver & Montreal. More than one- third of Canada’s population call these cities home. As a G7 country we are moving fast and forward with new growth. Turning all eyes on us as we play the “ bill dance”. Canada is known as an “melting pot” for cannabis connoisseurs. Cannabis apparel is showing up in all provinces in Canada.

Canada, a place where people all over the world come to make this ever growing country home. We are known for our beautiful rocky mountains our wide spread of the prairie farm lands and our many national parks. Canada is a beautiful country fast paced and never stops growing. We are a G7 country through ad though. It’s what makes us special and unique. Although this “ bill dance” is confusing,frustrating and time consuming we are all excited to be the first G7 country to make cannabis legal nationwide.


Megan Thiessen
Canada, Lethbridge, AB

Yoga And Weed Is All We Really Need: Elevated Yoga Classes

Yoga And Weed Is All We Really Need: Elevated Yoga Classes

Yoga And Weed Is All We Really Need: Elevated Yoga Classes

Burning your meds at 5 am for wake and bake and warrior pose is much more than routine, but ritual. Senses becoming one with the movements of your body, your body in complete sync with cannabis. You’re not the only one to enjoy this luxury by far, and Mary Jane users finally have a yoga and weed class created and designed with them (I mean us) in mind.

Elevated Yogi has set up shop and growing their roots in Detroit, Michigan where cannabis is literally around every corner.

Yoga And Weed Is All We Really Need: Elevated Yoga Classes

The dispensaries there in Michigan are plentiful. The increase of medicinal patients means a lot more pot heads looking for new and creative ways to unwind. Elevated sessions are “420 inspired” and often times sessions go down about thirty minutes before the actual class begins. Being elevated higher than the twelfth floor and stretching gracefully amongst your peers will never feel better than this.

This place has done an amazing job of bridging the gap between health and wellness and Dope. They offer workshops such as “growing 101” and even “how to roll a joint”. This spot is more than yoga but a trippy safe haven for medicated,elevated, Yogi. As if all these things weren’t enough to have you racing to the yoga matt, they also offer 420 friendly movie night once a month!

No matter your yoga or THC level, Elevated Yogi has a vibe you’re sure to float with,  stay active and stay stoned,  Namaste.

Five Epic Places To Smoke Cannabis Freely


Five Epic Places To Smoke Cannabis Freely

You’ve tried every strain your heart desires and rolled blunts until your fingers became stiff with THC…so whats next? A great way to expand your [(higher state of mind) stoned out life] is traveling to these Five Stoned Out Places To Go For Marijuana Lovers ! Alaskan Thunderfuck might hit way harder if you were actually in Alaska; you’ll never know until you pack your bags. Take a closer look at these weed places around the world to get inspired, but remember, leave the bong out of the carry on luggage.

Hi-Lo Cafe

5 stoned out places to go for marijuana lovers
Located in the lovely and intoxicating city of Weed, California perched elegantly on Weed Blvd. Is The Hi Lo Cafe. Clearly it’s name and pin point on the map makes the stoney senses tingle, and following through with that feeling is the mission. Chronic lovers love to eat and often times are full on foodies. Hi Lo Cafe offers a variety of tasty treats and meals ready to be devoured by the munchie monster. Accompanied with a hotel feel, so get nice and comfy and thank us later.

Schooner Beach, Alaska

5 stoned out places to go for marijuana lovers2

Yes there are most definitely beaches In Alaska, and there quite excellent too. Active stoners are all over the world, best believe we invade the surfer population as well. Schooner Beach is known for pristine waves perfect for pot heads ready to hang ten. If you’re not in the mood to get totally tubular, get blitzed and go on a high journey for shipwrecked treasure, as the location gets its name from a buried ship that was uncovered on the shore do to a storm. Mystery and intrigue surround the beach with beautiful views to give your imagination an endless platform. Luscious landscape riddled with strong mountains, regal sun rises and sits to take your breath away; take it all in and continue to inhale and exhale because we’re rolling up again.

Cass Benton Park

5 stoned out places to go for marijuana lovers

Sure we all like getting medicated and enjoying some fresh air at our local parks. Cass Benton is a unique place with plenty of outdoor options. The park itself has been a thing since the late 1920s and stands in Northville, MI. You thought you had the dankest trees around? Benton’s soil is insanely nutritious and houses some gigantic, ancestral Oak and Beech trees that shade picnic areas and turn playgrounds into an imitation rain forest. Cass Benton also offers a disc golf course bringing in many interesting players and fans. Big enough to accommodate 100 vaped up visitors, there’s always fun times to be had at this trippy spot.

Five Stoned Out Places To Go For Marijuana Lovers


5 stoned out places to go for marijuana lovers
The recreational use as well as the cultivation of Cannabis Sativa was legalized in this South American country in 2014. Advanced in the medical marijuana industry have been taking place and making headway for decades and this Is living proof. Spanish speaking countries are often times a tourists first choice when it comes to vacation and honey moon spots. Uruguay is currently floating to the forefront of your must visit places. Get stoned to the high heavens literally with every step you take there legally and stress free at that! MJ sales not only boost your mood and endorphins, but the sales boost the economy adding value to the entire country, not just Mary Jane lovers. Uruguay is sure to put the spice in your life and the THC in your veins.

Grey Area Coffee shop

5 stoned out places to go for marijuana lovers

It’s no secret that the Netherlands is crawling from pole to pole with luscious smelly greens, so when you finally touch down in the leaft country the first stop you might want to make Is Grey Area Coffee. With all the traveling and jet lag a nice cup of joe would be helpful, but a cup of joe with a joint, that’s why you came. First off this dispensary / head and coffee shop has been serving the sticky stuff for over 25 years housing some of the world’s best and most popular strains.

Grey Area has managed to create a comfortable and breathable smoking environment made to feel as if you’re in your own dank dojo. Major stoney vibes are thick and palpable in this joint and have been known to have some hash heavy hitters grace their presence. Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Ty Dolla $ign, and Killer Mike have blazed at Grey Area just to name a few. Gaining attention from the Cannabis Cup in 2017, it’s prestige and allure is only becoming stronger, toke up and try it out!

Just a few worldwide hotspots that can’t wait to get hotter when you blaze the bowl, happy travels friends

Boss Woman In The Cannabis Industry

Boss Woman In The Cannabis Industry

Boss Woman In The Cannabis Industry

There are many woman in the cannabis industry who stand for woman rights, help us reach in, and pull out or inner divas. Beyonce, Pink Cira, Opera, Whoopi, Michelle. Are only a few of the many woman in the spotlight. As we awe and gravel at how amazing they are and often wish that we could be like them. Their words and music inspire us, touch us and even make us cry. They are powerful, in charge boss ladies. And we are moved by their presence. But what about the other queens that are changing the world. The “non celebrity” spotlight women who equally deserve every praise.

It isn’t uncommon to see a woman in the cannabis industry. CCS ( cannabis consumer correlation) polled in 58% woman responses and only 41% men back in 2017. In the last couple of years woman are coming out of the closet and speaking out about cannabis. Statistics say that women outnumber men when it comes to “toking up”. If thats because of its many health benefits. Such as: menstrual cramps, pregnancy pain, menopause. All the way to relieving stress, anxiety, depression, postpartum depression and muscle relief. Women are taking it and turning into a self made businesses. From wellness & health to perfenalia – woman are taking charge in this growing and changing industry.

There are a number of woman in the cannabis industry that deserve praise a few of them are:

Whoopie & Maya – Together these two amazing woman took cannabis and turned it into a business that specializes in helping woman & menstrual cramps. Woman from all over the world can agree on one thing. Getting your period sucks and is often painful. Blunted Objects – created by Melodi Ling. Created her cannabis business to inspire other females to see the beauty. And the real Nancy Botwin from California Dr. D aka DR. Deena the first woman to open up a medical dispensary in California called Sunset Shop. In an interview, Dr. D she said “ the first time i got high was with Snoop Dogg”

Boss Woman In The Cannabis Industry
Boss Woman In The Cannabis Industry

But these are all American boss ladys where are all the Canadian boss ladies? I was very happy to find Canadian Female entrepreneur Jeannnette VanderMarel. Co- founder of The Green Organic Dutchman. Jeannette has a life many families across canada suffer with. A family member with a syndrome that only cannabis eased. In 2003 – her daughter passed away from dravet syndrome as well as a severe form of epilepsy. When she found out cannabis was being used to treat epilepsy, she began the process of being Licensed Cannabis producers. The Green Organic Dutchman became to be one the leading licensed distributors in Canada.

Some more beautiful honorable Canadian boss ladies in the cannabis industry are:

Blandford Ontario Katie Larocci. Grows it not smokes it. Horticultural manager at Up Cannabis. Her job is to study the plants, managing the growing, monitoring the environment and taking data. That may sound bizarre to our “normal” 9-5 job but for katie this is as normal as it gets. Having A voice and speaking well is a big part in the cannabis industry. Pot activist Sarah Hanlon – Speaks out as an ambassador for the webs largest cannabis information resource

These are only a few of the many “not in the spotlight” boss woman, who have changed the face of cannabis. Stepping out into a industry that is still so undercover by its laws. Breaking down the negative social stigma and working on bringing the best medical cannabis to suit all your needs. These women deserve just as much as praise as the “celebrity spotlight boss woman”

Writer: Megan Thiessen

Canada AB Lethbridge

10 Fun Things to do while Feeling Elevated on Cannabis


10 Fun Things to do while Feeling Elevated on Cannabis

All stoners know that everything and we mean everything is better when you’re elevated on cannabis. Still some activities help you really get into an extremely focused and fun state of mind. Throwing you into a wave you never knew you could ride. Think of your favorite pastime activity; other than smoking sweet Mary, guaranteed you haven’t enjoyed it too it’s full potential until you’ve done it stoned. Coming up is a list if interesting activities to get into while lifted. If you see one you haven’t tried yet I’m sure the grinder isn’t too far from reach, let’s get busy stoners!

1- Artwork

Calling all pot head Picasso’s, all dank Dali’s! Picking up a pencil after putting down a blunt is like drawing pictures of what the herb whispered to you while you inhaled her. Even if you’re just an occasional doodler, the process of art while elevated on cannabis is mad refreshing. Colors vibrant and giving good vibes, paint strokes curving beautifully each one more eloquent then the next. Maybe you’re the hands on type and arts and crafts is your main squeeze, bird houses built from bud hands make the happiest Blue Jays hands down. THC makes the tinkering seem effortless as you Zone out in your living room or workspace creating your very own hobby lobby. Channel any left over stress you may be feeling into whatever work of art. Regardless of medium or materials used you and Mary will have masterpieces to display when it’s all said and done.
Elevated on cannabis artwork

2- Cooking

This one makes perfect sense and I’m sure we all know why. The munchies are going to hit you anyway bro. Why not have a delicious meal or savory snack ready to cuddle up to. Our pallets change over time as we mature and adapt to new flavors. Now as adult stoners we’re ready to puff the green but taste the rainbow. Look up an interesting dish while elevated on cannabis. See how well the high you can follow step by step instructions. Also there are many foods (such as mango) that when paired with marijuana can actually make you higher. Try incorporating these into your cooking sessions until you’ve become a chronic culinary champion. Sweet treats come in clutch when you’re visiting the moon as well. Check out our stoner cookbook for amazing recipes.

3- Play video games

Look left, look right, check map and weapon inventory, now make a run towards head quarters. You’re officially in full survival mode ready to take on the worst. In this stoned moment it’s about much more than beating the high score, its life or death and we choose life! Video games when you’re blowed is like watching movies on an adrenaline shot. Being that you’re engaged on so many levels (visual, mental, physical)  when you play Mary makes this an overwhelmingly good time. Gaming is awesome for times when you want to Zone out in your high and be alone, but is also perfect for a super litty social smoke sess. Often times as smokers the act can be enhanced when you’re enjoying the company of a fried friend, or just anyone you vibe with. Hooking up the controllers during your next get up is sure to make for some interesting convo and belly laughs by he bong load.

4- Meditation while elevated on cannabis

One of the great attributes medical marijuana brings to the table is the ability to chill you all the way out. Many stoners soley medicate for stress relief and incorporate it into their daily lives for therapeutic reasons. Pairing these and other weed practices with meditation can help you reach heights you never thought you could. A huge part of meditation revolves around centering yourself and your thoughts to be in the “now”. Ganja takes you to a place where there is no space or time, opening your pineal gland to allow the most Nirvana like meditative state. It’s definitely worth a few Doobie hits and incense sticks to give it a try. Pot heads have hella busy lives too, taking a moment to stop the orchestra in your mind is a great way to reboot and recharge your soul. Namaste.
meditation elevated on cannabis
Getting elevated on cannabis and meditating is crucial when you’re stressed out or having a bad day.

5- Watch cartoons

Making it to the list of terrific trippy activities is of course watching cartoons. You can go in so many directions with this it’s insane. Whatever mood the herb puts you in will dictate whether you end up watching black and white classics, vintage nicktoons, anime, Tom and Jerry, or Rockos modern Life. Guaranteed you’ll pick up on things you never noticed, chuckle harder than you thought possible at Felix the Cat, and have a dope ass time. Cartoons are like a weed sproutlet they get danker and doper with time and age. So kick back and flip to some boomerang while you roll up. Nothing beats gorilla glue and Magilla Gorilla together in one room.

6- Cleaning

We know exactly what you’re thinking, “say whaaaa? Why would I waste a good buzz cleaning?” And that my stoner friends is where you’re wrong, you wouldn’t b wasting a good buzz you’d be making it better by using it to fuel your cleaning. Most would agree there’s nothing better than a productive pot head. So get to those dishes in the sink and blow the dust off your vacuum cleaner; but not before you get stoned to the bone. Once you’ve reached your level the tasks you were dreading an hour ago become busy work for your hands while you’re vibing out to your favorite playlist. Chronic cleaning in mist cases will have your living area sparkle like an open house, books arranged in alphabetical order as well as color coded. All thanks to that hybrid you finished earlier. Now that it’s clean and you can breathe sit back and be proud of yourself, a job this well done deserves another joint.

7- Work out

You are now being introduced to the end all be all when it comes to a pre workout. When you work out, or the release of sweat in general increases the blood flow in turn making you higher. It’s cool science stuff like this that could turn your next trip to the gym from epic fail to eternal win. If getting stoned before a good sweat just isn’t your jiz, then by all means grab yourself a killer Indica and blaze afterwards. Sore or rigid muscles don’t stand a chance against THC and CBD. Living your best life is a 360° effort and the fact that you’re even willing to get your heart pumping is a giant first step; paired with your first love you might surprise yourself with just how much iron you can really pump.

8- Listen to music

Now is the time to re visit all your favorite tunes so you can dance to them as if it’s your first time hearing. Having a soundtrack to your life makes any situation bearable at least, but when under the influence of Mary Jane you’re instantly in a movie, playing the lead role and not dying at the end. Not to mention there are several songs that water directly to a higher state of mind. One being the Weeknd’s “High for this.” Layers of sound have been compacted into one track that takes you beyond everything else. It’s one you most definitely have to enjoy. Bumping toons while high can lead to nothing but a good time maybe some dancing and memories to last a lifetime.
listening to music elevated on cannabis
Get elevated and let the music set your mind free

9- Outside activities

Hotboxin with the homies is life, but let us not forget about our old friend oxygen. Get out and get stoned as often as possible. Sun kissed cheeks smiling in a full blown high is a sign of good things to come. Playing frisbee is an excellent source of vitamin awesome and an activity that Fido can enjoy as well, we can’t forget our pot head pups. Some even say they experience a better stone when they’re outside getting all one with nature and what not. Take that book on the porch, send those emails from the hammock, grab that soccer ball collecting dust in the garage and bust a move. The time is here to put that Sour D to work, use the bud as a sort of battery and remind yourself that life is full of sunshine.

10- Set life goals

Your soul and thoughts have taken flight. As the smoke still lingers in the air ideas begin to flow through your being. Think of good ones that actually make sense this time. Don’t just sit on it! Pull up the note pad on your phone and write them down. From this starting point there’s really no stopping you. Remembering life goals you set eons ago, they were never forgotten. Only in hibernation waiting for you to rip the bong and reminisce. Putting pencil to paper may seem a bit archaic now but the mere motion can get wheels spinning. Before you even realized it you completed a full year plan complete with your self esteem on 1000%. You may just want to get a simple to do list out of the way. Sparking a doobie beforehand will have you writing as well as finishing your honey do list before your honey dip can even ask.
Have fun, be active, and always stay stoned. Check out our awesome collection of weed clothing.

Mary Jane’s Deep Roots in Hip Hop

Mary Jane’s Deep Roots in Hip Hop

It’s no secret that taking hits of Mary Jane can stimulate and enhance your creative juices in a number of ways, one being the ability to spit hot fire. Hip hop and pot go together like hippies and VW wagons. A match made in heaven or a fatal attraction? Hip hop culture is constantly changing and evolving much like the medical marijuana industry, and the music hitting the airwaves definitely reflects this.

In 1995 the hip hop group Crucial Conflict had everybody bumping their hit “Hay”, with the chorus singing proudly “smoking on hay (hay) in the middle of he barn!” It was off the wall creative analogies like these that kept smoke floating through the streets. In most recent years though, lyrics have become much more straight forward embracing the fact that more and more people are being able to live their best stoner lives. Falling into the hip hop genre and a perfect example of how medicinal marijuana partakers have hit mainstream and aren’t ashamed to belt about it, would be Jhene Aiko and Swae Lee’s “Sativa”.


The title alone let’s you know some interesting lyrics are sure to follow. “I know you won’t leave me hanging, smoking weed out the container”…”is it hot in here it is it just me? I’m so high in here been smoking on this weed”. The straight forward delivery makes the hit you take while listening to this hit so much sweeter. Even still the stigma of Mary Jane being a negative has to constantly be proven wrong the best way to do this is to educate. On March 27th there was a Marijuana rally in Washington DC bringing together multiple activists in favor of legalization of medical Mary in the capital.

One of hip hops pot heavy hitters Cypress Hill headlined the event. The hip hop culture knows how much MMJ is a positive force, and when the two work together the force becomes unstoppable Musicians are individuals with mass influence able to reach millions; millions of stoners of course, and they love to share they’re high stories and experiences alongside dope beats. Progression is key and as long as Mary keeps reinventing herself through lyrics we can have nothing but high hopes for the future.

Writer: Sare Bear

Pot Like a Boss


Pot Like a Boss

The idea of stoners/potheads is not what it use to be. Times have changed and so have the views, but some views are still the same. Some people still believe “pot-heads” are like that show “The 70’s Show”. Just a bunch of kids hanging out not doing much. And for some, that idea isn’t too far off but for some it was quite the opposite. When I hit my early teens I was introduced to pot – it was around christmas time and I was with my older brother. That was the first time I’ve ever smoked weed. I remember it hit me like ton of bricks.

Burning my lungs making me cough until I thought I was doing to die. Then I sat and laughed way to much about everything, everything was funny. My brothers friend drove me home, where I continued to the kitchen and then somehow made it to my bed without waking my parents and passed out. From there the cycle never really changed – I would get high have a burst of energy, the giggles, the munchies, and then the dreaded burn out. Moving into my late teens I took time away. Would come back here and there. One phase in my life where all I did was smoke weed and quit drinking and other drugs. The only thing that seemed to change was my tolerance, I was able to stay up more and the burn out get easier to deal with.

When I moved to Fernie BC a small ski town. I quit for about 3 seasons. I never bought it but if it was offered I would toke up. When I started smoking again I learned how to smoke and work. In other words “ pot like a boss”. Everyone did it – they would wake up take a toke while the coffee was brewing, get on with the day. If that was going to work, heading to the ski hill or getting ready for a bike ride.

As the seasons pasted, I continued to smoke up and do my thing. When I moved back home, had my son and returned to the work world was when I started toking up again. I took a year after the birth of my son. The reasoning was different it was to help with anxiety, stress, made the single working mom lifestyle seem a little more easier. As I started to create my business, branched off to other work, blog writing, radio work. Pot become a health benefit as well as a creative opener. I could feel it opening & expanding my mind when I started to work. The possibilities were endless. I could feel magic being created while I worked away. I’ve said it before pot will never make me a better person, but it does help me create a better artistic result. Which is more than 80% of my work.

I created this for a few different reasons. To tell you that it can be done!

Pot like a boss stonerdays

You can toke up and not sit on your ass all day long. Bending to the social stigma. To encourage you to activate the creative parts of you. To encourage you to use pot for its benefits not to just look “cool” or solely for the purpose that you like to get high. We are at such a beautiful time where we can speak out about the things we believe/ love. People are coming together, creating communities that support and educate. We can change the idea the social stigma others have on pot. But in order to change the minds of others, we must first change ourselves.

Writer: Megan Thiessen Lethbridge AB Canada- Soul Health Studio 101

History of Cannabis – April 20 4:20


History of Cannabis – April 20 4:20

History of Cannabis 4/20 – 1971 five boys got together to find an abandoned cannabis crop. They called this the “4:20 Louis”. Later “Louis” was dropped and  4:20 was born. After numerous attempts the boys never did find the crop and they eventually gave up. The “time” still lingered, over the years cannabis users across the world, used it as a time to toke-up. Talk about being a legend. Countries started coming together, creating events for the cannabis community. For those who smoked for its health properties, to the ones who smoked it just because they liked to.

Being an active festivaler myself, it was easy to understand that being around this environment brought a sense of belonging. For many cannabis enthusiasts 4:20 is a day to stand together and to fight for a change in the drug policy.

marijuana fields stonedays

Ancient China – Cannabis was used in taiwan, for fiber 10,00 years go. Cannabis was referred to “daman” and was used for its many medical benefits. A Dutch sinologist Frank Dikotter said “ the medical uses were heightened in a pharmacopoeia of the tang, witch prescribed the root of the plant to remove a blood clot, while the juice of the leaves could be ingested combat tapeworm”

Ancient Egypt – Cannabis was used to help sore eyes . 1550 bc – ancient Egypt described it as “medical cannabis”

Medieval Islamic – From the 8th to the 18th century it was used exclusively for medical reasons.

Modern history – In the 19th century cannabis was commonly used as a secret ingredient called “plant medicine”. There was around 2000 cannabis medicines by 1937. In the 20th century Scandinavian Maltose – and cannabis drink was a popular drink in Denmark. The drink was advertised as a “great lunch drink for young and old”. 1964 Dr. Albert Lockhart began his study as cannabis the medical plant. 1996 California became the first state to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. Since then over 20 countries have legalized cannabis for medical purposes.

Top 10 Medical Marijuana Conditions Across the US

10-medical marijuana-conditions

Top 10 Medical Marijuana Conditions Across the US

Many industries across the globe function under SOME regional differences in trade, culture, community, and values (among other factors). The medical marijuana industry in the U.S., however, is among the most unique multi-billion dollar industries there is. Varying legal limits, access points, and barriers to entry cause massive regional differences. Even the conditions and diseases in which a patient may be recommended cannabis for treatment differ at the state level greatly.

Not to say, however, there is no similarities among US medical marijuana programs. Indeed, there are several. After doing research on accepted medical marijuana conditions by state, I thought it’d fun to explore and rank the top 10 medical marijuana conditions across the US.

And my Stoner friends, here is that list:

10) Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease is a unique form of severe inflammation of the digestive tract causing chronic pain and affecting life functions for many individuals. Many find cannabis as effective in the treatment of Crohn’s, largely due to its various anti-inflammatory properties. This includes numerous organic compounds found in cannabis, including THC, CBD, and various terpenes.

9) Muscle Spasms

Muscle Spasms are the second most common of medical marijuana conditions across the US. Muscle spasms occur when the regulation of normal cellular function gives way to imbalance, eroding in the process the ability for normal, healthy function to occur between nerve cells and muscle tissues. Diseases including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, or various types of spinal cord injury may be associated with muscle spasm.

Cannabis may help to impact muscle spasms by helping modulate or slow the breakdown of healthy function between nerves and muscle tissues, acting as a neuroprotective agent.

8) Cachexia & Wasting Syndrome

Cachexia is often used interchangeably wasting syndrome. Both terms refer to the process of losing weight, experiencing muscle atrophy, being overcome with severe fatigue or weakness, and a significant reduction in appetite when someone is not actively seeking these outcomes.

This is known to happen in those with HIV/ AIDS, anorexia, and cancer, among other disease or conditions.

Cannabis may help alleviate cachexia by helping restore the urge to eat and reducing nausea associated with doing so.


The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) are next up on our list of top 10 medical marijuana conditions in the US. They have been accepted as conditions in 18 different states.

Commonly, it is thought cannabis may help in the treatment of these conditions by reducing nausea, increasing hunger, and decreasing pain associated with the condition.

marijuana helps all dab mat

6) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a degenerative neuromuscular disorder. Those afflicted by this condition see the breakdown of neurons within the muscular system, leading to the poor and improper functioning of many bodily processes over time.

(RIP Stephen Hawking, the longest-lived individual with ALS in history)

Numerous studies on cannabis have shown it may help with inflammation and muscle spasms, symptoms related to the advance of ALS, in addition to various neuroprotective properties of cannabinoids.

5) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder is among the most common medical marijuana conditions across the US. PTSD is a disorder resulting from patterns of behavior related to severe, shocking, scary, and dangerous events in life. Often, it becomes hard to reconcile the experience(s) into day-to-day activity and results in diminished life satisfaction.

Cannabis is thought to interrupt some of the excitatory messages from neurons leading to the thought patterns or behaviors associated with PTSD.

4) Seizure Disorders

At this point, it should come as no surprise seizures are among the top ten most common medical marijuana conditions in the US. Seizures can be caused by a number of reasons.

Whether the seizures are part of a regular disease causing them or an irregularity resulting from otherwise healthy cell functioning, cannabis is thought to be effective in treatment. This is explained by the neuroprotective mechanisms of CBD and THC, among other cannabinoids – the very same which help with muscle spasms.

Strains such as Charlotte’s Web or Cannatonic have gained popularity by aiding in the treatment of seizure disorders.

3) Glaucoma

A condition of the eye, glaucoma refers to process over time of the optic nerve reducing side vision. This may lead to blindness. One of the leading causes of glaucoma is raised pressure within the eye – termed intraocular pressure (IOP) by medical professionals.

The use of cannabis is thought to help this condition by reducing the IOP of patients, slowing the condition and helping manage the symptoms.

2) Cancer

Cancer is an accepted condition for nearly all medical marijuana programs across the US.

Medical research on cannabis use by cancer patients shows there are potential benefits, including reduced nausea and pain. Additionally, cannabis is thought to aid in maintaining normal cell functioning, creating a potential barrier when cancerous cells would otherwise divide uncontrollably.

1.) Pain

Pain is an accepted condition in every single US state with a medical marijuana program. This includes chronic pain, severe pain, neuropathic pain, and – well – just about every type of pain a person can experience.

In 2017, the National Academy of Sciences released “The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations for Research“, a report spanning 400 pages. Within, the report reviewed 10,000 independent studies on marijuana, ultimately determining which medical conditions found in American medical marijuana programs had the most solid research behind it.

Cannabis use in pain management was shown to be the most well documented of all the therapeutic benefits cannabis may have.

By Joey Wells

(Joey Wells is a freelance writer, Board-Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT), cheesemonger, and digital marketer based out of Denver, Colorado. He has been a contributing writer in the cannabis industry for nearly two years. In his time in the cannabis space, he has written on economics, taxes, regulations, law, and medical or scientific research.)


Can’t we all just get a bong? James Bong

Can’t we all just get a bong? James Bong

Can’t we all just get a bong? And can’t we all just get along? Well, maybe if we all got a bong, we could all get along. And that is the mission of Bong. James Bong. To make sure that everyone gets a bong. And that everyone gets along.

We all know that the world governments seem to have the hardest time just getting along. So what if they all just got a bong? What would happen? In this latest installment of the cannabis crusaders comic adventures, James rolls through some sticky spots to find out.

Can’t we all just get a bong

Can’t we all just get a bong. Stoner comics

Agents of J.O.I.N.T. are sworn to believe that the world’s problems can be solved with cannabis. It’s a solution we can all share and pass along through the generations, and hopefully, one day, something that we can all agree upon. I mean, it’s okay to disagree a little. Some people like to smoke it, some people like to eat it. There’s room for everybody. Because either way, you will probably get the munchies.

As usual, James Bong is brought to you by a consortium of the world’s most talented artists, delivered with a creativity the worlds governments would do well to apply to their activities and governance. But the message is clear and translates across any and all boundaries.

Whether it’s a joint, a blunt, a bowl, or a bong, whether it’s indica or sativa, indoor or outdoor, the important thing is that we share. Because sharing is caring. And caring is the first step to getting along. And it all begins with a bong. James Bong.

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Mothers and Weed: Living, Parenting, and Smoking Weed


Mothers and Weed: Living, Parenting, and Smoking Weed

#1 Reason why Moms Smoke: Another One of those Days…

(Written by a mom who tokes up)

Mothers and weed go together and for a day like this its like PB&J. Punching out at the office just meant clocking into my other job as mom. Another day where I pick up my crying child who also had a bad day. Another day where I’m driving home thinking about dinner, work, and more importantly; how am I going to unwind? Arriving home and all I want to do is take off my bra, change into my pajamas and get into bed, but that’s not what good moms do. So I start dinner, change my sons diaper, turn on the Disney Channel, and take a deep breath resisting the erg to throw a tantrum myself. I declare “mommy time” and I go to my special cabinet and pull out my special little box, open it, and pull out my joint and lighter.

Mothers Who Smoke Weed

This is the moment where I lose most people and get one of those looks of shame. They stop caring to hear more of what I have to say. Others do the, “been there” looks. Either way, mothers and weed go together for “mommy time.”

Let’s back up here. We all know that being a mom is hard, and this comes from a mother who smokes weed.

Moms have much to do, and more to remember. We’re hero’s, cooks, day planners, and human. Mothers and weed help. Moms listen to endless stories that make no sense, and we make it our number one interest. The fact is, its hard work, but we love them. I am a firm believer in the words and believe that you have to put on your oxygen mask before you can help others. In other words, you have to take care of yourself to take care of others around you. I couldn’t help my son and myself at the same time. I’m tired, still in work clothes, hungry and my glass of wine is not helping. In fact, it’s now doing the complete opposite of helping and making me want to cry. Forget parenting and wining, mothers and weed sounds like a pairing I need.

Real Life Parenting With Mothers Who Smoke Weed

I have always known the health benefits of smoking marijuana, but I didn’t smoke for those reasons. I smoked marijuana because of the enjoyment of being stoned. Now as a single mother of one, I smoke marijuana for health & wellness.

I will tell you that marijuana makes you or me a better mother, but I will say that it does help in my day to day life. It helps me be more creative, patient, relaxed, and not to worry about the small things. When its, “another one of those days” it helps me to take a breather and to prioritize what needs to be done before the days end. I can then go to bed hoping for a great nights rest. All things you need as you climb the parent latter. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy smoking recreational but the health benefits as a mother is much more appealing.

Mothers Who Smoke Weed marijuana 420 pregnancy

I can step out for 20 seconds, take care of myself, and know my son will be okay.

Mothers are no good for there kids in a bad mood. Children are smarter than we think, and pick up on things such as our moods and energy. Smoking weed of course has its stigma, and even today, as the laws are changing people still pin it as a drug that shouldn’t be consumed. The problem for most mothers, is it makes us ashamed. So why should we be ashamed for doing something that helps us? I conducted a research I found that 6/10 woman I talked to where marijuana users. All 6 mothers felt ashamed of what they were doing. All 6 said the reason was is that its illegal. Another study showed 9/10 mothers I talked to who didn’t smoke weed and drank alcohol, said that they don’t feel at all guilty for drinking. Most claimed “ mommy time” as drinking with other mothers venting about their kids.

As a mother who smokes marijuana and drinks wine, I found it oddly sad. Where were the proud marijuana smoking mother groups?

Why is drinking more “accepted” then pot? Especially in this day and age how the laws are changing. I could not wrap my mind around the fact that woman who smoked pot were still considered some what of an “outcast” or the “ hippy” mom who was also labeled “the bad mom.”  While the other mothers who get together with their bottles of wine and cases of beer are celebrated. There are groups on facebook, but when I reached out to the members no one answered not even one like, when I reached out on my personal facebook I got messages of negativity. A few positive but even the ones who were sending good vibes didn’t want to share.

420 sale marijuana clothing by stonerdays

Back inside with my little one. Im calm, and he is sensing the stillness in my body. My calming energy and soft voice, cradling him in my arms, sitting on the floor and rocking him back and forth. His tears stop and his soft sobs now turn into regular breaths. Taking his bottle he starts to slip into a nap. And at this very moment I say “thank you weed”. Thank you for helping me get through the ugly times. We applaud you for giving us the extra patience. We love you for helping open the hidden creativity zones in our minds, so that we can be children again. Thank you cannabis for lowering our anxiety and stress. You also help us see that a burnt dinner is really no big deal.

All the love from a mom who smokes pot and doesn’t see a single problem with it.

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Written by: Megan Thiessen

Soul Health Studio 101 | jessFm radio

Lethbridge AB | Canada

Things to do stoned: Just a bunch of hippy dippy

Things to do Stoned: Just a bunch of hippy dippy

It’s hard to deny that the effects of weed can make you feel great when you have things to do stoned. Food tastes better, music sounds amazing, even the colors seem to jump out at you and more appealing to the eye. Your body tends to slows down and you can really appreciate life at a whole new speed. I mean, have you ever hiked while stoned? Simply looking at your surroundings and seeing the flowers grow from the earth, humming birds casually flying buy.

It’s simply beautiful.

A bunch of hippy- dippy talk. But it’s so true, there happens to be so much truth to this ”hippy-dippy” talk. Take into consideration the details you notices while stoned. The physical world around you seems to change almost to a point of being reborn, it is a feeling so unique, you must experience it for yourself to understand.

It’s the euphoric feeling. The feeling of complete bliss.

hippie dippie 2

So lets get into this “hippy-dippy” thing. What are some beautiful things to do while stoned?

Cooking a great meal: Most of my best dishes are made while stoned, something about putting on some dinner tunes ( something jazzy) and getting lost in the kitchen to my spices, veggies and various items just gives me the best meals. One day, explaining to my non smoking family, I noticed their faces. They were all laughing at me. As I explained to them how it feels to slice into the pepper. The crunch of the carrot hearing the sizzle from the pan, coconut oil melting in the pan the smell of the foods while being mixed together… well I could just go on, when I stopped and looked at them it was clear as day. It was “hippy-dippy” talk. I gave myself a good chuckle. It was like a scene from a “ typical pot” movie.

hippie dippie

Finger paint: I’m quite lucky in this part. A mother to a very artistic son, I bought him a Buddha board and we tend to enjoy a little art together. But why finger painting? Its messy, it gets every where, constantly having to wash you hands when switching colors. Most people I talk to about finger painting would rather use a brush. The reason I love using my hands is not only am I a physical person, but it’s the idea of letting the paint do what ever. It becomes a dance. Letting go, stepping away from “proper’ color and just letting your fingers dance across the page. It gives me a smile as I think about it. Its just.. peaceful.

hippie dippie 3

Garden: Dirt in my hands fresh air from the plants, it just feels good be stoned and planting. It gives off a clean feeling. Plants purify the air the dirt gives off the earthy smell, and the feeling of it slipping through your fingers and planting new life into the earth. Myself, I have over 30 plants, 3 times a month I take them down bathe them washing their leaves and give them some tender love and care. Putting them back in place or even rearranging them I can feel a new energy sweep around my house.

Yoga: Yoga is the one activity/ workout I can do stoned. We all know how good music is while high, we’ve been to concerts/ festivals stoned and it just feels good. We get lost in the music and sounds around us. Zening or zoning out, letting the music move our body’s in anyway it feels. Energy flowing through you. Yoga is like dancing, I love smoking a j putting on my go to yoga tunes turning out the lights. Just letting the movement talk for my feelings. Pushing out negative energy and bringing in peace kindness and love, here rim able to forgive and let go. Leaving my soul peaceful and full of gratitude.

There are a lot of things to do while stoned and they all have different effects on the body. I’m not the one to say that these 4 things to do while stoned are the best. But I can vouch for each one of them. If you were to ask me what my favorite thing to do while stoned it would be yoga, write and garden. Just a bunch of “hippo- dippy” stuff.



Megan Thiessen
Soul Health Studio 101




Stoner Secret Menu


Stoner Secret Menu

 Have you ever been so hungry from the munchies you could eat a horse? A hippo? An Elephant?

Well Stonerdays does not suggest you eat any of those circus animals but maybe… The Stoner Secret Menu!

Stoner Secret Menu

We set out to find the best secret fast food menu items that money could buy and these are the restaurants what we came up with:

1. In-N-Out:


  • The Monkey Style (a burger with animal fries in the middle of it)
  • The 4 x 4 (4 beef patties in a burger)
  • The Flying Dutchman (the poor man’s burger: 2 patties, and 2 pieces of cheese, nothing else)
  • The Protein Style Burger (a burger with out a bun, wrapped with a lettuce leaf )
  • The Grilled Cheese
  • The Neapolitan Shake (vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry)
  • The Animal Style Burger (and animal style fries)

2. Del Taco:


  • The Stoner Burrito (bean and cheese burrito with fries, special sauce and red sauce or green sauce)
  • The Bun Taco (taco filling inside of a bun instead of taco shell)
  • A Cheese Burrito (sour cream, red sauce, no beans)
  • A Combo Cup (ground beef, beans, cheese, and red sauce in a cup with tortillas chips on the side)
  • The Green Bean Machine (an egg and cheese burrito with beans added and green sauce)

3. Jack in the Box:


  • Sourdough Cheesesteak Melt
  • The Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Grilled Breakfast Sandwich, Loaded
  • Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger (bacon bites and bacon strips)
  • Sourdough Bread (Any Jack in the Box burger or sandwich can be ordered on sourdough)

4. Taco Bell:


  • The Enchirito (a regular enchilada, stuff it with beef, beans and cheese then finish with diced onions and red sauce)
  • Lava Nachos (Lava sauce on top of nachos)
  • The Superman (cheesy double beef burrito with potatoes, sour cream, guacamole and crispy tortilla strips)
  • A Double Grilled Quesadilla (a quesadilla grilled on the skillet twice, a stoner delight)
  • A Chili Cheese Burrito
  • Cheesaritos (a generous portion of cheese with scallions and taco sauce rolled up in a soft tortilla shell)

5. McDonald’s:


  • The McGangBang (McChicken sandwich inside a double cheeseburger)
  • The Monster Mac (8 Beef patties)
  • A Pie McFlurry (buy a pie, you can actually have it blended into your McFlurry)
  • A Grilled Cheese on a bun
  • Chicken and Waffles (a McGriddle sandwich with chicken in the middle)
  • Fries with Big Mac Sauce
  • Land Sea and Air Burger (a beef, chicken and fillet-o-fish patty)

6. Burger King:


  • Frings (Onion rings and french fries together)
  • Suicide Burger (4 beef patties, four slices of cheese, bacon and special sauce)
  • The BK BLT (The classic sandwich fillings in a burger)
  • Veggie Whopper
  • BK Ham and Cheese (served on a hamburger bun with lettuce and tomato)
  • Mustard Whopper
  • BK Club (chicken sandwich with bacon, tomato, cheese and mayo)

7. Arby’s: 


  • Super Roast Beef Sandwich
  • Bacon Beef n’ Cheddar (the classic Beef ‘n Cheddar with mouth-watering strips of thick-cut pepper bacon)
  • The Ultimate BLT Sandwich
  • Jr. Deluxe
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich (chicken breast fillet topped with thinly sliced roast ham, swiss cheese and mayo)
  • Roast Ham & Swiss Sandwich

8. Starbucks


  • Java Chip Frappuccino (or double chocolate chip if preferred)
  • Turtle Frappuccino
  • Cotton Candy Frappuccino
  • Samoa Cookie Frappuccino
  • Nutella Frappuccino

9. Chipotle


  • Quesorito (rolled together with any fixings you ask for and wrapped in a cheese quesadilla)
  • Nachos
  • Steak Quesadilla
  • Crispy Chicken Taco’s
  • 1,500 Calorie Super Burrito
  • Taco Salad
  • Single Taco

10. Subway


  • Pizza Sub (tomato sauce, salami, pepperoni and cheese)
  • The Wing Effect
  • The Old Cut

You really can’t go wrong with any of these stoner munchies. Next time your up late stoned out of your mind with the tummy rumbles, check out the stoners secret menu and you are on your way to a big stoner smile. Wanna show the world your stoner munchies? Send in your pics to [email protected] or click the button below. Thanks for the support. Stay Blazed!


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Stoner Secret Menu

10 Amazing Facts About Hemp Oil You Probably Didn’t Know

Amazing Facts About Hemp Oil You Probably Didn't Know

10 Amazing Facts About Hemp Oil You Probably Didn’t Know

Hemp oil is obtained from seeds of the Cannabis plant. Extracted solely from the seeds, it is also called hemp seed oil.

People often confuse hemp extracts in an oil carrier, as “Hemp Oil”. However, pure hemp oil is a natural botanical concentrate processed only from the seeds of the plant and not from any other botanical extraction process.

This oil comes from the tall growing varieties of cannabis. However, hemp oil does not contain THC, the chief psychoactive compound in cannabis.The oil which contains THC is called cannabis oil. So, you should not be confused about the two oils.

Containing a huge amount of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and healthy fats, daily hemp concentrate can boost your health in a wide variety of ways. From hormonal balance to anti-aging protection, here are 10 surprising benefits of hemp oil you may don’t know:

1. One of The Most Nutritious Seed Oils Available

Hemp oil is packed with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium which makes it full of nutrients useful for your body more than any other oil available.

Hemp oil is an unsaturated oil derived from plant accommodates 80% unsaturated fatty acids, and only 20% undesired saturated fats. What’s more important to note is, this oil is very high in essential fatty acids – omega-3 and omega-6, which are necessary for a good functioning of your immune system and for cardiovascular health.

2. Helps Control Hormonal Balance, PMS and Menopause Symptoms

The only seed known to contain gamma-linolenic acid is hemp seed. Gamma-linolenic acid is the substance that converts in the human body into a protective hormone called prostaglandin. This hormone helps to maintain hormonal balance and to support menopausal health. It also helps in reducing PMS symptoms, such as irritability and fluid retention. Hemp seeds are the only edible seeds which contain gamma-linolenic acid.

Cannabis Clothing
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3. Good For Skin

Hemp oil is a good natural moisturizer because it contains a high level of omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Because it’s so rich in fatty acids, it increases the elasticity of your skin and slows skin aging. What’s even more exciting is that it dries quickly on the skin and doesn’t have that oily effect; you can put it on your skin after the shower and won’t wait long until you can dress up.

4. Great For Your Hair Too

Hemp oil also contains ceramides, so it helps hair to be less dry and shinier – it’s often among the ingredients in many hair conditioners. Amino acids in hemp oil will make hair grow stronger. Not only that, but this oil is also beneficial for the scalp, as it improves blood circulation.

5. Oil Can Help Improve Your Mood

There is strong evidence that omega-3 fatty acids improve the symptoms of bipolar disorder as well as in children with ADHD, several studies have shown. This is mostly due to the fact that fatty acids are essential for brain functioning.

Also, since this oil contains endocannabinoids, it helps to increase a good mood and reducing depression and anxiety.

6. Great for Vegetarians and Vegans

Since vegetarians and vegan don’t get enough of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, considering their diet regime. Hemp oil is especially beneficial for them – it provides the right balance of these nutrients which is important considering the narrowed choice of fatty acid sources vegetarians and vegans have.

Amazing Facts About Hemp Oil You Probably Didn't Know
Amazing Facts About Hemp Oil You Probably Didn’t Know

7. Reduces Arthritis Pain

Some studies have found that consumption of hemp oil reduces arthritis pain by 25%.

This is due to gamma-linolenic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, both found in hemp oil. These fatty acids are strongly anti-inflammatory. That’s why arthritis patients see the effects of hemp oil in reducing their pain pretty fast with regular use.

8. Lowers Cholesterol

Hemp oil contains alpha-linolenic acid, it boosts metabolism. When metabolism is faster, it means that fats will burn more quickly. This way, cholesterol goes down, which also prevents clogging of arteries.

9. Aids in Antioxidant Protection

Vitamin E is the key to having a beautiful skin and also helps in aging gracefully. It also protects your DNA from free radicals present in the environment that can damage it over time.

Hemp oil is very rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants, so consuming it will help to protect your DNA and cells and to improve your overall health.

10. Hemp Oil Shouldn’t Be Heated

One thing to bear in mind for getting the full potential from this precious oil is that you should keep it at a normal or low temperature. High temperatures can turn unsaturated fats into saturated fats, which can turn toxic to humans.

2018 Cannabis in Canada – What You Need To Know

2018 Cannabis in Canada

2018 Cannabis in Canada – Over the years, cannabis has been an illegal drug in Canada.

Like always, change happens over time, and cannabis in Canada is now in the eye of it. Justin Trudoue, prime minister of Canada has set a date of July 1, 2018: cannabis ruled as a legal substance. Having the opportunity to speak out about this subject, I looked out to see how people felt of this new change. I prepared myself for this study wondering what others would have to say about this. It would be nice to say that I chatted with the population of Canada, but that is not a realistic endeavor. So I chatted with the ones I could, and researched the ones I couldn’t.

The country was pretty divided over cannabis in Canada. No one really seamed to make that much of a fuss.

But the ones that did had some rather insightful questions and problems that this new law would create. And they were: economy & justice system.

As an active user myself, I could see why the country was split over cannabis in Canada. For me, the concept was quite easy. Smoke it or don’t, respect everyone’s idea about it. And for the most part others seemed to believe in the same thing. This legalization isn’t new many countries are changing. And for the most part it’s going quite well.

For me, I could never see any financial gains to taxing the plant. The health benefits out weighted the finical side of things. Being 25 and a single mum, I use it more for medication than recreational use. In my past life I used it more as recreational then medication. All the same I enjoy the smell the taste and the feeling it gives me. Most of everyone I chatted with felt the same. A few would rather eat the herb but that was niter here nor they’re for this topic.

2018 Cannabis in Canada weed leaf
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A senior economist at CIBC World Markets extrapolated from Colorado’s sales figures to come up with a $10 billion estimate of the Canadian demand for legal cannabis, and projected provincial and federal governments could rake in $5 billion per year in tax revenue. Chris Damases editor of the BCMI report had this to say

“I don’t think the numbers are that high. “Many people who write about cannabis have a vested interest in promoting the industry.”

Now again speaking as a user I see a beauty and lots of others see a market in the plant. Us “stoners” have even started to master the craft of rolling joints into art. Check out shesmokesjoints (instagram) her page is filled with amazing hand crafted rolled joints, and beautiful video edits of her smoke tricks. Not only is she a beautiful person but also she makes smoking pot look well… beautiful. She isn’t the only fellow user to take this by storm and enter a whole new world of writing editing and photography. Many other users and non-users photograph people smoking started pages even opened their own dispensaries. Just growing the plant is art enough. It’s not hard to see that there is a very large market for this.

But what Chris Damases is talking about is not the investment of fellow users turning pot into a job. It’s the government taxing the product and the issue of what party gets the piece of the pie, so to speak. We all know the government is rather money hungry. A lot of it comes down to money. And how much will I get. . So just how much will we be seeing come off? To the little information that was allowed to be reveled to the public. I found this:

“Under the current proposal, the federal government would impose an excise tax of $1 per gram of marijuana or 10 per cent of the final retail price, whichever is higher, with half the revenue going to provinces and territories”

Reading more into it, we’ve have also found a lot of words like “need more information” and “ need to go over the numbers.” Nothing more has been released on this subject. Whatever the numbers may be, the government doesn’t feel ready or want to tell all.

Over in Québec Canada,  Union president Mathieu Lavoie from Quebec Canada. Hopes more resources will be in place at correctional facilities to handle the legalization of marijuana, because guards are worried about increased violence. (Radio-Canada) he also states ” Violence in prison is often linked to debts, whether that’s drugs or gambling,” Benson said. Benson also stated “If we can just make smoking a privilege and ask people, ‘you want to smoke? You have to make some effort in your rehabilitation process,'” . I can imagine that legalizing will bring out some angry inmates. For criminal Justin lawyer Andrew Barbackie stated: “I would foresee for the first couple of years it’s going to be a nightmare, really.”

The conclusion on cannabis in Canada

The reality of it is: change is never easy. And I expect with the first two years we will be experimenting with all kinds of ideas on how the system should work. From how much you can have on you at one time. To who much you can grow. The tools they use to detect diving under the influence. A good friend of mine questioned me this “ can you really get an appropriate reading from a road side test not every body is the same”. an amazing point to be made. I hold my weed much different then my partner my brother and my girlfriends. Is it really fair to state a rule of thumb when not one human is alike? All questions we will receive the answer to as the months press on. As for now Canada waits penitently. And the stoners keep smoking.

Author: Megan Thiessen

For more information, check out our section on current marijuana laws

How Cannabis Changes Your Sleep Cycle

How Cannabis Changes Your Sleep Cycle

Cannabis can help you fall asleep faster. With sedative effects, it has the ability to relieve stress and help you physically relax, which can make it easier to drift off to sleep and get some rest.

Using cannabis can be particularly helpful for people who have conditions that make it difficult to sleep well. People who suffer from PTSD, insomnia, pain, and other conditions can use marijuana to relieve the symptoms that can interfere with sleep.

Cannabis may relieve symptoms of sleep disorders including sleep apnea by supporting better breathing. Dronabinol, an exogenous cannabinoid, improved sleep apnea symptoms in almost all of the participants in a 2013 study.

How Cannabis Changes Your Sleep Cycle

Research suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) may have therapeutic potential for treating insomnia. CBD also shows potential for treating REM sleep behavior disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness. THC can make it easier to fall asleep, however, THC use could impair long term sleep quality.
How Cannabis Changes Sleep

Using cannabis before bedtime can cause changes in your sleep cycle, reducing the time spent in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. This is the final stage of your sleep cycle and is the time in which you dream. When you use cannabis before bed, you may not have as many dreams, or your dreams may be less vivid.

If you’re a long term user of cannabis, taking a break or discontinuing use may cause temporary sleep disruptions. It can be more difficult to fall asleep, and you may experience shorter sleep time, less slow wave sleep, shorter REM cycles, and lessened sleep efficiency.

Choosing Strains That Can Help You Sleep

Typically, sativa strains can be energizing and uplifting, which may not be a good choice for sleep. Indica is usually a better choice for sleepy effects. Indica is believed to contain more relaxing and sedating terpenes than sativa strains.

stonerdays space socksAged cannabis can improve sleepy effects. As THC oxidizes, it converts to CBN, which is associated with more sedative effects than fresh cannabis. Some users age their own cannabis, but some producers are creating CBN products including oils, edibles, capsules, and patches.

Inhaling marijuana can deliver a faster effect that helps you go to sleep more quickly. However, the effects of cannabis-infused edibles can last for a longer period of time, and help you stay asleep longer.

Pairing Cannabis With Healthy Sleep Habits

Although cannabis can help support good sleep, it’s not a replacement for healthy sleep habits. You can improve your sleep by maintaining good sleep hygiene and using cannabis to help you relax and drift off to sleep.

Give yourself enough time to sleep. Make sleep a priority, reserving about eight hours a night so that you can get the seven to seven and a half hours of sleep the average adult needs.

Create a healthy sleep environment. It can be difficult to sleep well if you’re in an environment that’s not conducive to sleep. You should have a mattress that appropriately meets your needs, and your bedroom should be cool, dark, and quiet.

Talk to your doctor about sleep disorders. Although cannabis can help with sleep disorders including insomnia and sleep apnea, it’s not a replacement for diagnosis and treatment. Discuss sleep difficulties with your doctor and how you may be able to incorporate cannabis in your treatment.

Maintain a regular cannabis and sleep schedule. Going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each day can help you fall asleep easier. The same is true for maintaining a regular bedtime routine, in which you go through the same few steps before bed every night.

Keep your evenings relaxing. Avoid caffeine, late night screen time, and vigorous exercise before bed, as these can be too energizing and interfere with sleep. It’s best to relax before bed, potentially incorporating cannabis into your evening routine for better sleep.

Marijuana Hemp Cards To Show Your Sweetest Sentiments


Marijuana Hemp Cards To Show Your Sweetest Sentiments

Marijuana Hemp Cards To Show Your Sweetest Sentiments are the perfect token of love for that special someone? If you are one who loves Mother Earth as much as your dearest, there are plenty of flirty, sexy, and pretty green gift suggestions that represents your love without have any conciliation with your earth friendly eye. And Greetings card is one of the main means of show your emotions, love and feelings. Unquestionably the Greetings card is an esthetic looking packing of your feelings or expressions so that the receiver feels charmed and honored.

Greeting cards can be used for approximately every occasion, lone thing that you should select the right card, suitable color, design or picture along with the message which will disclose your love to your special one. Save a tree and look for Hemp card or Hemp greeting card made from sustainable materials. There are a number of choices available that not only saves a tree but also uses less energy and chemicals to produce. Choose paper made from flax, hemp or cotton. These are made from recyclable material with seeds entrenched.

Hemp Greeting Birthday Thank You Cards


Hemp Greeting Cards For That Special Someone

Hemp greeting cards for lovers are really dynamic. When you need to express your love with love greeting cards, you will find the words to say it easily. This is for the reason that you will be stirred by the designs and beauty of cards that you will find. It does not have to be a extraordinary day like Valentine’s Day to show you care and love. Love is best see when everything is common and routine. It is upon you to convert each day into a special one. When you do this, your cards will make a bang which will be to fetch unity and solidarity in matters of the heart.

Think about the things your lover likes and loves. This will strengthen all your choices when it comes to selecting a good card. The times when lovers sent cards blindly are over send someone some green love for any occasion; you need to look at their personal needs and dedicate a card from the heart. The wording of your card is like the icing to the cake. Words are able to pierce through the heart to produce an explosion of love if done right. Do not look to be someone else; express yourself in your words and have a good time; your card will do its job perfectly.

Hemp Greeting Birthday Thank You Cards

We at StonerDays, with our exclusive and handpicked collection of marijuana hemp cards will make this occasion more meaningful for you. Explore our mesmerizing collection online, shop for these fantastic gifts and start by bringing a smile on everyone’s face. Choose from our wide array of marijuana hemp cards. So, astound your loved ones, with the exciting range of gifts and marijuana hemp cards offered by StonerDays. Wishing You A damp Day Hemp Greeting Card is a proper way to set anyone’s day. Send someone some green love for any occasion and let them feel special and come close to you!!!

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Stoner Cookbook; Hemp Brownies

Stoner Cookbook; Hemp Brownies

When people think of brownies, they don’t usually think of them being too healthy. However, that thought is about to change thanks to the addition of hemp seeds in to the traditional brownie recipe. With the recent explosion of hemp knowledge and support, more and more people are beginning to incorporate hemp in to their diets, more specifically the seeds. The seeds of the hemp plant are the most helpful part, containing an excellent source of vegan protein, dietary fiber and all essential amino acids, plus the added benefit of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

how-to-make-brownies copy

Not only are hemp hearts an extremely nutritious part of a diet but they are also gluten free and are considered a raw food, plus they never contain allergens. The hearts aren’t nuts either, leaving them to be enjoyed by basically everyone. They can be eaten raw like peanuts or added to snacks like cereal, yogurt, or fruit salad. Taste-wise, they resemble sunflower seeds so if you enjoy those, you’ll definitely love the taste of hemp hearts. And if you don’t, simply juice them and drink them as a shot. It may taste bad but the health benefits are worth you taking a shot of something that doesn’t taste very good!

The recipe for these hemp brownies is extremely easy, not to mention no bake! With only six ingredients to gather up, even the stoniest stoner can pull these off and make them taste amazing! You can store these treats in the fridge or the freezer if you like them chilly. This recipe makes about 9 servings so be ready to indulge in these delicious snacks that also happen to be good for you!

  • Gather 1 1/4 ounces of raw,
  • shelled hemp seeds,
  • 1/4 cup of raw unsalted walnuts,
  • 1/4 raw cacao powder,
  • 1/8 teaspoon of fine sea salt,
  • 12 pitted dates, coarsely chopped,
  • 1/2 a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Set aside two tablespoons of hemp seeds in a small owl. Take the remaining hemp seeds, cacao powder, salt, and walnuts it to a small food processor and pulse for 10 seconds until the mixture is finely ground. Take half of the dates and the vanilla extract and add them in. Puree everything for about 15 seconds and then move it to a mixing bowl. Form 15 to 18 small meatball sized balls and roll them in the remaining hemp seeds to give the a nice covering. Set the balls in a container and let them sit in the fridge for about two hours. You can enjoy them then or wait and store them in the fridge like stated above! Enjoy!

Stoner Cookbook; Hemp Brownies

Cannabis Comics Stoned Alone James Bong Cannabis Crusader


Cannabis Comics Stoned Alone James Bong Cannabis Crusader

Just like you and me cannabis comics, Bong… James Bong: Cannabis Crusader loves the green and red. Especially when it’s a fluffy green with bushy red hairs. Whether you are celebrating Kushmas, highnakuh, or ramadank, there is one tradition in which we can all partake. After all, as Santa said, sharing is caring!

And it’s a tradition that starts today with what is sure to become a Cannamas classic: “Stoned Alone”, a parody of the seminal Christmas Classic “Home Alone”, starring James Bong, in a special holidays edition of the Cannabis comic. As usual, this Merry James tale is produced by an international team of happy little elves in the Nug Pole, and delivered to you via the virtual Stoner Days sleigh!


When the rest of the JOINT family leaves James all alone on Christmas to protect HQ, he can’t help himself from taking a peek in Bud’s lab. But of course, he’s not the only one who is after a bountiful stash of trees on the herbiest night of the year!

The cannabis comic “Stoned Alone” also introduces a revolutionary new invention, the Vpuf Pipe, which will be the first official licensed James Bong product, coming to top shelves in 2018!

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, it’s okay to read it twice. Or 420 times. Or to your little brother while you tuck him in. It’s sure to be a treat to read as you sit and light your holy joint with the Christmas fire. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good high!

How Does Smoking Marijuana Affect Weightlifting?


How Does Smoking Marijuana Affect Weightlifting?

We’re living in times of big changes. How does marijuana affect weightlifting?  Well, as technological progress occurs faster, the first AI has been granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia. The number of people living in urban areas is increasingly rising. People are turning their focus from fossil fuels to find ways to utilize renewable energy sources. Another big change is the legalization of marijuana in several states of the U.S. More than half of them deemed it illegal by 1931 (the massive unemployment during the Great Depression led to an increased fear of Mexican immigrants who introduced the recreational use of marijuana, having the American government condemn cannabis as dangerous).

cannabis and weightliftingNowadays, the plant’s medical benefits are being acknowledged, even by professional athletes. Cannabis helps increase our appetite, pain threshold, and helps with post-workout recovery. When it comes to using cannabis to improve weightlifting efforts and results, the effects actually vary depending on the person using it. We are here to explore the dilemma regarding the plants’ potential effects on hormones, behavior, and cognition.

The endocannabinoid system and weightlifting

One of the most important and far-reaching systems in the human body is the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which refers to a series of cell receptors and corresponding molecules. The two main cell receptors, CB-1 and CB-2 are bound in our brains and bodies by cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), through marijuana consumption. The binding of CB-1 and CB-2 by exogenous cannabinoids impacts several metabolic processes.

The ECS controls pain sensation, appetite, temperature regulation, stress reactivity, sleep, immune function, and many other processes. Muscle and fat tissues utilize these cell receptors as well to control their own processes. Thus, a marijuana smoking habit can be perceived as a way to hack into our metabolism and affect certain processes.


Weightlifters pay much attention to their nutrition, as it’s highly important for their muscle building goals. When activated by dronabinol CB-1 prompts the release of hormones that promote hunger. This can mean the world to all the weightlifters out there. The effects can be produced only by short-term cannabis use. Chronic marijuana users usually experience a decrease in appetite. THC has a weaker impact on appetite than 2-AG (a naturally-produced endocannabinoid molecule). Cannabis binds the CB-1 receptor, which results in an appetite decrease due to downregulation of CB-1 receptors, and eventually – weight loss.


Physical performance

There are several studies that showed how marijuana impairs human psychomotor abilities. Today, certain pro athletes have become major cannabis advocates, claiming that it also helps them with post-workout recovery, making it one of the cannabis trends in the industry that needs to be considered responsibly.

Muscle building: Kush Ups

We mentioned performance enhancement with runners and extreme athletes, but what about weightlifters? How does cannabis consumption affect muscle building? This requires a discussion of its effect on human hormones. The human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone as two of the most important hormones that influence muscle growth.

When it comes to testosterone, there are studies that found a decrease in testosterone, as well as those that found no effect on testosterone levels, in addition to normal levels of follicle stimulating hormone, prolactin, and luteinizing hormone.

The legalization of cannabis in the U.S. hasn’t been conducted across the entire country, with a few ridiculous laws pertaining to cannabis still remaining. Weightlifters may benefit from appetite increase and post-workout recovery. The fact is that cannabis won’t impair your body’s ability to perform and build muscle. Just keep yourself disciplined when enjoying the herb. Don’t let it affect your dieting and training plans. You’ll manage to break through your physical plateaus and build muscle.


Luke is a fitness and health blogger at and a great fan of the gym and a healthy diet. He follows the trends in fitness, gym and healthy life and loves to share his knowledge through useful and informative articles.

Medical Marijuana: Do you Qualify for a Legal Card?

Medical Marijuana: Do you Qualify for a Legal Card

Medical Marijuana: Do you Qualify for a Legal Card?

Smoking medical marijuana is a great way to get some pain relief from certain medical conditions. However, the process of obtaining a legal card for medical marijuana is not as straightforward as you may think. In fact, there are certain conditions you need to fulfill before being granted one, starting with the following:

  1. Proof of residence

You will need to present some kind of proof as to where you’re from. Fortunately, this is the easy part, since a government-issued documents like a driver’s license will do just fine.

Still, you need to bear in mind that although medical marijuana is legal in Canada. It’s only legal in 23 countries in the U.S. as of yet. The good news is that things are gradually improving. With each passing year, additional states seem to be legalizing it.

Medical Marijuana Legal Card

  1. Eligible medical condition

If you’ve established you live in a country or state where medical marijuana is legal; the next step is to check if your medical condition is on the list of qualifying ones. Again, this varies from country to country, so it’s best to check the local laws to make sure.

But generally speaking, you’ve got great chances of being eligible. Those who suffer from cancer, HIV, anorexia, PTSD, nausea, hepatitis C, etc., are almost guaranteed to be successful.

  1. Medical documents

You will still need a valid signature on a document issued by your doctor. This could be particularly challenging, since even though you may be fully qualified for a legal card. Not all doctors are in favor of medical marijuana in general, and thus, are not willing to prescribe it.

Medical Marijuana Legal Card

Luckily, there are certain clinics who are openly in favor of medical marijuana, so if you want to know more about them, click here to learn more. Alternatively, you can also do your own research and discover a clinic that’s located close to where you live. In any case, if you believe your symptoms make you a qualified candidate. It’s only a matter of time until you find a doctor who’s going to agree with you.


While you’re still going to do some research on your own to get the much-needed answers for your local area of residence, you’re now equipped with the general knowledge of what it takes to get a legal card for medical marijuana. Good luck in your endeavors!

Cannabis Comics James Bong in Medicine Man!

cannabis-comics-james-bong-420 2

Cannabis Comics James Bong in Medicine Man!

“Sure, you got cannabis comics and stoner comics, but this one is different: This is a cannabis comic, and James Bong is a hero for marijuana consumers everywhere!
James Bong has been publishing internationally for 3 years and the creators are excited to include StonerDays weed clothing in their latest series. Mr. Bong’s adventures are inspired by real stories from the legalization movement, mixed with, of course, personal experience and all the ingredients of marijuana culture traditions. James mission is to protect stoners from harm and injustice, and change the perception of the plant and the community. He is the top shelf agent of J.O.I.N.T., a Justice Organization Involving Nugget Technology.


The story of the Cannabis Crusader began in the 2005 short film, “The Origin, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the JOINT”. The comic is created and produced by Vigilante Entertainment and illustrated by an international team of artists.

In “Medicine, Man!”, James is dispatched to retrieve a sacred strain rumoured to cure cancer from the hands of a mysterious shaman. Along his magical journey, with the help of a friendly neighborhood dealer, James must outsmart everyone from cops to cowboys as he travels from cities to the desert, determined to catch the buzz of the northern lights!


Whether you call it pot, herb, bud, chronic, or meds, prefer to smoke a pipe, vape, or roll it up, we’re sure you will enjoint the adventures of James Bong: Cannabis Crusader!

Look out for the Stoner Days t-shirt James rocks on his travels!


Want the shirt in this comic? Check out our Higher State of Mind Collection.

Starting Your Edibles Business the Proper Way

Starting Your Edibles Business the Proper Way

The marijuana industry has been growing rapidly since the legalization of medical marijuana in states like California and Alaska in the ‘90s. Now, nearly 60 percent of Americans live in a state where marijuana consumption is legal in some form. The edibles market alone is responsible for nearly $10 billion of the profits earned in the marijuana industry for 2017.

Edibles are now one of the fastest growing markets, making it an extremely lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs thinking about joining the market. Whether you run a subscription-based business in Colorado or open a storefront in downtown Seattle, you can almost guarantee you will make a profit if you are following the state laws and keeping up with ordinance amendments.


Know the Local Marijuana Laws

Each state in the U.S. varies in its marijuana laws, from states that offer medical and recreational sales to those 21 and older, states that only allow medical marijuana with a prescription, and states that allow no consumption of marijuana and punish marijuana users similarly to heroin users.

Because of the wide variety of legalization that spreads across the country, it is important to have a broad knowledge of the local laws in your area. Marijuana businesses have been known to be shut down for failure to follow state ordinances, so being one with the law is vital in this industry.

Establish a Kitchen or Shop

One of the many ordinances laid down for the edible industry is the requirement to cook your edibles in a commercial kitchen. Not only do you have to find a commercial kitchen, the kitchen itself also has to be sanctioned for marijuana use. This makes finding a space somewhat more challenging, but not impossible.

There also comes the additional burden of affording a space. Commercial kitchens are by no means cheap and often require money down for security deposits, insurance and other fees which can cut into your overall profit. The benefits of combining a kitchen and a shop means you don’t have a middleman to sell your treats; instead you make them in the back, bring them to the front and sell them.

The Financials

cannabis hangover

Money is the most stressful aspect of starting a new business. In fact, finding funding for your marijuana startup can be nearly impossible, especially when there are only a few financial institutions that will give business loans to companies that work in the marijuana industry.

Many entrepreneurs joining the market start their companies with their own money that they have saved. This is a smart option for doing business and avoiding debt, but it can make your profit potential feel low to start off. Though startup loans are difficult to come by depending on the state you operate out of, there are some places that will work with you.

Grow Your Own Cannabis

The best way to ensure you are using the highest quality buds is by growing them on your own. Nowadays, getting a license to grow your own plants is not too difficult in states where recreational use is legal. The most difficult aspect of growing your own bud in bulk is finding the land to grow it and the employees to maintain it.

Consider purchasing a cheaper piece of land that requires some maintenance. Spend some time working on the land, leveling the ground, tilling the soil, and fertilizing the dirt. Once you have a nice area to begin growing, it will only take a few short weeks before your plants start to turn out buds and you can begin baking.

Build Your Cannabis Brand

Your brand is one of the most important elements to perfect before you begin selling your products. In this industry, there has to be some element of purity and rarity to your product. Most edible businesses that have found success have done so by honing in on a specific niche like gluten-free treats, sugar-free treats and all-natural treats.

Recognizing the potential for profit based on your aesthetics is also vital. For example, if you want to sell an edible that looks like the real thing, you must present it thusly in the packaging by using earth tones and slogans like, “Tastes like home,” or “Like mom used to make.”

Another element of packaging to keep in mind: packaging regulations and standards. For instance, it is now required to have packaging and colors that are not attractive to children, as well childproof to avoid dosing your underage children with CBD and THC.

Develop Relationships

Relationships are important for any new and upcoming business, weed-related or not. If you haven’t created the proper connections and developed your professional network, it can be difficult to gain momentum in the market and build a reputation for your company. The edible industry is a market where developing relationships is especially important.


As a business-owner, you want to find people who work in similar fields to you and learn about their successes and how they achieved them. In the marijuana industry, the best way to build your network is by attending legit and professional marijuana conferences where you can test other products, learn about new trends and market your products to thousands of people.

If you are an entrepreneur hoping to join a market with massive growth and even more massive growth projections, the edibles industry can be an excellent choice for you if you live or are willing to move to a state where recreational use is legal.

Bud bakers are always welcome.

Cannabis Sleep – 10 Things For Your Herbal Nightcap


Cannabis Sleep – 10 Things For Your Herbal Nightcap

Before bed, many people choose cannabis sleep. Marijuana is offering new hope for those who suffer with chronic sleep issues. With 88% of Americans approving the medical use of marijuana, according to a 2017 CBS News poll, it may be time to change up your current nightcap of choice.

With more than 60 million people in the United States currently experiencing issues with their sleep patterns according to American Sleep Association, it’s never been a better time to take advantage of the changes in legislation. Instead of a glass of wine or a sleeping pill, cannabis before you sleep will have you catching your zzz’s. If you’re an insomniac who’s weighing their options, here are some things to consider before you decided to give it a try. Guilhem Vellut. Marijuana. 2005. Web. Nov 7. 2017.


A Small Dose

It’s easy enough to think that a few puffs will do when it comes to inhaling cannabis and sleep, but it’s important to be aware that there can be too much of a good thing and using marijuana as a sleep aid is no different. Taking a few too many inhalations can easily lead to early-morning grogginess, so you’ll want to wade into your pre-sleep use slowly and get familiar with the drug’s impacts first.

Consider the Strain

cannabis and sleep marijuana nugIf you’re interested in marijuana as a sleep aid, it might seem like it’s all the same, but there are a number of strains to choose from and you’ll want to be informed about which one will work best for your needs. Indica can be a comforting, relaxing strain while a Hybrid is a combination of different strains, but it’s important to consult with your doctor or a healthcare professional first to determine what they would recommend.

Timing is Everything

The impact that inhaling marijuana will have on cannabis and sleep depends on many factors. Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly when it will hit you. Much like determining the proper dosage, you’ll need to time it as best you can. According to Harvard-trained physician Dr. Jordan Tishler, “They are unreliable about when they’ll kick in. Sometimes it’s about one hour, other times it can be more like two to three hours.” As a result, Tishler suggests taking your dose about one hour before bed to avoid upset.

Don’t Overdo It

With legalization occurring in many places, marijuana can certainly be a viable way of dealing with insomnia, but it’s important not to take its sleep-savvy abilities for granted. Prolonged use can cause changes to the brain that have an impact on cognitive functioning, so ensure that you use it in moderation and not as a daily antidote to ongoing sleep issues.

Reducing REM Sleep

There are two strains of cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and according to study by NCBI, using marijuana with a higher amount of THC will lead to less REM sleep. REM is important when it comes to regular cognitive functioning and feeling well rested, so it’s important to be aware of what you’ll be inhaling.

Try Some Tea

cannabis and sleep tea herbal medication
Cannabis and sleep – try some tea!

Once you’ve figured out the ideal dosage you may want to consider pairing it with a cup of chamomile tea. Because chamomile possesses sedative qualities, it can actually add a little bit of kick to your herbal nightcap. If chamomile doesn’t do the trick, you may want to try lavender oil or a melatonin supplement instead.

Cannabis and Sleep – Reducing Pain

Many people may not have to endure the effects of a troubled sleep. Dealing with chronic pain can be just as problematic when it comes to counting sheep. Fortunately, with its inherent medicinal qualities, a little bit of strains of the leaf can work to reduce pain and help users enjoy a more restful sleep.

Lengthening Your Rest

While cannabis can improve the nighttime hours for insomniacs, it’s also possible that it can lead to longer periods of uninterrupted sleep for those who use it. It’s just important to determine the dosage that will give you the required result so that you don’t have to deal with any inhalation hangovers or other symptoms associated with ingestion.

The Ideal Ingestion

Alongside dosage, you’ll want to determine the ideal way to ingest marijuana for maximum impact before you go to bed. Smoking it may lead to an instant reaction, while edibles can take a little bit of time to kick in. Before deciding on one or the other, do some bedtime experiments to see what gives you the best result.

Use Cannabis and Sleep With Caution

It’s important that marijuana isn’t the only solution to chronic sleep issues for a variety of health reasons. However, it’s also important to know that the effects of the drug can actually wear off overtime. While a little bit of use can help, some studies have shown that daily use gives way to more sleep disturbances in the long term.

Stoner Days Top Ten Celebrities Who Love the Leaf


Stoner Days Top Ten Celebrities Who Love the Leaf

There was a time when being a stoner wasn’t so mainstream, but with changing legislation and the health benefits of CBD and CBD oil, a zest for pot has become more common. According to a survey by Yahoo News and The Marist Poll, “Weed & the American Family”, 56 percent of Americans now think that using the green stuff is socially acceptable. Fortunately, as the tides change for the popular leaf, there are many celebrities already on the bandwagon. From pop stars and famous actors to comedians and American rappers, here are some of pot’s most prominent proponents.


stoner rihanna smoking weed

Rihanna may have rose to fame as the Barbados- ‐born Queen of Pop. And, while she’s well known for songs like “Umbrella” and “S & M”, she’s also a big stoner and fan of the green stuff. It’s said that Rihanna’s slowed down on her affection for the substance. The snaps are out there for all to see of her rolling a blunt on the bald head of her bodyguard at 2012’s Coachella Festival. When the mood strikes, you can always bet that Rihanna’s on the search for the best Marijuana seeds around.

Snoop Dogg

stoner snoop dogg weed gifThere are few purveyors of pot as well known as Snoop Dogg, but what’s not as well known is that the famous rapper now has his own line of strains and edibles, Leafs By Snoop . As if that weren’t enough, the rapping roller also went to the White House in 2015 to meet President Obama, and supposedly got stoned with an unknown staff member during his visit.

Lil Wayne

lil wayne stoner smoking weed gif

He may be one of the best selling American hip- ‐hop artists of all time, but that doesn’t stop Lil Wayne from knowing when it’s time to chill out. As he said to Rolling Stone magazine in 2010, “I’m a very successful addict. And a very smart one. A very charismatic one. One stoner that just won four Grammys, and one that sold a million records in a week.” Well, no one said that a love for the leaf made one modest!

Joseph Gordon- ‐Levitt

One of the young actor’s first gigs might have been on the creative and quirky television show 3 rdRock from the Sun , but The Dark Knight Rises alumni finds his own inner creative spark with a little help from the green stuff. Referring to the inspiration for his movie Don Jon , he has pot to thank, stating to Howard Stern that, “I pace around and have all sorts of good ideas, I was stoned when I first thought of Don Jon as a comedy.”

Morgan Freeman

stoner-morgan-freemanFrom The Shawshank Redemption to Seven , Morgan Freeman is a Hollywood heavyweight famous for his list of films and his silky, smooth voice. Fortunately for Freeman, after an accident in 2008 that led to chronic pain, he started using CBD products in order to deal with the pain. Not only has it made his life a little easier, he’s become a proponent for the legalization of medicinal marijuana.

Willie Nelson

Outside of Snoop Dogg, there are few pot lovers as famous as Willie Nelson, the American artist behind hits like “On The Road Again” and “Always On My Mind”. Of course, Nelson’s love of the stuff isn’t limited to just smoking it. While he’s been arrested on a few occasions for pot- ‐related infractions, the stoner singer has long been an advocate for the drug, even telling Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently that he should “try it” before judging it.

Kristen Stewart

The well- ‐known actor may have burst upon the scene and become a near- ‐household name with the release of Twilight in 2008, but one of the first impressions the world had of her was a picture taken the day the movie came out. In it, the then 18- ‐year old Stewart smokes a pipe on her front porch with her dog and her ex- ‐boyfriend. Unfortunately, while there was some blowback, Stewart has mentioned that she doesn’t care what people think of the habit.

Bill Maher

The comedian Bill Maher is very well known for his former show, Politically Incorrect , and his sometimes- ‐snide zingers, but the famous talk show host also happens to be a great supporter of pot. While Maher works at understanding the right and the left on the political spectrum, he also wrote in an Op- ‐Ed for Rolling Stone saying that, “For all our political rancor, it turns out, what ultimately unites us is pot. Puffing weed with friends is one of the few things that both hillbillies and hippies like.”

Woody Harrelson

stoner woody harrelson gif

While Harrelson has confessed to giving up smoking pot in recent years, he has long been an advocate for changing the stoner policy. In addition to serving on the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Harrelson was among the first to apply to open a dispensary in Hawaii when medical marijuana production was first approved.

Kirsten Dunst

Dunst may have had a bad experience on the set of her latest movie, Woodshock, when she smoked an entire blunt. Not realizing it was the real thing – but the actress still professes an affection for marijuana. According to Dunst, who indulges on occasion, “If everyone smoked weed, the world would be a better place.” With the social acceptance of marijuana hitting the mainstream, there’s a lot less reason to hide a fondness for weed.

Your Favorite Bouquet: Cannabis Flowers


Your Favorite Bouquet: Cannabis Flowers

With all the hubbub (for good reason) that surrounds hash oil, mega concentrates, and even gourmet quality cannabis cuisine, our old favorite standby, flower, AKA bud, may get lost in the shuffle. Some of the world’s greatest natural beauty exists inside cannabis buds. You don’t want to miss out on high quality medicinal flowers. So let’s review some of our favorite ways to enjoy this tried and true classic. Put down that blowtorch, pull out a Bic, and let’s get started.


Combusted dried flower, or buds, have been used by weed lovers for centuries
Combusted dried flower, or buds, have been used by weed lovers for centuries


The Benefit of Cannabis Flowers

If you search “dabbing videos” on youtube you will see people torturing their lungs with heavy duty cannabis concentrates. Seems a bit wasteful doesn’t it? Moreover, when weed is concentrated into hash oil it loses an incredible amount of terpenes (aroma, taste) for the sake of potency. When you smoke flower you appreciate cannabis in its most sincere form, with accompanying scent and taste. Moreover, you avoid the increase in tolerance that comes with dabbing, and other more potent mediums.

Pipes/Bowls: What makes them so popular for cannabis flowers?

Bowls, pictured above, are popular because of their simplicity. They are cheap, easily made, and can even be created from scratch using a few household items. Moreover, many people enjoy how reliable and easy pipes are at achieving their purpose. You don’t need to conduct an extensive process, like baking an edible or preparing a dab, to use your cannabis. Even a weed novice can pack a bowl, when they can’t roll a joint or use a bong. Just be sure to keep bowl’s clean to ensure good airflow and quality taste. Too much resin and your pipe will be clogged, and offer dirty tasting hits. Dirty pieces compromise a flower’s terpenes and taste.


bong gif ted cannabis flowers


The first bongs date back around 2500 years ago, possibly even earlier. Today, the bong, or waterpipe, still finds it way into stoner dens and smoke spots the world over. Many people claim bongs actually get you higher, and protect you from harmful carcinogens by filtrating the smoke through water. While there will always be some harm contributed by smoke, the water in water pipes does filtrate smoke enough to cool it down when it hits your lungs. When the smoke is cooler more can be inhaled, thus contributing to the user’s high. This is why bongs seem to get users higher than other mediums of cannabis use. Also, because bongs filter with water, user’s can taste their cannabis more clearly. Bongs are a great way to enjoy cannabis in its most natural form. 

Joints/Blunts – Why they are so popular

The Joint may be the most recognizable, iconic way to enjoy cannabis, and references to joints litter popular culture. Its mechanism of action is pretty straightforward: the user rolls cannabis in a paper, making a cylindrical shape. The blunt is a varied form of the joint where the rolling medium isn’t paper but a cigar wrapper. Joints and blunts are equal to bowls when it comes to smoke temperature, because the filter is more of a mouthpiece than a filtration device.

Blunt and Joint enthusiasts laud the medium due to its simplicity and ease of use. Once rolled, you only need to light the joint once and draw. Moreover, the joint’s cultural footprint makes it a staple in stoner culture. The only downside to the joint/blunt is that burning paper, and tobacco, have many carcinogens. Like it or not, there is no denying the joints popularity amongst new age stoners and cannabis purists alike.

marijuana-bouquet-flowersAs more states begin to legalize recreational/medical cannabis there are many options to consume your favorite plant out there. However, don’t forget about the humble cannabis flower, because without it there are no extracts, concentrates, and delicious gourmet edibles. Getting back to basics can help you rediscover your love of cannabis. So get out there! Roll a joint, pack a bowl, smoke a bong, and enjoy cannabis in its most sincere form.

Chris Matich is a professional writer living in Pittsburgh, PA. Follow Here. Twitter.

What Is a Weed Hangover? How Do You Survive It?

weed hangover

What Is a Weed Hangover? How Do You Survive It?

Anyone who wakes up feeling extra foggy and out of sorts after a heavy night of smoking may have a cannabis hangover. It is common, and any serious user knows exactly how it feels. Similar to drinking too much alcohol, weed hangovers are a very real thing. Although the symptoms are never as severe as drinking too many shots of Jack Daniels, the explanation is exact – you took too much and overdid it.

Symptoms of a Marijuana Hangover

As with alcohol, weed hangovers are not something that everybody gets all of the time. Some people get hangovers after drinking excessively, but do not experience the same from weed. Waking up stoned and groggy is still widespread though, and those that eat edibles, use tinctures, or take concentrates may feel the after-effects more severely. So, what exactly are the symptoms of a cannabis hangover?

·      Headaches

weed headache

The most common side effect of excessive consumption of marijuana is a throbbing head. Dehydration typically causes headaches, and this is the primary complaint of those describing what a weed hangover feels like. If you struggle with headaches in the mornings, then your natural instinct may be to drink more water. Listen to this gut instinct and keep well hydrated when smoking weed in the future.

·      Red Eyes

red eyes gif

Red eyes are another widely reported symptom of a pot hangover. Smoking causes red eyes in most people, many of which rely on using copious amounts of eye drops and fitful sleep to clear it. However, when your eyes are still fiery the next day, it can be a clue that last night’s shenanigans maybe went too far. The cannabinoids in weed slow tear and saliva glands, which causes red eyes and “cotton mouth.”

·      Mental Fogginess

mental marijuana

If you wake up and wonder, for even a second, where or who you are, then you had too much fun the night before. Morning confusion is a classic symptom of a weed hangover. Jump-starting the brain after a deep cannabis-induced sleep can take several time-precious moments, which many claim impossible without a shower, breakfast, and good, strong coffee. Your head should clear as the day progresses.

Surviving a Cannabis Hangover

cannabis hangover

Marijuana hangovers can affect anyone using weed, regardless of whether they are new to it or old connoisseurs. Critics claim that weed cannot give anyone a hangover, and that people are simply still high when they wake up after a night of heavy use. This does make perfect sense but, being a problem of the night before, the effects of a weed hangover are still undeniable. This is what to do about it:

Drink Water

weed hangover

Because headaches are typically the result of dehydration, drinking water often helps to make them go away. Hydrate yourself if you have a marijuana hangover. You will feel much better after two or three big glasses of good old H20, and keep drinking as much water as you can stomach during the day.

Consume Caffeine

coffee and weed

Being a stimulant, caffeine might just be what you need to wake up properly and clear any lingering fogginess from your head. If you do not enjoy coffee, consider other caffeinated drinks. Anything that acts as a stimulant should help you to jump-start your day after a long night of heavy weed use.

Eat Breakfast

wake and bake breakfast

Breakfast will always be the go-to cure for any hangover, including a cannabis one. The sight and smell of a big, greasy breakfast resolves the problem for most people. Vegetarians or grease-avoiding folk may not find this solution appealing. Regardless of your preferences, make sure that you eat something solid.

Stay Active

Keeping yourself busy will help you forget about your cannabis hangover. It will also help your body to recover quicker, as exercise always does. If you cannot handle the idea of jogging around the block on such a morning, then do not despair. Even if you choose a low-key activity, just keep yourself active.

Smoke a Joint

smoke a joint

Many do not recommend consuming marijuana again until the effects wear off totally. Others disagree and believe the “hair of the dog” approach the only real solution. If you do decide to smoke another joint or nibble another edible, then choose a Sativa-dominant strain for energy and motivation.


If your weed hangover is severe and you do not have work obligations, then you can simply sleep it off. This is the best option for most people, but it is not always practical. Fortunately, a weed hangover does not usually last as long as an alcohol one will, so if you drink enough water to manage the headache, you should be feeling great again in no time at all. Just remember not to overdo it too much in the future.

Author Bio- John Levy is a cannabis enthusiast and a professional blogger covering the latest topics related to cannabis and and its effects. Currently, he is associated with Pot Valet – an online marijuana dispensary in California. John has extensive experience to write about marijuana. Follow his company on Google Plus and Twitter and Facebook.



Marijuana Users Are Healthier Than Nonusers

A recent study published in the Journal of American Medicine has shows marijuana users are healthier than nonusers. This is exciting results for marijuana advocates. Along with the huge list of marijuana benefits listed below, marijuana actually helps to reduce weight. This might not make much sense at first. Appetite may develop after smoking pot, and the end result is called “the munchies”. After smoking, this state is inevitable and overeating is a definite consequence.


This is mainly due to the THC content, which sends signals to the brain that trigger the release of certain hormones. These hormones tell your body that you need to eat, regardless of the fact that you may have just eaten. To add to this, marijuana actually increases sense of touch, taste and smell, so the food tastes even better and is even harder to resist. By controlling the release of insulin, marijuana regulates metabolism in a way that promotes weight reduction, despite the fact that marijuana users may still consume more calories. This really is the best of both worlds, you eat more but actually lose weight because of a quicker metabolism.

The study was quite large, consisting of over 4,600 people. Previous research had shown that marijuana users had lower instances of diabetes and obesity. But this is the first study of its kind to establish a relationship between insulin and marijuana consumption. Studies show insulin is a key hormone linked to heart disease and metabolism.

In addition to weight loss, the study found that marijuana users in general are healthier than their nonsmoking counterparts. Most of the key variables indicate health is better for marijuana users than nonusers. Marijuana users have smaller waist to hip ratios, lower blood sugar, higher levels of HDL (“Good”) cholesterol and a lower risk of insulin resistance. The most pronounced results were in those who smoked regularly. In other words, marijuana could soon be up there with fruit and vegetables in terms of health and wellbeing.

Marijuana Health Benefits


The findings of this study should not come as such as surprise, given the numerous health benefits associated with marijuana. Studies suggest that marijuana consumption increases creativity and problem-solving skills, and even helps focus in certain areas. The component that gives cannabis its health benefits is THC, which works on the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for emotional processing, sleep and cognition.

The health benefits of marijuana are endless. Cannabis shows to alleviate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, glaucoma, schizophrenia, insomnia, bi-polar and more. It helps to regulate metabolism and weight, by controlling the release of insulin. Not to mention the fact that it also happens to be a superfood. The leaves of the marijuana plant are full of beneficial compounds and vitamins. All leafy greens have the same characteristic of being full of vitamins which are incredibly beneficial. The biggest superfoods on the planet are usually green – Kale, Spinach, Spirulina, Marine Phytoplankton.

Cannabis research is making it a top superfoods across the web. Cannabis is used as a supreme muscle relaxant for athletes after sporting events, or to help them to get a restorative sleep. There is a large variety of topical cannabis products being release on the market as legalization continues.

How does Marijuana Work?

When marijuana is heated the THC rises in the form of smoke or vapor. THC is an element that gives the euphoric highs that cannabis is renowned for. Cannabis above 23% is judged to be of a high THC content. The range is generally from 19% to 23%. With the ongoing marijuana legalization, expect to see many THC infused products with a variety of benefits.

There is a large difference between vaporization and combustion. When marijuana is combusted, plant matter and filter paper is turned to smoke, and all the harmful chemicals from these substances end up being in your system. Numerous scientific studies indicate that vaporization is healthier than combustion. Materials heat to a lower temperature, which means that only the essential oils containing the THC and other compounds gets released. Chemicals get left behind as the heat is not strong enough to release them to gas.


Cannabinoid receptors can be found throughout the body and play a role in practically all bodily functions, including sleep, appetite, mood, emotions, immune function, fertility and reproduction, hunger, temperature, memory, pain, pleasure and motor control. Endocannabinoids are chemical messengers that tell these receptors when to start and stop functioning. With many neurological disorders, endocannabinoids can help to get things moving again.

The Wonders of Marijuana

Research indicates the effects of marijuana on health are overwhelmingly positive. That said, it is still important to use responsibly. Excessive consumption, just like anything else, will result in unfavorable consequences. The real danger lies for children and young adults who might overuse. Marijuana has become one of the most illegitimately criticized foods in the world. The fact of the matter is that it does lower motivation, and there is a possible link between lower IQ and cannabis consumption.

It is also worth noting that while marijuana is generally good for neurological disorders, there are going to be instances where it will produce adverse effects. But if you are avoiding cannabis because you might put on weight, then you are doing so for the wrong reason.

Author Bio – John Levy is the author of this post. He is a blogger for Pot Valet, a leading company to provide marijuana delivery service in Santa Barbara. He has 5 years of experience in the Cannabis industry and loves to share useful information about cannabis and related products.



10 Best Cannabis Storage Ideas

10 BEST CANNABIS STORAGE IDEASHere are the 10 Best Cannabis Storage Ideas for every stoner. Because marijuana is organic, it will degrade over time, particularly if exposed to the elements. Storing cannabis properly is vital. So, how do you do it?
As organic matter, cannabis decomposes. You can prevent this from happening for as long as you store it properly. In fact, marijuana is much like wine: If you store it correctly, it will actually get more potent and tasty with time. Here are 10 ideas to help you get cannabis storage right:

  1. Keep It Dark

All cannabis storage must occur in the dark. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, light will quickly degrade your harvest. Choose a place where very little light can get to it, preferably none.

  1. Keep It Dry

If there is moisture in your weed when you store it, mold will grow and destroy it. Make sure you dry it properly before putting marijuana in storage. Stash it in a dry place free of damp and mold.

  1. Store It Airtight

Do not let any oxygen near your weed. According to the National Institutes of Health, oxygen triggers decomposition. Anything you put in glass will stay fresh for a long time. Use glass jars with airtight lids.

  1. Store It Cool

Warmth can denature trichomes, stimulate bacterial growth, and severely reduce quality. Keep your stash away from any heat. Store it in a drawer, closet or cabinet.

  1. Keep It Large

Do not break your buds down for marijuana storage. Keep your buds as big as possible. Breaking them into smaller pieces will accelerate decomposition and destroy precious THC crystals.

  1. Leave It Untouched

Do not handle your weed at all during storage. You will damage trichomes and lose THC and cannabinoids. Leave your stash untouched until you are ready to use it.


It is crucial that you “burp” during cannabis storage. During curing, you should do this daily. During storage, do it only monthly. Open the jar for 10 minutes to let it air. Close it and put it back when done.

  1. Keep It Unfrozen

Freezing works if you are storing cannabis for years, but almost nobody stores stash for that long. Unless you are, avoid freezing. Defrosting reduces quality. If kept cool, it will stay fresh for at least two years.

  1. Hide It

Although the legalization movement is sweeping across towns and cities, you should still be discreet. Hide your stash from other eyes, and do not advertise that you have any.

  1. Store It Safe

Storing cannabis should occur in a safe place. Do not put it where something can knock it over, such as a cat. Store glass jars where they cannot fall over and break.

Although it may sound complicated, marijuana storage is actually very easy. Keep it dry, cool, and airtight in a safe, discreet place. Burp it once a month, and do not handle it unless you have to. What is the worst thing to happen to you when storing cannabis? Let us know in the comments below.

Author Bio – John Levy is the author of this post. He is a blogger for Pot Valet, a leading company to provide marijuana delivery service in Santa Barbara. He has 5 years of experience in the Cannabis industry and loves to share useful information about cannabis and related products.




How To Roll A Cross Joint With Stoner Days


How To Roll A Cross Joint With Stoner Days

Learn how to roll a cross joint with these simple instructions. The graphic below is a step by step guide to roll the perfect hail Mary.How To Roll A Cross Joint

How to roll a cross joint instructions:

  1. Roll two tight joints, one slightly fatter and longer than the other.
  2. Cut a tunnel through the center of the larger joint. Make sure the hole is big enough to fit the smaller joint through.
  3. Slide the smaller joint through the fatter joint forming the shape of a cross.
  4. Tear the glue strip from the paper. Lick it and wrap it around the joints to seal the seams. Make sure it covers all air holes in the center.

Step 5: Smoke and enjoy the view:

Pro stoner tips:

  1. Use a lighter to help dry the joint between glue layers.
  2. Make sure you have perfected the regular joint before attempting a solid cross joint.

How To Roll A Cross Joint

Learning how to roll a cross joint is fun. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes in the comments below. We look forward to seeing your stoney creations!

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Thanks for looking!

-The StonerDays Team

StonerDays Cookbook Persimmon Bread


StonerDays Cookbook Persimmon Bread

StonerDays Cookbook Persimmon Bread is not like your Grandma’s . This is a stoners little twist on Grandmother’s Persimmon Bread Recipe. Not only does this bread taste delicious and make you feel good it also calls for fresh persimmons, which are a super sweet fruit full of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. It stays good for about a week and is a bread that does well freezing for later too. Enjoy!

Prep Time: 20 min

Cook Time: 55-65 min

Total Time: 1 hour 20 min

Servings: 10-12 / 2 Loaves


  • ¾ cup cannabis butter
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 ½ tsp baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 tsp real vanilla
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 large room temp eggs
  • 1 cup persimmon pulp (about 4-5 peeled & pureed persimmons)
  • ½ tsp nutmeg
  • 1 ½ tsp cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp all-spice
  • 1 cup toasted nuts (such as walnuts, pecans) *optional
  • ½ cup raisins (or any dried fruit) *optional


Preheat oven to 350*. Grease 2 loaf pans with butter or cooking spray and set aside. In a large bowl mix sugar and cannabis butter using an electric hand mixer. Mix well & add the eggs, vanilla, and persimmon pulp and continue until all ingredients are mixed together really good. In a separate bowl sift your flour, baking soda, salt, spices, nuts, and raisins. When the nuts and raisins are evenly coated in the flour mixture slowly add a little at a time now using a wooden spoon to stir into your cannabis persimmon mixture until all ingredients are combined well.

Now pour your bread mixture evenly into your 2 greased loaf pans and bake in preheated oven at 350* for 55 minutes. A toothpick can be used to check if your bread is done. When toothpick comes out clean your bread is done. If it doesn’t it will need another 5-10 minutes depending on your oven. If your bread is done remove loaves and let cool on a wire rack. This bread does great for freezing and tastes just as fresh once defrosted.



Buying Cannabis – The Smart Way

Buying Cannabis, The Smart Way has us thinking how the rest of the stoner community purchases the sweet mary jane. Here is a quick glance at some of the certain types of buyers out in the stoner community.

There’s the individual buyer, the one who has his own connect and picks up Han Solo. There’s also the I Got 5 On It buyer, a stoner with no connect but is always ready to throw down on a sesh. One of the more consistent buyers is the Eight or Quarter at a time buyer. This buyer picks up larger perhaps to nickel some off or purely to blaze a large ass sack. Last on our list is the stoner that picks up an ounce or two at a time. When the herb is good you should always think about getting a larger amount. The next batch may not be what it use to be if you know what we mean.

In this article we are going to break down the purchase of an ounce. An ounce is what most stoners should strive to purchase. No matter who you are picking up from, no dealer wants to see the same guy every day for a dime bag. Buying an ounce can be done a couple ways. Purchase the whole wad yourself or get a couple friends together and go in on it.

You can’t go wrong buying an ounce of cannabis at a time


There is no dealer out there who want to see the same person day after day picking up a dime or dub sack. This creates traffic and interruption. As a buyer not one wants to over time purchase 10 dub sacks when in all reality they could have picked up an ounce for the same price. Thats 8 extra grams of the sweet mary jane for the exact amount.

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Stoner Engineers: Never Underestimate The Creativity Of A Stoner


Stoner Engineers: Never Underestimate The Creativity Of A Stoner

Stoner Engineers are some of the most creative people in the world. This blog covers some of the best stoner engineering submitted on reddit.

Corona Light x Ciroc Peach Collab Bong

“The zenith. Made from the carb of a ’38 Chevy”

The zenith. Made from the carb of a '38 Chevy

Voyager 1

Found a cool vase at a local thrift store and slapped it up with NASA stickers. This picture was taken right after it’s maiden voyage:
stoner engineering creative

The Pancake Pipe

A brilliant formation for an epic wake and bake. Drizzle syrup and eat when you’re done smoking!

pancake pipe

Awesome Ice Bong

The story for this epic ice bong goes like this:

I harvested the ice from a frozen river. Using a chisel and a hammer I shaped two smaller blocks (one for the base and one for the neck of the bong)

I used a 3/8in drill bit to drill the downstem. I used a 1 1/2 inch forstner bit to drill the ice away where the neck will be. To join the two pieces of ice I melted the ends flat on a wood stove and then stuck them together and let them freeze.

The bowl is a normal bowl that I froze to the ice. You can’t remove it to clear the bong because it is frozen in place

As far as the ripability goes, it’s great. Smooth rips every time

The Lit Saber Bong:
lit saber bong

“My brother in law (who doesn’t smoke) hand made this Blue Alabaster pipe for my birthday. I’m the stoner, he’s the engineer.”

handpipe carved out of stone

Handmade Solar Dome Vaporizer

stoner engineers

the wind blocker

And that my friends, is the wonderful world of Stoner Engineers On Reddit.

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Thanks for looking!

– The StonerDays Team



The Fidget Spinner Of The Marijuana World

The fidget spinner of the marijuana world is here & we are proud to show you all the FLIKKER. Hand made by a fellow stoner Jeremy up in Albany Oregon, this stoner item is a must have. FLIKKER’s are available in over 20 different styles and growing. These will have every stoner flicking away before the bowl is blazed.


Our team has played with the FLIKKER for weeks now and we still can’t stop playing with it. Every bowl we blazed and every bong load toked has a stoner with a FLIKKER lighter in hand. These guys are a little more than addicting. Do you have a design idea for you own personalized one. Check out the FLIKKER Facebook Page and message Jeremy your ideas. Jeremy to name a few has made a Rasta FLIKKER and a Pokemon FLIKKER. Our whole team was super excited to see these themed pieces come into our lives.

Having a FLIKKER strapped on your lighter does come with a few inadvertent advantages as well. Since using the FLIKKER here at StonerDays Headquarters we have noticed a lot of us are not pocketing our fellow stoners lighter anymore. Something about the shape it gives your lighter fools the stoners mind into not forgetting that their homies lighter is still in their hand. A funny story Jeremy told us was his buds and him were blazing out on the back deck. His friend dropped the lighter and what normally would’ve fallen between the cracks of the table has now been nestled perfectly between the boards.


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stonerdays on etsy


stonerdays on etsyStonerDays is now on Etsy after 5 solid years of online business selling the best marijuana apparel the world has ever seen. We’ve taken some of our top sellers and put them all in one spot for every stoner to enjoy. StonerDays on Etsy offers Hoodies, Tees & Tanks for the stoner who want to go out and rep their pride for cannabis at any smoke sesh. We offer Posters, Coffee Mugs & Dab Mats for the stoner who wants to upgrade their indoor sanctuary of smoking the fine kush. For a person looking to get a gift for their fellow stoner we now offer Hemp Greeting Cards for any occasion.

StonerDays is revolutionizing the industry with hemp

StonerDays has now moved into the hemp game. Our Hemp Greeting Cards are a fan favorite. Where else can you buy your pot head dad a Happy Fathers Day cannabis themed gift. Every item in our shop is made in Southern California by stoners for stoners. Our Stoner Cali attitude comes out in all our designs. Whether it’s some trippy ass palm trees blazing in the sun or some rastafarian waves crashing across your chest. We are happy to announce that one of our future goals is to bring in a complete hemp line of apparel. We have a team of growers currently making Hemp for the softest and best feeling Hemp Apparel on the planet.

hemp cardsOur office has the fine cannabis smoking  all day everyday. We are putting the taboo saying that stoners are lazy to rest. Our team is relentless when it comes to our desire and artistry for marijuana. Take a look into our world and see the amazing collections we have come up with. Our team has traveled the world and experienced some of the top cannabis destinations. We have blazed with stoners worldwide and we are fighting to get cannabis legalized for every citizen on earth. If you love smoking weed take a look at what StonerDays has going in their new Etsy store.

Daily 420 Stoners Pictures


Daily 420 Stoners Pictures

marijuana-pipe-pics-(5) growing-weed-pictures-(1) stoner-adventures-pics-(47) smoking-hot-girls (43) copy sexy-stoner-pipes-(18) smoking-hot-girls-(20) marijuana-pipe-pics-(4) stoner-adventures-pics-(7) stoner-adventures-pics-(16) bongs-(27) bongs-(28) growing-weed-pictures-(4) hot-girls-milking-bongs-pics (32) copy marijuana-bongs-(4) marijuana-bongs-(6) marijuana-bongs-(13) Munchies-Stoner-Food (39) marijuana-bongs-(18) marijuana-bongs-(26) sexy-stoner-pipes-(35) marijuana-bongs-(29) marijuana-ideas-pics-(2) marijuana-ideas-pics-(8) marijuana-pics (3) marijuana-pipe-pics-(3) milky-bong-pics-(4) Munchies-Stoner-Food (13) random-marijuana-pics-(10) random-pot-pics-(25) random-weed-pics-(6) sexy-pipe-marijuana-pictures (5) pipe-(1)

What up stoners, here are your 420 Afternoon Daily Marijuana Pictures. StonerDays bring the world together with stoner photography, weed pics, funny stoner pictures, dabbing photos, and everyday stoners doing what they do best smoking weed. Enjoy. See you later. Stay Blazed. Daily 420 – Marijuana Pictures

Daily 420 Stoners Pictures

marijuana pictures, 420, funny pictures, dabbing, weed pics, kush, wake n bake, girls smoking weed, guys smoking weed, stoner pictures, stoned pics, faded photos

Hemp Greeting Cards

Hemp Greeting Cards

StonerDays presents Hemp Greeting Cards made out of American made Hemp. Lets stop with deforestation and all rally behind making more products out of hemp. Our world is truly a beautiful place and we plan on keeping it that way for all generations to come.


Hemp Greeting Cards

Our world and StonerDays are constantly changing. With U.S. States and a few countries legalizing hemp and marijuana, doors are now reopening for production of textiles made from hemp. StonerDays is taking on this taboo plant and making Hemp Greeting Cards out of them. Our goal is to provide our fans with a hemp card that expresses their true feelings for that special person and for any occasion.

Write someone a card to wish them happy birthday or to just tell them that they’re your best bud. Some card stuffer ideas would be to add a dime bag inside or a joint/spliff. What could make someones day any better than some good vibes and some cannabis. Let StonerDays be the orchestrators of your next event such as a 4:20 sesh. Use our Let’s Get High Checklist hemp greeting card to rally the troops and make sure nothing is left out. Hemp Greeting Cards are available individually or in packs of 3, 6 or 12.

Stoner News; New Hampshire May Decriminalize Cannabis


Stoner News; New Hampshire May Decriminalize Cannabis

In regards to cannabis, New Hampshire is behind it’s North East neighbors. The surrounding states have passed laws to fully legalize cannabis or are on their way to doing so. Vermont legislature just approved legal cannabis. Both Maine and Massachusetts voters passed legalization measures within the last year. The area around New Hampshire are slowly turning green. New Hampshire has a chance to hang on to the Green Rush by passing the current decriminalization bill.

The New Hampshire House has voted numerous times over the last decade to decriminalize cannabis. The Senate shot the bill down every time. That is, until last Thursday. The Senate reached a compromise with the bill that the House presented. According to the bill, those above the age of 18 possessing three-quarters of an ounce of cannabis would be guilty of a violation.The first and second offenses would carry a fine of $100. The third offense could present fines of up to $300. If one were to be slapped with a fourth charge, they would receive a Class B misdemeanor. Police officers would no lonnew hampshire stoner newsger be able to arrest citizens for cannabis possession. The bill requires fine money collected from cannabis violations be deposited into the state’s fund to combat alcohol and substance abuse.

New Hampshire senators have very split views on cannabis.

Some, such as Senator Martha Hennessy understand that with current laws are outdated. New Hampshire residents can lose everything from their children to their jobs to their homes if found in possession of cannabis. Extreme penalties include not being able to adopt children or even losing the right to vote in elections. Hennessy also believes that the “gateway drug” myth is false. “Marijuana is a safer alternative,” she persisted. Other senators unfortunately don’t share her view.

Sen. Bill Gannon wanted to lower the amount allowed from three quarters of an ounce to half. He doesn’t agree that legalization of cannabis could help the opiate crisis. The city of Manchester, NH is in the top percentile of cities with severe heroin addiction issues. His argument was that decriminalization will set back the work done to right the heroin epidemic He also exclaimed that, “My greatest concern facing this legislation would be the potential consequences it could hold for our youth. This is obviously the wrong message to send to my children and the children of New Hampshire.”

Stoner News; New Hampshire May Decriminalize Cannabis

Another concern of Gannon’s on Thursday was the stoned driver. There is no way for officers to officially tell if a driver is stoned or not. Gannon claims that a “family can be wiped out by a stoned driver who a police officer let go with a violation.” Alcohol still presents far more of a problem than cannabis behind the wheel. Heroin is also more common in traffic accidents than cannabis. Two years ago in New Hampshire a man overdosed on heroin while driving. He was behind the wheel of his car in the middle of an intersection during rush hour. The police didn’t arrest him. He walked away after receiving Narcan. Stoned drivers are out there every day, commuting to work while jamming out to their favorite songs.

Other senators feel that decriminalizing the plant will hurt the state’s ability to attract business. Government officials should be doing everything they can to draw people to the small state. Liquor stores off of the highways don’t count. New Hampshire’s most well known monument took a dive a couple years ago. The state does have beautiful landscapes but so do Maine and Vermont. Maine and Vermont also have legal, high quality cannabis, which will draw away younger tourists. Younger residents of New Hampshire are leaving the state, looking for greener pastures.

Individual states are changing their cannabis laws. Colorado and Washington have not collapsed. The states are doing extremely well with the influx of new money. The decriminalization bill in New Hampshire is a small step. It is a move in the right direction. Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont may see a steady influx of New Hampshire residents. The Granite State still has a while to go before it’s citizens get access to legal cannabis.



Vanilla Kush

Vanilla Kush | Marijuana Strains

THC content 19-22%

A Lovely Lady for the Evening

You can expect this indica to deliver you to a very relaxing high that relieves nervousness, pain, and stress. With its lineage from the kasmir and the afghan strain, the pureness of vanilla kush is undeniable. This strain is known for making colors brighter, music and food richer, and life more chill. It might not be the most potent strain on the market but it does provide a nice balance that you look for in an indica.


The Review:

The strong and overwhelming scent provided by vanilla kush is always recognized for being true to its name, and you’ll love the warm vanilla scent that wafts into your nostrils from these buds. They possess a dark green glazed color that sparkles in the light and is sure to excite your senses. The sweet taste is a great compliment to the smooth smoke texture. The stone likes to kick in fast and is pretty lengthy. Meanwhile the comfort increases as the high sets in and produces a very positive vibe, great for sleeping or hanging out.



Stoner Dictionary | Baked

Baked: adjective/noun 1. the state of being or becoming extremely high on marijuana

Example: “Did you see Ryan last night? He was beyond Baked!”

The conventional definition of baked is the process of cooking food using a heat source that is not a direct flame. This is not exactly the type of baked that stoners usually refer to. When one has toked a hefty amount of bud, they are considered to be baked. However this can also happen with a small amount of really good product. This term has become somewhat mainstream and even non-smokers know what it means. In addition to the amazing Dave Chappelle stoner movie Half Baked, you can also go to the grocery store, hit up the frozen food section and buy yourself a tasty pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream flavor. Oddly enough, there is even an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette called “Get Baked” with colors named baked and twice baked.

You can usually spot a smoker by their unwillingness to move, red eyes, heavy eyelids, slurred speech and the reoccurring interjection, “You know what would taste really good right now?”

From the hosts point of view, this is a good thing because it proves that their stash is of great quality and has the capability of leaving you baked out of your mind. The only problem with getting too baked is that you usually end up falling asleep. For some, being baked is the goal. After a long day of work or school, being stoned can ease your mind, temporarily erasing all the stress, anxieties, and worries caused by a busy lifestyle. However, for those party stoners, being too high can often be a hindrance, making it difficult to socialize, making you too lazy to leave the couch, or making you pass out and missing an action packed night of activities. There is a way, however, to get the best of both worlds, and that is, get baked in the company of your favorite people. While being in this state may make it difficult to socialize outside of your comfort zone, when you’re in a happy place with familiar faces, it can actually increase socialization! Get together with some friends, pass around the peace pipe, throw on some of your favorite beats and let the power of weed-infused conversation compel you! Being stoned doesn’t always have to be about being glued to the couch in front of the television.

While extreme intoxication of many other substances can cause many of these same side effects, being blazed on marijuana is far less harmful to your body. Whatever your vice may be, there is no denying that being baked is one of the safest and healthiest, versus drugs, alcohol and tobacco. So even if you are baked into oblivion and skip that night of heavy drinking to stay in and zone out, it may not do wonders for your social life, but it definitely will do wonders for your brain cells.


StonerDays Presents Weed Socks


StonerDays Presents Weed Socks

StonerDays Presents Weed Socks the most elaborate and creative designed socks in the world for any stoner. Take a look at what they have been up to and have made here in just the past few months.

Those are just a few examples on what our team has come up with in the past couple months. Our team is already working on a new batch and is excited to drop them on everyone! Graphics and artistry is one of a kind. We promote all kinds of artwork done by our fans. If ever we receive an image of design and use it, we will contact.


StonerDays Weed Socks will have people talking to you all during your next sesh. With a colorful arrangement and sizing design we sure to have something for your paws. These 7 inch crew socks will feel and look good. If there is a design you would like us to try feel free to make a suggestion to us here at [email protected]

We pride ourselves on making the best Weed Socks on the market. Our team has put endless hours of work and thought into every design. It took mad kush to be this good!

Top 10 Things To Do When Stoned

Top 10 Things To Do When Stoned

We have created the top 10 things to do when stoned list for stoners. Before reading pack up a bowl of that sweet marijuana and toke up! Be ready to live your life to the fullest while being high on life!

If weed is a plant and plants are life then smoking weed is getting high on life.

1. Chill out on the couch and watch a funny movie or TV show. Being super high and laughing your ass off is one of the best feelings!


2. Eat some bomb ass food. Grab some Doritos or order up some pizzas because you got the muchies!


3. Play a video game, zone in on the PS3 and XBOX360. Kill those guys!


4. Go play some mini golf. Most miniature golf parks even have cosmic golf! Did someone say sneak-a-tokes?


5. Set out on an adventure into the wilderness, a hike into the mountains or simply a stroll on the beach. Nature calls!


6. Grab your partner and have fun in the bedroom, sex is the ultimate high while being high. Caress me down!


7. Plug in your headphones and crank up the music. Listening to your favorite rock band or rap artist is always a blast!


8. Call up some friends and go do something thrilling like paint balling, laser tag, bowling, or even a theme park. Feel the rush!


9. Take out a piece of paper and do some creative writing or drawing. Some of the best ideas come from being high!


10. Lay down on the grass outside and look up into the sky. Let your mind be free to wonder!


Stonerdays wants you to remember to be creative and have fun in all your endeavors while being high, as Jim Morrison would say: “Take it easy baby, take it as it comes – specialize in having fun!”

Top 10 Things To Do When Stoned

Blue Dream Marijuana Strain


Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

THC content 15-20% 

Sweet Dreams!

Blue dream is a cross between blueberry and haze. This is known as one of the fruitier strains, giving you a deep blueberry taste that tingles around in your mouth that is best experienced through a bong or joint. Medicinal patients will commonly smoke blue dream to relieve stress, anxiety, lack of appetite, insomnia, and pain. Its multi-dimensional uses help make it a favorite among many users

blue-dreamThe Review:

Blue dream is a beauty like no other, decorated proudly with hues of blue and silver trichomes that sparkle like fairy dust, these bright green nugs do a great job of making sure you see them.

The scent of these buds are a bit spicy and reminds you of sage accompanied by a fruity candy like aroma.

Designed to give you the body high that indicas bring to the table, along with the strong cerebral high sativas posses, it does just that and somehow manages to hit all right notes.

Check out our marijuana strain t-shirts!blue dream clothingn




Bubble Gum – Indica


Bubble Gum – Indica

Category: Nugs

Bubble Gum – Indica

The Bubble Gum originated in Indiana in the 1970s. After making the rounds in the States, the genetics were taken to Holland during the 1990s, where a stable interbred variety was developed. Named Bubble Gum from the start, this variety quickly acquired a reputation for its sweetness, so much that the name “Bubble Gum” has been widely borrowed for all sorts of seeds and weed. The winner of many accolades, Bubble Gum has placed repeatedly in the High Times Cannabis Cup: 3rd place in 1994 for best coffeeshop product, 2nd place for best bioproduct and 2nd for the overall Cannabis Cup in 1995, and 2nd place again in 1999 for the overall Cannabis Cup.

See more at:

StonerDays New UV Reactive Socks

StonerDays New UV Reactive Socks

stonerdays-uv-reactive-socksStonerDays new UV reactive socks for stoners are out of this world. We have just released a trilogy of UV Reactive socks and we all feel these are the greatest new thing. Everyone here received a pair and wore them to our weekly meeting where we used black lights. You all should have seen how excited we all were and our faces when we saw everyone below the knees glowing. These UV Reactive socks will have many people talking when walked into a room with!

StonerDays New UV Reactive Socks

stonerdays-uv-reactive-socksOur team has a bakers dozen more already lined up for the next drop. We encourage our fans to submit designs they would like to see come to life. We are a compiled bunch of artists and appreciated all inquiries. These socks brought out a vibe from everyone we know who has put them on. Be the first in your area to sport these dope new UV Reactive socks. Whether you are in your favorite smoke room glazed with black lighting or at an amusement park surround by trippy lights you socks will show that you are on a whole other level.

Stoners send us in a pic with your sporting a pair of our new UV Reactive Socks and we will ship out a double sticker pack for you and one of your homies. Stay Blazed with Stonerdays.

Top 5 Stoner Travel Destinations


Top 5 Stoner Travel Destinations

There are plenty of stoners that love to travel. The world is a huge place, full of wonders and interesting people that stoners can’t help but want to meet. But how does one know what places are 420 friendly and where to stay away from?

Easy… Read the following list! These awesome places will provide a great vacation spot where you can smoke and not worry about the stuff at home!

1. Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston Jamaica stonerdays

Jamaica is the home of ganja and is very popular in the stoner community. Cannabis is loved in this area and is grown by many farmers. Not to mention the sun is always shining and the water is beautiful. Most people are extremely friendly but be warned if thinking of visiting; do your research before visiting! Marijuana is still illegal on the island but everyone will try to sell it to you. Don’t get arrested abroad!

2. Amsterdam

amsterdam stonerdays

Continuously referred to as the mecca of marijuana use, Amsterdam is not only a 420 place but a beautiful destination that people will enjoy. Unfortunately, the 2012 ban put a stop to tourist marijuana usage in three of the country’s provinces and is expected to crawl across the rest of the state by 2013.

3. Toronto, Canada


While it’s pretty cold up there, the Canadians have been working on getting their marijuana laws set up for a while now. They’ve been putting in to effect a huge plan to get medical marijuana to hundreds if not thousands of patients that currently can’t get medicine now.

4. Manama, Bahrain

Manama Bahrain Stonerdays

The laws here are still kind of strict but if you have the connections, the hash here is rumored to be amazing. While the majority of the population indulging in hash smoking, the residents are pretty intent on keeping the hash quiet. Not only that but you could end up paying $50 for a piece of hash as big as your thumb.

5. Barcelona, Spain


With possession being up to 40 grams, Spain is a great place for cannabis lovers. For the most part, you can smoke weed pretty much anywhere as long as you’re not making a scene. With awesome events such a Spannabis being hosted here, it’s a beautiful destination spot for traveling stoners!

Top 5 Stoner Travel Destinations

Super Baked Cannabis Buffalo Wings


Super Baked Cannabis Buffalo Wings

Super Baked Cannabis Buffalo Wings are on point for every stonerA great addition for any party! The prep time is really only 15 minutes. Cannabis Buffalo Wings do have to be refrigerated for at least one hour so the flousuper-baked-buffalo-wingsr coating gets firm before baking them. We like to prep them the night before and refrigerate them over night. If you like your wings really spicy you can always add more cayenne pepper to the dry mixture and/or use a spicier hot sauce. Enjoy!

Prep Time: 1 hour 45 min

Cook Time: 60 min

Ready In: 2 hours 45 min


  • 20 chicken wings
  • ½ cup melted cannabis butter
  • hot pepper sauce ½ cup (we like to use Franks Red Hot)
  • salt ½ teaspoon
  • garlic powder ½ teaspoon
  • cayenne pepper ½ teaspoon
  • onion powder ¼ teaspoon
  • paprika ¼ teaspoon
  • ¾ cup all-purpose flour
  • Dash of black pepper


downloadSqueeze and pat dry your thawed wings until you have them as dry as you can get them. Combine all of your dry ingredients (salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, onion powder, paprika, pepper, and flour) into a gallon sized sealable plastic bag. Once you have all the dry ingredients mixed in your plastic sealable bag add your wings, seal the bags, and toss until the wings are evenly coated with your flour mixture. Now place your coated wings on a cookie sheet, cover with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and refrigerate for a minimum of one hour. This step can be done the night before which is awesome!

Once your wings have been chilling in the fridge and you’re ready to bake them preheat your oven to *425 degrees. Lightly grease a cookie sheet with olive oil or cooking spray and set aside.  Melt a ½ cup of cannabis butter on low heat. Once your cannabis butter is melted turn heat off and whisk in ½ cup of hot sauce. Separate your hot sauce and cannabis butter mixture equally into 2 separate small bowls and set aside.

Place your wings onto greased cookie sheet and bake in preheated oven for 25 minutes on one side. Flip them and bake for another 18-25 minutes. When wings are done remove from oven. Dredge wings in one of the sauce mixture in bowl and place on a new ungreased cookie sheet. Place wings in the still hot oven on broil for 5 minutes. Flip wings and broil for another 2-5 minutes. Remove wings and toss in the remaining cannabis hot wing sauce and serve immediately with your favorite dipping sauce.

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Stoner Cookbook; Cannabis Peanut Butter Fudge


Stoner Cookbook; Cannabis Peanut Butter Fudge

Hey dirtsurfr! I got a couple for you…how about some peanut butter fudge?

Line bottom and sides of an 8×8 pan with foil or wax or parchment and spray with no-stick (or grease with your cannabutter


1 cup smooth peanut butter
1 cup *unsalted cannabutter ( I use unsalted for everything- I control the sodium)
1/4 tsp salt
1tsp vanilla
1 lb powdered sugar

Place peanut butter, canna butter and salt in a large microwaveable bowl and melt in microwave until completely melted, about 2 minutes if using reg peanut butter. If using natural, it will liquify faster. Stir in the vanilla and powdered sugar ( I use a mixer and whip it up for a couple minutes making it lighter). Spread the fudge into the prepared pan, smoothing the top with an offset spatula or spoon. Cover and place in the fridge until cool.
To serve, cut into 1 in pieces. Can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Stoner Cookbook; Cannabis Christmas Peanut Butter Fudge

Medicated Chocolate Truffles; Stoner Cookbook

Truffles stonerdays

Medicated Chocolate Truffles; Stoner Cookbook

Christmas is less than a week away and you’ve got to get your cooking in order before the guests start to arrive! As I always say, dessert is the most important part of the holiday season… Or you can just give these little treats away as gifts, as there are plenty of people who would love a tray of truffles for Christmas! No matter what you’re doing with these medicated treats, you’ll be sure to fall in love!

Truffles stonerdays

What You’ll Need;

  • 1/4 cup pot butter
  • 8-ounce package of cream cheese
  • 3 tablespoons instant coffee
  • 6 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 2 teaspoons water
  • 1/8 ounce of weed
  • Microwave safe bowl

Take four cups of the chocolate chips and mix in the weed, then melt it in the microwave. Only keep the mix in the microwave until melted. Avoid letting the mix bubble. Once the chocolate has melted, remove the bowl from the microwave and add in the water, coffee, and cream cheese. Mix together well. Chill the mixture in the fridge for about an hour until it is firm enough to roll in to small balls, measuring about an inch. Place these on a sheet of wax paper and place in the freezer for an hour.

In the microwave, melt the last two cups of chocolate chips and butter. When the mixture is smooth, drop a few of the frozen balls in at a time and stir vigorously. Quickly remove the balls and place on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. Let them cool and harden, then wrap them or eat them as desired. You can buy fancy wrappings for these and use them as stocking stuffers or you can eat them yourself or even serve them at parties! Enjoy!

Medicated Chocolate Truffles; Stoner Cookbook

Project “I Will Walk Again”

Project “I Will Walk Again”

This is Wes Bandemers story. On June 10th 2006, his life would change forever.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
― Frank Herbert, Dune

wes-will-walk-again (1)

About Wes Bandemer

I was born in San Diego California. At age two my family and I moved to Wyoming where my cousins lived. They had been racing and riding dirt bikes for as long as I can remember. My love for motocross started after my uncle and cousins took me out riding in the Badlands of Northern Wyoming. I was on an old white Z50 riding around enjoying every moment of it not knowing motocross would one day be the most important thing in my life. Many years went by with the occasional ride day, watching my cousin and uncle race, watching races on TV and building tracks in the dirt for our toy bikes.


My uncle and cousins quit racing and the motocross life dwindled as us kids just moved to the next thing that caught our attention. When I was 10 my family moved to the southern Louisiana town of Morgan City. I remember being bored one day and thinking about those days going out riding and it made me want to ride again. The next day I asked my parents if I could get a dirt bike. They said the common parent reply, “We’ll see”. My birthday or Christmas must have been coming up because not long after asking for a dirt bike, I got one! It was an old 95′ Honda XR100R that had been used as a pit bike by a racing family. Not long after that the whole family had bikes and we were going riding every other weekend or so. We would go to motocross tracks, trails, and sometimes just to a friend’s house near a levee with some nice sized jumps. I loved jumping more than anything. I knew some kids at school who raced and I decided that I wanted to get into racing.


I was getting bigger and that XR100R wasn’t the best bike for a motocross track. I ended up moving up to a 03’ CR85 Expert. That bike was crazy fast and was a huge difference from the 95’ XR100R. I adapted fast and felt that I was ready to race. My dad and I got up early one Sunday and started getting ready when it started pouring down rain. I called the track and the race had been canceled due to rain. Something about my first ever race being canceled did something weird to me. I was in Junior high school and the football season was about to get started. Dirt bikes took a backseat to football and before I knew it I was finishing up my freshmen year in high school with zero races under my belt. Before freshmen year was over my mom told me we were going to Wyoming over the summer to visit our family. We took all of our bikes with us. My brother and I rode with our cousins every chance we got on the trip. We went from different towns riding with different cousins.


One of our cousins had really gotten into racing motocross. He was in a championship series and invited us to a race just outside of the town we were staying at. After watching him race that day I realized how much I was missing out on. At the end of the day my Uncle asked me if I wanted to race the next day on my cousins KX125. I said I would just ride my 85 and didn’t want my first race to be on an unfamiliar bike. It’s funny though because I was 15 standing at 5’11” weighing 185lbs and my big CR85R had turned into my little CR85R. I felt awkward in the start gate lining up to kids who had to have blocks under their feet to hold their bike up, while I’m sitting there with my knees bent almost at 90 degrees. I ended up 4th in the 1st moto and 2nd in the 2nd moto for a 3rd overall out of a full gate in both motos.


That would be my last race for a whole year. When we got back to Louisiana I was pumped up to start racing, but definitely needed a bigger bike. My dad’s friend ended up having a CR250R for sale. My first race day on the 250 I entered the 250 C class and the 250 open class. I ended up getting 1st in the 250 C class and 3rd in the 250 open class. People from the race told me I was a natural and If I applied myself I could be pro in 2 years. So that was my goal and I started racing local races every weekend that I could.

The accident:


One day I got an invite in the mail to the top dog shootout race. I had raced the top dog shootout the year before and finished 8th in the final race so I definitely wanted to do it again. The top dog shootout was a 3 moto of 5 laps each per class format. The top 3 from every class were put into an 8 lap race winner take all. In order to train harder and get as much time on the bike every race day I always entered 2 classes and this meant 38 laps for me that day not including practice. In the 2nd moto of the 250 c class I wasn’t doing to great and decided to hold the gas a little longer on the right sweeping turn before the finish line jump which put  me at the far left of the jump face. That was the side where everyone who didn’t jump it, rolled it. This caused there to be no lip and when I jumped I was thrown in the air wrong. The front of my bike dropped right off the top of the jump. While I was in the air I was able to level out the bike, but when I landed I was thrown from the bike and landed on my face. My body bent over my neck backwards shattering the C4 vertebra. That was June 10th 2006.


wes-will-walk-again (2)

Prior to the accident, I tried to be the best athlete I could be and live as actively as possible. Now I’m doing whatever I can to regain some movement and hopefully some day, my independence! I do use marijuana for pain and for many reasons, I’m very strict on myself cause I have to be healthy in order for my body to recover and not damage any of the stem-cells I got in India. I don’t drink alcohol, I work out every day and I’ve been vegan for the past 2 years. I take one prescription pill a day from being paralyzed for 8 years. Doctors are pretty shocked by that, this only happens in raw cases and I am one. During my last trip to India I found an article about how cannabis and it healing the brain after an injury I feel like it then can also help repair my spinal cord. It also mentions how cannabis has neuroprotective and immunomodulatory capabilities and it is a nervous system stimulant. I feel more connected to my body after ingesting cannabis. I’m doing everything I can to get back on my feet.

wes-will-walk-again (4)


Hey Wes, everyone at StonerDays believes in you. We Know You Can DO THIS! Keep your eyes to the sky, never doubt yourself.

If you would like to help please follow the link:

Project “I Will Walk Again”

Canna Turkey

Canna Turkey; Stoner Cookbook


Thanksgiving is almost here! So here is a great danksgiving turkey recipe.


  • 1 medium-sized (12- to 15-pound) turkey
  • 1/2 cup marijuana butter
  • ¼ cup chicken broth
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon poultry seasoning
  • 1 teaspoon sweet basil
  • 1 teaspoon thyme leaves
  • 1/2 teaspoon sage


Melt the cannabis butter in a small saucepan over low heat and blend in remaining ingredients. Stuff the turkey and/or season it with salt and pepper, if desired. Make a small incision in the skin of the turkey. Force a finger through the slit and break the contact between the skin and the meat. Using a meat injector, squirt half the butter mixture under the skin. Cook the turkey according to your favorite method, basting it with the remaining butter mixture every half hour until it’s done. We cooked it on a Traeger grill and it was juicier and more moist than any turkey I have ever had before.

Sweet Mary Jane

Sweet Mary Jane; Stoner Pictures


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StonerDays continues to lead the Stoner Community with the highest state of mind. Committed to you, and each member of our stoner team. We have expanded our stoner army and are always looking for more to add to the team! We do this with our most important asset in mind-you! Our valued stoners. Send us your stoney pictures by clicking on the button above to upload them. We love to see your your creative thinking, your fat dab hits, your bong rips, your beautiful nugs, and anything else that’s marijuana friendly. Dream away beautiful stoners and have a good night. Stay Blazed!

Sweet Mary Jane; Stoner Pictures






Stoner Halloween Costumes

Stoner Halloween Costumes!


It’s October! A great time of the year stoner or not. Halloween a night full of candy, laughter, parting a night of wonders for a ages.  A holiday with an extremely interesting history.  If you’re not going out for candy, chances are you’re going to a party. Parties on Halloween require a costume. So before you head out into the night with your red eye’s here are some dope Halloween costumes that you can do alone or with a friend! Enjoy.

1. Cheech And/Or Chong


Whether you go with someone or by yourself, everyone knows these two. They have that classic stoner look that’s easy (and cheap) to pull off! I definitely recommend this one for a duo but as I said, you can pick one and totally go solo!

2. A Bong

It’s a pretty simple costume that can be bought or make yourself with some foam and paint! Just make sure that you air it out first. There’s a few for sale on eBay. People are sure to get a kick out of the dancing bong at the party. Just make sure that no one tries to light your bowl. Maybe you should wear a sign that says “No Smoking…”

3. Weed Leaf/Weed Princess

marijuana Halloween stonerdays
This is something that could work for both genders. If you’re a guy, you can decorate with foam, green clothes, and spray paint. It’s a pretty simple costume. But for ladies, Halloween is definitely about less being more. Since places like Spencers sell weed leis, you can purchase some of these and glue them to some booty shorts and top. Get some cool green body paint and go to town! Also, don’t forget the crown! 😉

4. Scooby & Shaggy

shaggy scooby stonerdays
Here’s another duo one. Or you could go as just Shaggy because his character is fairly well known in the stoner community. Definitely much better as a duo. And plus, you can go around asking everyone for Scooby Snacks and hopefully some of those snacks have bud in them!

5. The Dude

the dude stonerdays
People definitely know the Dude! The sweater can be found on eBay and Amazon and his baggy pants and sunglasses are everywhere. Not only that but you know that the Dude can handle whatever happens and so can you this Halloween!

As always, be safe and stay blazed.


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Now it’s time to get dressed to impressed ladies and gentlemen!

shop-now-stoner-clothing copy

This is high fashion stoner clothing at it’s best so hit that bong, roll that joint, and throw on these beyond awesome Higher State of Mind T-Shirts, because you live by it.

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Stoner Cookbook; Cannabis Caramels

Stoner Cookbook; Cannabis Caramel

Depending on the kind of stoner you are, you have a favorite kind of candy. While some smokers enjoy the overpoweringly sweet taste of lollipop, others prefer the smooth taste of chocolate and caramel.

cannabis carmels 3

Luckily for the stoners who like chocolate and caramel, Stonerdays has found a recipe that you’re going love. Medicated cannabis caramel snacks are a great way to stay high all day and they taste incredible!

What You’ll Need
Dash of salt
1 Cup Cannabis Butter
1 tsp Vanilla
2 1/4 Cups Brown Sugar
1 Cup Light Corn Syrup
14oz Unsweetened Condensed Milk

Stir together the brown sugar, salt, and melted cannabis butter. Mix together well, at which point you should add in the corn syrup. Continue to stir the mix while slowly adding in the milk. Be sure that all ingredients are getting blended together well. Put this mixture in a pot and place on the stove over medium heat. Let this cook for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally. The ingredients should have taken on a firm texture, almost like pizza dough. Take the pan off of the stove and add in the vanilla that you have ready. After adding the vanilla, pour the entire mix in to a pan (Be sure to spray it with cooking spray first so nothing gets helplessly stuck). Let the pan cool off and you’re ready to cut your candies in to whatever shape you want. You can wrap them and give them to friends as special little medicated surprises as well!

cannabis carmels

There are other things that you can add in to this recipe, depending on how you like your caramel. It’s possible to coat the candies with salt or even add dried fruit in to the mixture when making in order to add some extra flavor to your treats. Halloween is coming faster than most people realize so if you’re having a party, these treats are going to be a hit!

Stoner Cookbook; Cannabis Caramels

Five Dope Stoner Bongs

killer bongs

Five Dope Stoner Bongs

Glassblowers deserve the ultimate respect from stoners everywhere. They work extremely hard to make beautiful glass art for us so that we can smoke our weed in style. There are thousands upon thousands of designs of glass and I’ve found five that I think are absolutely amazing.

1. The Rainbow Monster

Stoner pictures marijuana bongs | StonerDays

I made up that name because I think it fits this piece perfectly. It’s hard to tell what goes where but I would love to add something this intricate to my glass collection. This piece i so crazy, with the chain link piece and the amazing bubbled out parts that may or may not contain some other universe. The colors are vibrant and mesmerizing. A bong this beautiful would be hard to smoke out of, for fear of getting it dirty!

2. Lungs of Glass

Stoner marijuana bong | StonerDays

The title says it all! An incredibly eye catching piece of art, this bong is perfect for someone who loves the human anatomy. While delicate and complicated, I can imagine how hard a piece like this would hit! My only issue with something like this would solely be cleaning it! This is something that someone would love to show off at a smoke session to really impress their friends!

3. Brainnnnnns!!

brain bong

Everyone loves zombies. I hate horror movies but damn, do I love zombies! What better way to show your fandom of the living dead than this dope brains bong? With a perc that’s shaped like a half eaten zombie head and a bowl that’s shaped like a brain, this piece is the perfect Halloween surprise present… To a friend or yourself! Now pack it up in a case, bring it somewhere spooky and get stoned… October 31st is fast approaching!

4. Finn & Jake?

finn and jake bong

I saw this piece and immediately thought of Adventure Time. I think that it might be the color scheme of orange, black, blue, and white. Even so, the design is amazing, with the swirls and loops and an almost crown-like perc. Again, I bet this thing is a heavy hitter and could definitely combat any distress you’re feeling, just like Finn & Jake! 😉

5. Bang! Your Stoned.

bang bong

Enjoy this life sized AK-47 bong at your own risk… Of suffering far too long from couch lock. This piece was created by Mickelsen Studios and is fully functional. It even looks like it has bullets in the magazine. The things that people create with glass are absolutely amazing!

Always remember to respect the glassblowers! It’s their hard work that makes it possible for us to buy amazing pieces like those pictures above.

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Skateboarder Kyle Wester Smashes World Speed Record

Skateboarder Kyle Wester Smashes World Speed Record | Stoner Videos

On August 29th, 2016, Kyle Wester set out to break the Guinness Fastest Skateboard Speed Downhill record. The previous record was held at 81.17mph/130.63 kph. With the hill conditions just right, Kyle switched out his wheels one last time before making history.

Kyle Wester uses Santa Cruz Skateboards, Road Rider 73mm Shred Mags wheels, Bronson Speed Co. G3 bearings and Mob Super Course Griptape.

Director, Director of photography, Editor-Ira A Ingram

Drone Operator-John Marton

Color Correction- Tom Carter

Follow Kyle:


FB page:

Learn more about Santa Cruz Skateboards at:

Skateboarder Kyle Wester Smashes World Speed Record | Stoner Videos

Can Marijuana Help Prevent Suicide

Can Marijuana Help Prevent Suicide | Stoner Blog

One of the arguments against marijuana is that it may contribute to depression and suicide. Anti-pot smokers like to argue that stoners are seriously lazy and depressed but unfortunately for them, a study from Germany has been released saying that places where marijuana laws are lax and the plant is well loved, rates of suicide have actually decreased, rather than increase. Since suicide is most often caused by stress and marijuana takes away stress, it definitely makes sense that cannabis would allow people to release their stress, causing a drop in suicide rates.



California supplies anxiety patients with medical cards and both Delaware and New Mexico have PTSD listed on their lists of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. In these areas, there’s been a 5% reduction in suicide rates, especially in males age 20-29, according to this study. The results suggest that since those that use marijuana drink considerably less alcohol, which is a serious depressant. If stoners drink less, that would also mean that the amount of drunk driving accidents may decrease in these areas as well and that the benefits aren’t just restricted to those suffering from depression.


Most subjects tested were male, since females are four times less likely to commit suicide and succeed, according to researchers. The bottom line of this study? Legalizing marijuana leads to an improvement in the mental well being of most young adult males, resulting in fewer suicides. So the next time that some tries to tell you that cannabis promotes depression and suicide, just remember that depression and suicide are caused by stress. Marijuana is used as a treatment for both of those illnesses so it only makes sense that places with lax cannabis laws would have lower rates of suicide.

Thanks THC Finder for another great article

Can Marijuana Help Prevent Suicide | Stoner Blog

Blunt Pipe

The Blunt Pipe | Stoner Blog

There’s a strong chance that if you have Instagram or Facebook, you’ve seen photos floating around of a blunt rolled in the shape of a corncob pipe. Not only that, but there are also photos of the blunt with joints stuffed in to what would be the bowl, creating an epic time bomb blunt that is sure to knock a novice stoner on their ass. The blunt pipe was born in to social media hysteria by the Instagram page @boppin954, definitely an architect stoner. The process for rolling the blunt pipe is much more simple then you think and can be done quite easily, thanks to a video sent to me by @boppin954 that breaks down the process.


The materials that you’ll need include the following; weed, two blunt wraps of your choice (or cigars I suppose… I’m not 100% sure what was originally used but I’m sure you could manage it with either), and scissors. To start the blunt pipe, the first step is to just simply roll a blunt. The amount of weed that you want to use it up to you but remember that you’re going to be adding weight to the end. Be sure that you account for the extra weight if you feel like rolling a monster blunt. It’s recommended that you roll a fairly average size blunt, about the length of a normal pipe.


Once you’ve rolled the blunt, cut the second wrap to form a sort of bowl. Try to make as few cuts as possible, as reattaching everything might get a little bit difficult. Form the bowl but be sure to leave a hole large enough for the blunt at the bottom of the bowl. Once you have formed the entire bowl and attached the paper together, gently slide the end of the blunt in to the hole that you left in the bowl. Using a strip of blunt wrap, gently attach the bowl to the blunt by wrapping the strip around the part where the two meet.


The last step is to fill the bowl of the blunt pipe with freshly ground up bud. Don’t pack it too tightly or it won’t burn. Fill it almost to the top with bud and you’ve finished your very own blunt pipe. This roll is incredibly popular right now and it’s definitely something that all blunt loving stoners should try out. Much thanks to @boppin954 for providing the tutorial. If you have any questions of the roll of the blunt pipe, you can contact him via Instagram! Enjoy your blunt pipe!

The Blunt Pipe | Stoner Blog

THC Feminine Products Hit The Market

THC Feminine Products Hit The Market | Stoner Guide

Sorry, guys, but the ladies definitely need to hear this one. And ladies, I’m sure you’re familiar with the terrible effects of PMS, cramping, mood swings, and all of the other awful symptoms of menstruation. It sucks. We can take as much Ibuprofen and cranberry juice as we can handle but sometimes, nothing helps. Also, we all know what pills can do to your liver but when a small clawed monster is kickboxing your insides, you’ll take whatever you can get your hands on. Which is why Foria, a company on the medical marijuana market previously known for creating cannabis based lube, has something that you need to hear about.

Foria has now moved on from lube and has produced “relief suppositories” that are actually made out of cannabis. On their website, the company states that these suppositories “maximize the muscle relaxing and pain relieving properties of cannabis without including a psychotropic high”. Even though you won’t get a high feeling from using them, these tampons are sure to help remedy some of the negative effects of having your period. The tampons are a bit more pricey than the regular Kotex, running at $44 for a pack of four. There’s only three ingredients in them; cocoa butter, distilled THC oil, and CBD Isolate from organically grown hemp.

The goal of Foria is to focus on relieving pain. They want to share the helpful properties of cannabis in the best way possible. It’s great that they in fact created a tampon instead of a pill. Not only is it more natural, but the way that these are taken is also beneficial as the ingredients are absorbed quicker in that area than they are in the stomach. As of right now, these magical cannabis tampons are only available to residents in Colorado and California that hold a state medical card. Foria hopes to bring their medicated tampons to all residents in legal states soon.

THC Feminine Products Hit The Market | Stoner Guide

Study To Begin On Veterans With PTSD

Study To Begin On Veterans With PTSD | Stoner Guide

Of all of the patients that need cannabis, veterans are some that need it the most. Suffering from PTSD and other after effects of the wars they’ve been in lead to some of the highest suicide rates in the country. With very limited VA medical options, our soldiers are forced to ingest Oxycontin, Xanax, Percocet, and other heavy drugs to combat their symptoms. This leads to high addiction rates among vets, showing that there needs to be another way to treat PTSD in the people who fought for our country. But finally, a bit of good news for vets hoping to have PTSD recognized as a qualification for medical marijuana.

Researchers in Maryland and Arizona are on the lookout for veteran volunteers that are willing to smoke up to two joints worth of pot a day in a new study that is aimed at finding out if cannabis actually relieves the symptoms of PTSD. “We’re not arguing that cannabis is a cure but our hypothesis is that is will at least reduce symptoms,” said the study organizer Dr. Sue Sisley. The $2.2 million study was paid for by a grant from the state of Colorado to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies will be conducted at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland as well as Sisley’s Scottsdale Research Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. More than 100 veterans have already volunteered for the study.

The selected participants will be the first randomized, controlled trial in the United States to objectively test cannabis as a legitimate treatment for PTSD. After the subjects undergo a two week screening and assessment process, they will be assigned to smoke one out of four types of cannabis. One will have high levels of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Another will have high levels of CBD, which is the suggested antidepressant in cannabis, as well as reducing anxiety. The third will be an equal balance of both CBD and THC. This is the group that the Veterans Alliance for Medical Marijuana reports is generally the favored kind of cannabis among combat veterans who are using cannabis to relieve PTSD. And the final group will be a placebo and will get no significant levels of either THC or CBD.

For the first two days, the veterans will be observed for four hours after smoking to ensure that they have no negative reactions to the cannabis they’ve ingested. In addition, they will have to take a physical exam and an in-depth psychological assessment, once in the beginning of the study and again at the end. There will also be regular blood tests and other body monitoring throughout the study. But after all of that, the participants will be given their weed to smoke (up to 1.8 grams a day). They will be able to smoke as much as they want within that limit, although electronic vapes cannot be used. The participants will also be given an iPad to track their use, both writing about the experience and providing a video journal. They will also wear a watch designed to track their sleep patterns.

After the three weeks is up, there will be a two week washout period in which the vets will not smoke at all and then begins the next set of tests and assessments. At the end, they will be asked if they will continue to use medical marijuana or if they will find another method of treatment for their symptoms. If this trial is a success, officials at the California based Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) says they intend to seek use of smoking botanical cannabis as a federally approved prescription drug.

Study To Begin On Veterans With PTSD | Stoner Guide

Four Of the Strongest Strains Right Now

Four Of the Strongest Strains Right Now | Stoner Guide

Some stoners really love the knockout punch that certain strains of cannabis give them. There’s just something so great about being stoned and really knowing it. But are you having trouble finding that perfectly strong strain? The one that you’ll really love? Well look no further. This list will give you five of the strongest strains in the US, with THC as high as 32.13%!

4.  Platinum OG from Herbal Solutions -Ypsilanti Michigan Cup – 27.1% THC
Already known for being a strong strain, this particular batch is getting close to 30% THC! It’s an indica dominant for those who aren’t familiar and it allegedly comes from three strains; Master Kush, OG Kush, and a third, unknown strain. Platinum OG will give you a brief, head high onset that will eventually become a powerful physical high that is perfect for sleeping, pain, and stress and anxiety.

3.  Chiquita Banana from Utopia Farms – World Cannabis Cup 2015 – 27.16% THC
A somewhat new strain to most, Chiquita Banana is a West Coast cross between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. These two combined create an indica dominant hybrid that actually tastes and smells like, (you guessed it) bananas. It’s not as heavy as our previously mentioned Platinum but instead, the effects are balanced out by the mellow sativa buzz from the Haze. This strain is perfect for heavy stress and depression. It also stimulates creativity and can help those who suffer from social anxiety.

2.  Emperor Cookie Dough – Greenwolf LA Denver Cup – 31.1% THC
This incredibly strong strain is a cross between Emperor OG and Girl Scout Cookies, one of the most popular strains ever to surface in the cannabis social media scene. It is one of only two strains ever that has crossed the 30% THC threshold and comes from Greenwolf LA. Emperor Cookie Dough is great for those who need an appetite stimulant and those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

1.  Chem Dog – Next Harvest Denver Cup – 32.13% THC
Now the highest THC content bud ever tested at the High Times Cannabis Cup, this Chem Dog is the most potent bud… Ever. Chem Dog is the original source for strains such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It has a pungent aroma so if you want to get a hold of this strain, be sure that you can contain it. A smooth smoke accompanied by a very mind blowing high, this is a strain that is recommended to all those who smoke!

Four Of the Strongest Strains Right Now | Stoner Guide

Seven Dabbing Terms You Should Know

Seven Dabbing Terms You Should Know | Stoner Guide

Even though cannabis concentrates have been around for a long time now, there are still some people that it’s new to. Not everyone has access to medical or recreational cannabis and concentrates can be hard (and expensive) to get if you don’t live in the right area. So since the act is fairly new to some people, there are still some terms that people aren’t familiar with that they should know if they’re going to be indulging in cannabis concentrates.

  • Low Temp – When you heat a nail to a lower than normal temperature, the taste of the concentrate is much more flavorful than dabs at high temps. Lower temp dabs are why carb caps are so useful.
  • Carb Cap – These can be made of ceramic, glass, titanium, or quartz. The device traps air and activates any non vaporized oil that is left on the nail.
  • Dewaxing – The process in which you separate plant fats and the waxes.
  • Winterizing – This is the process of using a secondary solvent to separate the fats and waxes. Alcohol is commonly used solvent for this.
  • Rig – a simple one but still something that some people are’t familiar with. This is just the piece in which cannabis concentrates are smoked out of. They look different from the traditional water pipes.
  • Dabber – This tool can sometimes be combined with a carb cap and is usually made out of the same materials; quartz, titanium, ceramic, or glass. A dabber has a sharp or flat end which is used to pick up cannabis concentrate and drop it on the heated nail/banger.
  • Solventless – When making concentrates, a solvent is usually used to extract the THC from the plant matter. However, it can be done without using a solvent. This includes ice hash and rosin, making these types on concentrate highly desired and extremely flavorful, which can be seen in their price tags.

Seven Dabbing Terms You Should Know | Stoner Guide

Cannabis And Pregnancy

Cannabis And Pregnancy | Stoner Guide

While it is a commonly known fact that women who are pregnant should refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes while pregnant. These substances have been proven to have negative effects on babies but what about cannabis? The plant is all natural and can help with some of the problems that some women have during pregnancy. But is it safe? This question has been in debate since the 1960s and continues to puzzle researchers today, as old “studies” are debunked and new ones are done. While it is rumored that cannabis does cause some birth complications, more and more people are beginning to think otherwise.

Many studies have been done on the effects of cannabis on a developing fetus but the subject definitely still remains problematic. A good deal of the studies that have been done have relied on the pregnant mother to supply her own data. The mothers may have misreported use, whether they forgot or didn’t want to disclose for personal reasons. These self-reporting studies are extremely unreliable because of this but thankfully, there are a few concrete studies that seem to say that using cannabis while pregnant is fine.

In Jamaica, Dr. Melanie Dreher, who was the dean of nursing at Rush Medical Center in Chicago at the time of the study (now retired), looked at pregnant mothers before and after they had their babies. The mothers were part of a community in rural Jamaica, some who were using cannabis to treat their morning sickness and some that weren’t using cannabis at all. After the babies were born, she used the Neonatal Assessment Scale at three days and again at one month to measure the babies’ neurological performance as well as behavior. She expected to find complications such as low birth weight or issues with neurological development but she found none of that. In actuality, the babies who were born to mothers who used cannabis showed better social skills than the babies born to mothers who didn’t.

Although the results of this study look promising, Dr. Dreher was quick to say that the improvements noted in the study weren’t directly correlated to cannabis use by the mothers. It could have very well been the way the child was being raised at home that had this effect. She presented the example that many of the mothers she observed that smoked were also selling cannabis from home, meaning that they spent a great deal of time with their children, providing a more family orientated environment. The experiment was conducted again when the children reached age four but Dr. Dreher says that the performance was not directly related to cannabis exposure. “We would have done another study but the National Institute of Health really was not interested in funding a study that did not show something negative about cannabis,” she said.

Overall, it seems that most doctors don’t recommend using cannabis or anything else during pregnancy. The majority agree that it is best to stay as substance free as possible while pregnant. It definitely can be hard, especially with swollen ankles and morning sickness but until more studies are presented in regards to the effects THC might have on a fetus, it is a good idea to stay safe. It would be beneficial for more studies to be done on this subject, however, as cannabis has also shown to provide immense relief for expecting mothers.

Cannabis And Pregnancy | Stoner Guide

A First In Boston, Medical Marijuana For Sale

A First In Boston, Medical Marijuana For Sale | Stoner News

As it always seems to be, the east coast is delayed in it’s implementing of medical cannabis laws. Take for example Massachusetts. They have been preparing for their dispensaries to open for years now, since 2012, making patients wait and wait to get their hands on their medicine. There have been seven dispensaries to open their doors in Massachusetts. However, none have been located in one of the most popular cities on the east coast. But now, finally, there is hope for the patients in the bustling city of Boston. A medical marijuana dispensary known (fittingly) as Patriot Care, has finally opened it’s doors and is open for business at 21 Milk St.

The dispensary hadn’t even opened yet but it had more than 200 state-certified patients ready to come in and purchase pot. They had preregistered with Patriot care and the heads of the company said that they were bracing themselves to take on at least 150 customers a day. “We’re proud to be here,” said Robert Mayerson, the chief executive at Patriot. “We’re taking a space vacant for ten years and bringing economic vitality back to it.” The building is even equipped to handle disabled patients that have issues with stairs, boasting a chairlift that brings you up the four stairs to the dispensary door. Patriot Care, who has another location in Lowell, has been distributing coupons for their Boston store opening and have been complimented on how professional they’ve been about the opening. “I am excited for patients,” said Nichole Snow, executive director of the Massachusetts Patients Advocacy Alliance. “It’s been a long time coming.”

When Patriot Care announced that it wanted to open a store on Milk St, there were problems right from the start. Boston police were worried about the on-street drug dealing while the residents that live in the area were fearful for the status of their neighborhood, hoping that their once-dangerous area would be once again become unsafe. Other businesses also raised questions as to if the area would remain secure and the idea of increased traffic was brought up as well. All of these concerns mounted against Patriot Care and delayed their opening for a good while. Now, some anxieties have eased but there are still some people who are concerned. “The devil is in the details and we probably need a good three to six month track record to know how this will work out,” said Rishi Shukla, co-founder of the Downtown Boston Residents’ Association. “Patriot Care, to their credit, has made some concessions for safety and police,” Shukla said. “ They agreed to a police detail during business hours and making sure there aren’t lines out the door.”

Again, the east coast is far behind the west in regards to cannabis (and basically everything else, sorry guys, it’s true, I live on the east coast, but we do have better pizza). But with abiding dispensaries such as Patriot Care beginning to open their doors and show people that cannabis isn’t a terrible business, we can surely hope to sure more stores opening up in other states that have passed medical marijuana laws but have not implemented them yet.

A First In Boston, Medical Marijuana For Sale | Stoner News

5 Ways To Use Your Seeds and Stems

5 Ways To Use Your Seeds and Stems | Stoner Guide

Getting some buds with seeds and stems in it can be a nuisance but it does happen occasionally. Sometimes it can be frustrating; big stems add weight and so do seeds and you might think you can’t do anything with stems… Right? Okay while seeds and stems definitely aren’t as good as actual buds, they aren’t completely useless. Many people I’ve known over the years collect their seeds and stems, hiding them away for who knows what. Most people used to think you could only brew tea but now that we have a better understanding for our beautiful Mary Jane, seeds and stems can be used for all kinds of different amazing things. Here are five that we have put together for you. Enjoy!

  • Topicals
    Cannabis topical products are very popular right now, as they have an amazing ability to provide relief for a multitude of ailments. If you’ve been saving your stems, making a cannabis topical might be the way to go. Find a 420 friendly topical recipe (there’s one in the Stonerdays Cookbook section!) and go to town.
  • Bubble hash
    If you’re not familiar with bubble hash, it is a solventless hash that’s made by washing resin off of cannabis plants. Stems don’t have a lot of resin on them but when there are enough of them, they can produce bubble hash. Have a huge stockpile of stems? This may be the choice for you.
  • Stem Pen
    It may sound silly but yes, you can make a pen using cannabis stems. You will need to use stalks from leftover harvests because the pens need to be pen-sized, a drill press, sand paper, and a basic pen kit which you can either buy online or at a craft store.
  • Hemp Wick
    Love smoking but hate butane fumes? Feeling motivated and want to make your own hemp wick? Well you can use your stems for that. Using longer stems or stalks, strip them until you have a good amount of long, stringy fibers. Twist the fibers together tightly to form a thin rope. Fold the rope in half and twist it together again. Dip the whole thing in beeswax and wipe off the excess.
  • Paper
    Yes you can actually make your own hemp paper with stems that you’ve saved. To make this, you just need to soak ground cannabis stems and paper scraps in water overnight. After you soak it, add the paper/stem solution to a blender and blend thoroughly. Add water as needed. Pour the pulp evenly on to a screen (or “deckle”). You can make your own at home by stretching nylon stockings over a wooden frame. The drying process usually takes around 24 hours but keep an eye on your paper and remove it from the deckle before it is completely dry.

If you have other ideas or know of other uses for seeds and stems please let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

5 Ways To Use Your Seeds and Stems | Stoner Guide

A New Study On Cannabis/Alcohol Aggression Shows…

A New Study On Cannabis/Alcohol Aggression Shows… | Stoner Blog

Alcohol and cannabis are placed side by side for comparison constantly. People are always talking about how “cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol” or “alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis”. There are those who suggest cannabis laws reflect alcohol laws, ie public intoxication, open container laws, and in those horrible states, internal possession. But are alcohol and cannabis even in the same league? The same sport? The only reason anyone compares the two is because alcohol also had to go through prohibition before it became widely accepted/advertised/used. A new study produced from the Netherlands and published in the journal Psychopharmacology takes a shot at shooting down the “cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol” myth once and for all.

The study was pretty simple, actually. Take three groups of people. One group of twenty individuals who drink (three drinks a day per man and two a day per woman), twenty-one heavy cannabis users (those who smoked at least three times a week), and a group of twenty control subjects who didn’t partake in either substance. The researchers got the alcohol group drunk enough so that they’re BAC measured at 0.08, which is the level at which you become impaired. And then the researchers got the cannabis users high, giving them 300 micro-grams of THC per kilogram of body weight, ingested via vaporizer. The control group just sat around and did nothing.

Each group then underwent a series of tests. First, they started with the “single category implicit association test”, meaning the subjects had to match positive and negative words to photos that showed aggressive behavior, such as punching or kicking. The second test consisted on the subjects playing a game on a computer. In the game, they had an opponent that they were told was winning money away from them but their adversary was only a computer. Aggression in each subject was measured before and after the test by asking each participant how angry they felt on a 1-100 scale. To be sure of their findings, the researchers had the alcohol and cannabis groups complete the tests a second time, a week later and sober, just to gather all possible information.

The results? Alcohol users rated themselves as more angry when they were drunk and they also tried harder to undermine the computer opponent in the game. The stoner group, on the other hand, showed less aggression toward the computer game and overall, less anger throughout the entire test. This study falls in with the others of it’s kind, including the one done in 2014 that showed couples who smoke have a lower rate of domestic violence. It just goes to show that those dramatic headlines that shout about stoners in psychosis jumping off of buildings or shooting themselves (while tragic) probably contain other factors and are not commonplace to begin with.

A New Study On Cannabis/Alcohol Aggression Shows… | Stoner Blog

Medical Cannabis Coming To Florida

Medical Cannabis Coming To Florida | Stoner News

Since medical cannabis has swept the nation, the east coast has had trouble keeping up with the west. Many of the states on the east coast have problems even passing cannabis laws, forget about implementing them. This keeps patients from getting the healthier medicine they need and forces them to continue taking the painkillers that the doctors give them. Florida has had an especially hard time putting together it’s medical cannabis laws but good news for patients; the plant will hopefully be available to a small group of people starting as early as next week.

The cannabis laws in Florida were passed back in 2014 and allows for a low level THC strain to be distributed at six dispensing organizations that are licensed by the Department of Health. These six organizations are able to grow, process, and distribute low level THC cannabis to approved patients suffering from cancer, severe epilepsy, and chronic muscle spasms.

Trulieve, one of the six, received the go-ahead from the Department of Health to being selling their products to patients. Seeing as how only 15 doctors have signed up to order the low-THC products and there are no patients that are currently registered in the statewide database that shows eligible patients for the program. The dispensaries in Florida will only be able to sell to those in the database, so as of right now, there aren’t even any customers. The process was supposed to get under way over a year ago but the legal issues have been roadblocking the progress. Trulieve plans to open it’s dispensing facility in Tallahassee next week.

New legislature passed this year says that once the patient database in Florida reaches 250,000, three more dispensaries will be able to open, allowing many more patients access to medical cannabis as treatment. This update to the law also allows for dispensaries to start selling full strength cannabis in order to help with the ailments that low THC strains do not. The stronger strains should be available in August, according to Trulieve.

In November, Florida will again vote on whether or not to allow full strength cannabis for a multitude of other afflictions such as HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, and PTSD. This bill failed to pass back in 2014, falling short of the 60% approval that it needed. Patients hope that this time around, the voters will allow the higher THC cannabis to help with a wider range of illnesses, instead of just focusing on one.

Medical Cannabis Coming To Florida | Stoner News

The Age Of Cannabis And Fitness

The Age Of Cannabis And Fitness | Stoner Guide

There are a lot of stoners who will swear that smoking cannabis helps them workout. No, cannabis doesn’t have the same effects as steroids or anything like that. The plant acts as a painkiller so when an athlete gets hurt, ingesting cannabis can assist in fixing the muscle tissues or bones that have been damaged by the injury. Cannabis can also act as an anti inflammatory and helps to keep soreness and bruises at bay. For some, working out and using cannabis can help the user become more focused on their workout. The repetitive nature of a gym session can bore some people and cannabis can help them to keep their head in the game.

Up until now, due to the illegal classification of cannabis, stoners who work out haven’t had the ability to utilize a gym that allows the consumption of cannabis while working out. But Jim McAlpine’s idea is about to change that. He is introducing the first gym for cannabis enthusiasts. The gym will allow people to toke up freely while they’re working out, providing a comfortable, safe, 420 friendly environment where you can also get a sweat going. Not only that but McAlpine’s partner is the former NFL player Ricky Williams, winner of the Heisman Trophy, and a large advocate for cannabis use (seeing as how he retired from the NFL after failing numerous drug tests due to cannabis).

Power Plant Fitness, the name of this innovative BYOC (bring your own cannabis, since they won’t be selling it on site) new spot, is coming soon to the Bay Area, and the goal is to sell Americans on cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle. McAlpine and Williams are targeting the “lazy stoner” stereotype and trying to put it to rest once and for all. The ultimate goal is to get this cannabis orientated workout trend up there with CrossFit as a new fitness craze.

With Power Plant Fitness on the way (and surely others to follow), the partnership of cannabis and working out will prove that stoners aren’t just lazy losers who sit on the couch all day. Especially for people like Williams, who have suffered at the hands of the NFL doctors and their unending prescription pads of painkillers, a cannabis gym would be a beautiful idea. Many former (and current) football players are coming forward and saying that they would take cannabis over painkillers for the injuries they sustain during their sport but the NFL sees cannabis just as the government; Schedule 1.

The Age Of Cannabis And Fitness | Stoner Guide

Disrespectful Dispensary Raid Gets Cops In Trouble

Disrespectful Dispensary Raid Gets Cops In Trouble | Stoner News

A few months back, there was a huge story that came out along with a video that showed a group of police officers in Southern California raiding a dispensary. The cannabis industry in used to raids due to the classification of the plant but if you watched this video, you could immediately tell that there was something different about this raid. These cops weren’t doing things normally. The three Santa Ana police officers were caught on tape eating edibles from the dispensary, insulting a patient in a wheelchair, and playing darts while the taxpayers supplied their paychecks. This group of disrespectful officers even went as far as to attempt to destroy the security tapes but missed a hidden one at Sky High Holistic, the unfortunate dispensary.

In the video, the police can be seen bursting in through the doors of the dispensary with a battering ram. They can be heard shouting and yelling at the patients in the store to get down on the ground and put their hands behind their heads. They escort patients out of the store and begin to destroy the place, ripping security cameras out of the walls, removing the DVR player and the flat screen TV. A few of the officers even take edibles from under the counter and begin eating them, saying terrible things about the patients they just escorted out. “Did you punch that one legged old benita?” asks a male officer in the video. His female coworker replies, “I was about the kick her in her f*cking nub.”

While the video shows the officers eating candy bars and one commenting that he “felt lightheaded”, they claimed that they did not eat any of the edibles in the store, but rather the non-medicated food that was kept on site for the staff to eat. This group of bullies even asked that the video not be shown to the public because it violates their rights of privacy. A judge in Orange County Superior Court, Judge Ronald Bauer, disagreed, saying “[police] should not expect privacy in their on duty performance of an official function at a marijuana dispensary. They have made no claim that their work required secrecy or that it would be impeded by public review.”

However convincing this group of terrible people thought they were, their story fell short and the three were fired from the Santa Ana Police Department, according to reports. Brandon Matthew Sontag, Nicole Lynn Quijas, and Jorge Arroyo were all let go earlier this year, Sontag and Quijas had their last day on May 6th, while Arroyo got to add some salt to his wounds and had his last day on the famous April 20th.

Disrespectful Dispensary Raid Gets Cops In Trouble | Stoner News

Millennials Are The New Hippies

Millennials Are The New Hippies | Stoner Blog

When I was in high school, my algebra teacher always told me that if I had been born when she was, I would’ve been one of the flower crown wearing hippies of the time. It was never something I thought much about seeing as how I didn’t even really smoke weed until I had left high school (I tried once or twice but we were young and the aluminum can wasn’t that appealing to me). But she made that comment a few times over the course of my last year in high school and it never really struck me as anything important until now.

The hippies were the “rebels” of their generation. They weren’t going to be forced in to going along with mainstream culture and they didn’t listen to their parents. War wasn’t something they wanted a part in, they just wanted to chill and do drugs with their friends. They lived in small studio apartments in the city with obnoxiously high rent and mostly lived paycheck to paycheck, not far off from what the millennial generation does today. Us millennials call things by different names; ecstasy is called Molly, LSD is acid, and people love mushrooms again. Even those of us who went out and got “real” jobs still enjoy a blunt after a long day of work and those who don’t have “real” jobs spend time goofing off and still trying to figure out what to do with their lives (we’ll hopefully have that figured out by age thirty).

Millennials always reminisce about the 60s and 70s. Those were the times to be alive but if you really think about it, those times are repeating themselves now. We have serious issues to deal with now just like there was then, such as the approaching election in November or the racial issues that still divide our country. But when we aren’t having panic attacks about the future and the violence in the world, we spend our time at festivals and parties or with our friends, trying as hard as we can to continue to feel young for as long as possible and trying to avoid letting the sourness of the world engulf us.

It’s 2016. The millennial generation will soon be the ruling force in the country and hopefully, we can do some things better than the Baby Boomers before us. We’ve already done big things; we made weed legal after years of prohibition. We have lobbied for cannabis and have been arrested for it. We have seen our friends and family go to jail for trying to help themselves and others by providing natural medicine. But we’ve seen studies released that show cannabis can help to treat cancer, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, depression, migraines, anxiety, ALS, multiple sclerosis, and the list keeps going. We’ve proven that stoners aren’t lazy, stay at home losers. We’ve changed the minds of Baby Boomers and those suffering from Reefer Madness. We’ve come a long way.

Millennials Are The New Hippies | Stoner Blog

Cannabis Use and Donating Blood

Cannabis Use and Donating Blood | Stoner Blog

Recent tragedies have called for the community to rise up and donate blood. The shooting in Orlando, Florida specifically required a large amount of blood and many people rose to help the people who lived through this horrible event. But, as some know, there are conditions for donating blood. Such as the fact that if you have gotten a tattoo or piercing in the last six months, you can’t donate blood. So what about stoners? People who smoke tend to be very generous but could being a pothead prevent you from helping your fellow humans?

The answer seems to be no. The American Red Cross, the largest single supplier of blood and blood products in the US, collects and processed 40% of the blood supply. They distribute it to about 2600 hospitals and transfusion centers around the country. In their Common Questions pamphlet for those new to donating blood, the Red Cross states that while they do not encourage the use of controlled substances, “marijuana or alcohol use does not necessarily disqualify you from giving blood as long as you are feeling well. If you have EVER injected any illegal drugs, you can never give blood.”

When the American Red Cross was asked directly about cannabis users giving blood. They stated that they do not test for THC but they will not accept someone who is under the influence at the time of the donation. They suggest that people who are donating are well rested, well fed, and “feeling well”, which basically translates into “not high”. If the Red Cross staff believe you’re stoned when you show up to donate blood, they will turn you down. If you smoked the night before, you’re good to go.

Since your body breaks THC down in to 11-OH-THC and 11-nor-Carboxy-THC, which is non-psychoactive. Enzymes in the liver break the 11-OH-THC down even further in to the 11-nor-Carboxy-THC. The process takes a few hours but when it’s done, you’re no longer high.

Cannabis will not prevent you from donating blood. If you just take a night off from smoking and wake up, eat breakfast, and give blood, you could save a life. Being a stoner doesn’t mean you don’t have to get involved and now you have no excuse to (unless you a have gotten a new piercing or tattoo). It’s important to remember that the summer months are the hardest for blood drives, as people partying on vacation are less able to donate. Get out there and donate blood!

Cannabis Use and Donating Blood | Stoner Blog

Cannabis and Music


Cannabis and Music | Stoner Blog

Stoners will tell you until they’re blue in the face that smoking cannabis makes music sound much better. From the beats to the lyrics, potheads swear that tunes sound better and mean more when you’re high. Weed is a popular concert-going item and many people smoke a joint while jamming to their favorite musician, whether it be at a hip hop concert or a basement metal show. But why do stoners like music so much? Why do these two always seem to go hand in hand?

Music has been proven to have positive effects on the mind. Back in high school, the “cool” teachers used to let kids listen to their iPods while taking tests or some would play Mozart or Bach from a CD player. Even plants know that music is healthy, studies have shown that plants will react in positive ways (depending on the vibrational frequencies) to music that is played for them during growth. New Scientist, a medical journal, among others have shown studies that prove music is beneficial to all kinds of medical situations. It can be used to focus the mind, calm down, or energize, depending on the kind of music. Cannabis has been shown to help with these things as well, so perhaps the two form some sort of amazing effect when combined?

A study conducted in 2011 regarding the modulation of auditory and visual processing where the subjects were given THC and CBD showed that THC activated and deactivated certain areas in the brain which controlled the hearing and seeing senses. CBD did not have an effect on these areas. So THC has an effect on the way we hear music as well as the way that we process visual items. It was stated by Nina Kraus (Northwestern University) that the brain uses neruons that communicate sensory information through electrical pulses. In this case, it’s the sound of the music. The increased sensory perception in the endocannabinoid system is caused by the binding of the receptors to the brain. Dopamine is released and less anxiety-causing signals are sent, which lets the stoner chill out and enjoy the music more carefully and with less internal (and external) distraction.

But since cannabis is still considered a schedule 1 drug by the federal government, there aren’t many more studies regarding the connection between cannabis and music. As the two seem to have similar effects on the human body, they could be used as a kind of therapy for people suffering with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and a multitude of other afflictions. In the meantime, it’s suggested by Stonerdays that you roll up a joint or pack your bong and smoke to some of your favorite songs. Doctors orders.

Cannabis and Music | Stoner Blog

Cannabis Withdrawal

Cannabis Withdrawal | Stoner Guide

If you’ve been smoking for years, you probably don’t get as stoned as you used to and that might lead you to try out a cannabis detox, or a tolerance break as most stoners call it. This is a period where one just doesn’t smoke, or smokes considerably less. If a stoner overloads their endocannabinoid system, the brain’s response to cannabis can be lessened. A tolerance break can be great, especially for heavy smokers are looking to get super duper stoned once more. But what happens when you stop smoking weed?


Cannabis withdrawal is a real thing but it isn’t as severe as some mass media outlets make it out to be. With the Telegraph and the Daily Mail in the UK posting headlines such as “Cannabis as Addictive As Heroin”, you would think that the symptoms of cannabis withdrawal would be unbearable. While the effects of less weed are unpleasant, most people can get over them without a hitch. Much less harsh than heroin or opiate withdrawal, cutting down your cannabis use isn’t that bad as long as you know how to handle it.


When taking a break from weed, there are a few symptoms that one might experience. Starting in the first week, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite (or potentially an increase of appetite), physical symptoms (headaches, sweating, fever, chills, stomach pain, etc), or restless will make themselves apparent. Physical symptoms aren’t as apparent as the later, mental symptoms. This happens later, about a week after the break has started. Mood changes will occur, along with strange and intense dreams. Nervousness will also appear, sometimes immediately after stopping or somethings up to nine days after. Overall, symptoms of cannabis withdrawal don’t seem to last longer than 20 days and peak at about 10.


If you are attempting to take a tolerance break, it may be a good idea to slowly lessen your cannabis use if you experience some of the harsher symptoms. There is a 50% chance that you will be able to quit smoking without having any symptoms. But for the other 50% that do suffer from symptoms, there are ways to help yourself get through it. It is best to keep yourself busy. Go to work, get outside, ride your bike, go for a walk. Sitting around will only magnify the symptoms and getting out and moving around will not only keep you occupied, it will help you become more tired in order to overcome the insomnia. Eat healthy foods and avoid junk that will give you sugar highs and make you crash. And don’t forget, that first hit at the end of your tolerance break will be awesome!

Cannabis Withdrawal | Stoner Guide

Five Reasons To Watch The Lego Movie Stoned


Five Reasons To Watch The Lego Movie Stoned | Stoner Blog

Let’s face it, kids movies these days aren’t just made for kids. They’re cute and flashy, with the occasional underlying adult themes. One of the best things about being an adult and watching kids movies? Watching them stoned. Rolling a fat joint and watching the Lego Movie sounds pretty great right? If you don’t think so, here’s five reasons why you should view this hilarious (and somewhat dark) movie that was definitely made for both kids and adults a like.


  1. The Colors: This movie is incredibly bright and fun to look at. Since the characters are constantly jumping through different Lego worlds, the scenery changes constantly. From the Lego Wild West to Cloud Cuckoo Land (it’s as strange as it sounds), your stoned mind will be mesmerized by the bright colors and different architecture.
  2. The Actors: If you aren’t attracted to the colorfulness of the movie, you should know that it has some hilarious talent in it as well. Chris Pratt (Parks And Recreation, Guardians of the Galaxy) voices the main character, while Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) plays another. Throw in the fact that Nick Offerman (Parks And Recreation) and Will Ferrel (you know who Will Ferrel is) also make an appearance and you have a cast full of people who are going to make you laugh, especially if you’re stoned. The movie also features Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie, Morgan Freeman, and Liam Neeson.
  3. The Nostalgia: Considering that this is an entire world crafted out of Legos with very few real life scenes, this movie is great for the stoned mind. Most of the adults that are smoking now used to play with Legos back in the 90s. The Lego Movie brings back memories of times when we didn’t have to pay bills and go to work. You’ll feel the nostalgia even more when you’ve had a few bong rips and start thinking about Silly Putty, Polly Pocket, and that creepy crawler oven that allowed you to freak out your family and friends with rubber insects.
  4. The Adult Jokes: Right in the start of the film, we are greeted by the main character, Emmett, going about his daily business. He pays $42 for a coffee at a shop that resembles Starbucks and if you can’t sadly laugh at that while you’re stoned because it’s so relate able, I don’t know what to tell you.
  5. The Underlying Message: The Lego Movie is definitely cute and it will make you laugh but the message that the movie really seems to want to drive home? Society’s desire to stamp out creativity and imagination. The characters are all working for The Man, which is a common reoccurring theme in a lot of stoner-geared movies. Since stoners usually think of themselves as being open minded, this movie is a great visualization of the breakaway from traditional thinking and doing your own thing.

Five Reasons To Watch The Lego Movie Stoned | Stoner Blog

Five Music Genres Great For Stoners

Five Music Genres Great For Stoners | Stoner Guide

Since music and stoners go so well together, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of famous musicians who smoke on the regular. When you think about it, there’s a lot of genres of music that wouldn’t even be worth listening to without the influence of weed. The plant has helped shape some of the most successful artists of this time period (Snoop Dogg!!) and has most definitely played a part in the building blocks of entire genres.


Snoop was mentioned already so we will start at hip hop. A great deal of this genre at least mentions cannabis and hip hop artists are certainly known to smoke some serious bud. Hip hop also makes for a great stoner music choice if you’re just chilling and smoking. Whether the beats are fast or slow, hip hop is something your smoking friends will appreciate on your playlist.


It may surprise you that this genre is on the list but punk is another genre that is influenced by Mary Jane. Punks aren’t known for being chill so it’s a little shocking that they would write songs about pot. But NOFX had it’s song Herojuana and punk bands even had an impact on artists like Bob Marley, who wrong Punky Reggae Party after being inspired by the Clash. This just goes to show you the wide reach of cannabis.


Pop music is still peppered with cannabis use to this day. Although, some of the pop genres most notable stoners were the Beatles, who not only were totally open about their use of cannabis and other illicit substances but wrote songs about their drug use, such as “I get high with a little help from my friends” and the infamous “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds”. Of course, popstars today still smoke. Miley Cyrus is extremely open about her cannabis use and Justin Beiber has been caught with weed on numerous occasions.


Opera being on this list is even more shocking than punk making the cut but here it is. While the old time opera singers had to preserve those pipes, the conductors could do what they wanted, such as Michael Tilson Thomas, a famous conductor that was known to smoke cannabis. He was arrested when he was found to be in possession of three joints and some other illegal substances. Rene Leibowitz was a famous French composer and created the piece titled Marijuana – Variations non serieuses. Today, modern day opera singers can indulge in edibles that will get them super stoned without damaging their vocal cords. Thank the opera gods for that.


This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioned electronica. This strange form of music started blowing up in the 80s and has a history that is heavy with mind altering drugs. Electronica is known for it’s crazy rave parties so it’s no surprise that cannabis influences it. Cannabis even creates ties between music, such as when Skrillex and ASAP Rocky collaborated on Wild For the Night, a song that mainly focuses on (what else?) doing drugs and smoking weed. ASAP also claims to have smoked with Daft Punk but that’s neither confirmed nor denied.


Five Music Genres Great For Stoners | Stoner Guide

Medicated Mayo


Medicated Mayo | Stoner Cookbook

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of mayo but working in the food business has shown me that it’s probably the single most popular condiment out there. People put mayo with everything. They’ll put it on subs, dip their fries in it, put it in the calzones and on their pizza. It’s insane how much people like mayo. So here’s this recipe for mayo that will taste awesome and it will also give you a little buzz. The recipe is really easy but just know that you will need cannabis oil so have some of the on hand before you start.

What You’ll Need;

  • 1 tsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 1 teaspoon white vinegar
  • Pinch of salt
  • Cannabis Oil

All you have to do to get your medicated mayo is whisk together the egg yolks, the salt, vinegar, lemon juice, and mustard together. Make sure it’s mixed up well. Slowly add in the cannabis oil while still whisking the mixture. Do this carefully or risk making a huge mess. Once the oil is completely added in, continue to whisk the mixture until is begins to thicken. If it gets too thick, you can add a few drops of water to get the right consistency. Put the mayo in an airtight container and let it chill in the refrigerator for about two hours.

And here’s a secret, for those of you that live on the west coast, I know how much you appreciate thousand island dressing and you can make your own using this medicated mayo by adding in equal parts of ketchup and relish. You may have to mess around with how much of each you add but once you get the consistency right, you will end up with an amazing medicated condiment that you can pretty much put on anything. You’re welcome!

Medicated Mayo | Stoner Cookbook



PotBot | Stoner Guide

The legal cannabis business is beginning to gain momentum and being under prohibition for so long was sure to lead to some well thought out ideas. Stoners have had a long time to think about ways to help fellow stoners and improve the smoking experience. Even those who don’t smoke are looking to break in to cannabis, an industry that is sure to make a fortune in the next few years.

Take for example, the cannabis recommendation company called Potbotics, founded in 2013. The company has formulated an app titled PotBot for desktops, iOS, and coming soon to the Android market. PotBot will act as a virtual budtender and assist users much like WebMD. It will allow those looking for medical cannabis to enter their symptoms and get a heavily researched answer, with recommended strains and the levels of potency that patient should ingest. The app also lets them know where the closest dispensary is.

Cannabis has positive effects for a multitude of different illnesses and afflictions. The plant has thousands of different strains, with potency levels all over the place, some high in THC and some in CBD. While some strains will help with anxiety and depression, others will help with eating disorders and chemotherapy patients. Knowing which strain an individual should take for a specific diagnosis is extremely important to treatment.

The biggest competitor for PotBot would be the expansive Leafly site. On Leafly, users can review strains and dispensaries, along with news articles, canna-business consulting services, and a cannabis accessory store. There are thousands of strains and reviews on Leafly, making it a tough rival. But PotBot information won’t be user written. Instead, it will be heavily researched and carefully edited before being posted to the app. This will make it far more useful when looking for specific, scientific cannabis research in regards to treatment.

PotBot is not the only thing that Potbotics is working on either. The company is also working on two other products that will be revolutionary in the cannabis industry; a wireless EEG helmet called the BrainBot that will allow doctors to analyze neural responses to cannabinoids as well as the NanoPot, a DNA reader that scans cannabis seeds to optimize grow yields. There will be many more innovative ideas such as these and will hopefully show how beneficial cannabis is to humans.

PotBot | Stoner Guide

Employee Fired Over Medical Cannabis Reinstated


Employee Fired Over Medical Cannabis Reinstated | Stoner News

Medical and recreational cannabis bring a lot of grey area to the table, seeing as how the federal government still places the plant as a Schedule 1 drug. This grey area is very apparent when it comes to employment. While some jobs don’t drug test, many these days do and testing positive for THC can cause you to lose the interview or, in some cases, cost you a job that you’ve been working hard at already.

In Eugene, Oregon, Michael Hirsch, age 60, worked as the Senior Programmer and Systems Analyst with the Lane County Information Services Department. During a training session in November of 2015, two HR employees said that they smelled cannabis on Hirsch after a training session. He was asked to submit to a drug test, which showed a positive result for cannabis. Hirsch was fired, even though his use of cannabis is medical, as he is a survivor of prostate cancer.

Lane County Public Information Officer Jason Davis said that this particular case is somewhat unusual. Judges usually rule in favor of the employer but Arbitrator Jeffrey Jacobs found that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that Hirsch’s marijuana use was effecting his job and that he was not medicating while at work.

“As with any instance where we have a single individual, who is testifying on their own behalf, or giving an account of their own behavior, then there is also a perceived behavior that the employer sees,”David said. “You try to resolve and reconcile those two stories and in this instance it needed to be heard by a third party, who was outside the incident. And that third party thought that the individual was in the right.” Hirsch was given more than $21,000 in back pay for his time away from work, a total of six months out of his job. He is expected to return to work in the next couple of weeks.

Employee Fired Over Medical Cannabis Reinstated | Stoner News

Kids & Edibles


Kids & Edibles | Stoner News

One of the largest arguments against the well working, widely used cannabis edible is that they are geared towards children. Edibles come in all shapes and sizes, from candies and granola bars to soda and tea. Those who are against cannabis claim that when edibles are widely available (ie with recreational marijuana) more children will get their hands on them. Since kids will have a harder time differentiating cannabis edibles from normal food, it has been argued that edibles should be taken off the market for good.

Although weed edibles are under heavy scrutiny and constant attack, the FDA recently approved a candy flavored amphetamine-based medicine that will be marketed to children who are diagnosed with ADHD later this year. This new, mislabeled version of speed was introduced to the pharmaceutical market near the end of May, is called Adzenys. The drug will be given to children who doctors deem “overactive” and kids as young as six years old will be given this gummy version of meth.

Obviously, making a form of speed that is chewy and fruit flavored will cause some controversy. Neos Therapeutics, the company that is distributing Adzenys has said that its team of 125 salespeople have had no issues setting up appointments all over the country with doctors who are ready and willing to prescribe this drug to children of almost all ages.

It seems highly counterproductive that doctors everywhere would be able to give small children a form of amphetamine. Colorado recently starting working on legislature to ban any sort of cannabis product in any shape that child might find interesting. But while people bust down the doors of dispensaries to get rid of the adult-intended edibles on the shelves, doctors are going to start feeding them amphetamine that could potentially lead to addiction.

Cannabis edibles are not geared towards children. Most adults will tell you that they love eating candy and snacks just as much as any five years old. Edibles also make it easy for patients to medicate. This allows them to avoid inhaling smoke and to get a different kind of high to treat their ailments. To take away these patients medicine while joyfully giving fruit flavored gummy meth is incredibly unfair and wrong. Children should not be given meth and adults should be able to purchase their cannabis in a way that works for them. It is, however, up to the adults to be responsible in keeping track of their edibles and to keep them away from children.

Kids & Edibles | Stoner News

Microsoft Enters Cannabuisness


Microsoft Enters Cannabuisness | Stoner News

Since cannabis started becoming medically and recreationally legal, the industry has encountered many issues. Banks won’t allow dispensaries to use accounts, security issues, and big business seems to shun those involved in the green rush. Even though medical cannabis has gone a long way, dispensaries are still dealing with trouble from every day institutions. But the Microsoft company has made a big move in favor of cannabis.

Microsoft is welcoming a marijuana compliance company called Kind Financial onto its Azure Government cloud platform. Kind Financial is based out of Los Angeles and provides seed-to-sale tracking solutions. The company, while it has been a commercial client of Microsoft’s Azure cloud since it’s founding in 2014. In the last nine months, Kind CEO David Dinenberg has speaking with Microsoft officials in order to get the company promoted to Azure Government. A separate cloud platform with security and compliance protocols that are geared towards entities that interact with federal agencies.

“Kind agreed that Azure Government is the only cloud platform designed to meet government standards for the closely regulated cannabis compliance programs and we look forward to working together to help our government customers launch successful regulatory programs,”

said Kimberly Nelson, the executive director of Microsoft’s state and local government solutions divisions, released in a statement.

A move like this shows that there is a certain open mindedness at Microsoft… Or at least a desire to get in on the roughly $5.7 billion that cannabis sales made in 2015. “It’s undeniable that Microsoft’s interest in this industry shows we are maturing” says Gladha DeCarcer, CEO of New Frontier, an industry analytics firm. “Not only will the perception of companies in the cannabis space improve externally as a result of this news, but it’ll also mean that everyone from Mom and Pop businesses to sophisticated multinationals will see their opportunities improve.”

Microsoft Enters Cannabuisness | Stoner News

Are Dabs Really The “Crack” of Cannabis?


Are Dabs Really The “Crack” of Cannabis? | Stoner Blog

Some of the old school stoners or some that haven’t really been on the internet (or people that are still stuck in reefer madness) genuinely think that cannabis concentrates are comparable to crack. Confusing to say the least, especially since cannabis concentrates (and “dabs”) have been around since the 80s. The only reason we’re now hearing about this now is that cannabis in the spotlight… And the people who don’t like it need something to complain about.

If you don’t know, dabs are a concentrated form of THC. The honey/wax/crumble like substance in place on a heated piece of titanium, glass, quartz, or ceramic and the heat vaporizes the concentrate. Dabs are stronger than buds, testing anywhere between 50 to 90% THC. Flower usually tops out at around 29% THC. Some people, the high from a dab lasts far longer than a bong rip, which leads some people to prefer dabs, for the fact that you need less coupled with the purity.

stonerdays-logo-smallWhile these side effects are blamed mostly on dabs, it does also happen with cannabis flower.

On one hand, you have people who will smoke dabs and freak out. They will get extremely paranoid and anxious. There are those who will even get sick from the dabs.They will throw up, have panic attacks, and feel weak/dizzy. While these side effects are blamed mostly on dabs, it does also happen with cannabis flower. Every once in a while, you will encounter someone who has smoked a bowl and had a massive panic attack. There are also people who smoke dabs and freak out. Seeing as how every individual processes THC differently, this fact isn’t surprising.

Justin Kander, the head of research and development at Aunt Zelda’s (a cannabis concentrate company that craft edibles), says that cannabis concentrates are not like heroin or crack but that the high doses should be taken properly. From what he has seen in his time in the industry, Kander says that continued use over a long period of time can potentially cause permanent paranoia and anxiety. Even longer use may even increase the risk of brain damage but that is incredibly rare and almost unheard of. Another thing to be aware of is the increased tolerance. Prolonged use of cannabis concentrates can cause extremely high tolerances, which will ultimately result in you having to take a break.

stonerdays-logo-smallSome people handle substances differently and there are always people who will end up getting really unlucky.

Dabs are not like crack or meth or heroin. Some people handle substances differently and there are always people who will end up getting really unlucky. The high dose of cannabis concentrate may cause negative effects but for patients with cancer or other severe illnesses, it can be lifesaving. The general consensus? Dabbing every day might end up having negative side effects. Sometimes it’s good to just take a concentrate-tolerance break.

Are Dabs Really The “Crack” of Cannabis? | Stoner Blog

Cannabis May Be Able To Halt Alzheimer’s


Cannabis May Be Able To Halt Alzheimer’s | Stoner News

There are more than five million American’s that are living with Alzheimer’s Disease, according the to Alzheimer’s Association. It is the sixth leading cause of death in the country. As of right now, there is no cure. But recent research has shown that cannabis may have promise as a medicine that can stop the progression of Alzheimer’s. Since some of the symptoms include mental confusion, difficulty thinking or understanding, loss of appetite, mood swings, and other symptoms, researchers have really been looking in to using cannabis to help stop the disease.

stonerdays-logo-smallAlzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the country.

Research has led to the fact that THC can protect the brain from degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It is believed that Alzheimer’s is caused by protein fragments that are known as bet-amyloid. The beta-amyloid destroys synapses, which then forms clumps of plaque that cause the death of the nerve cells. When THC is introduced, it acts as a natural and safe amyloid inhibitor. The medicine that is currently on the market now for the ease of Alzheimer’s symptoms is not as safe, another reason as to why the plant is being looked at as treatment.

Another benefit of THC in Alzheimer’s patients is the fact that it boosts the function of the mitochondria. This is responsible for generating the energy required to function. The cells in the brain require a lot of energy in order to communicate with each other as well as the rest of the body. Doctors have also discussed brain inflammation as another cause of Alzheimer’s and cannabis is one of the most effective (and natural) anti-inflammatory known to modern medicine. There is also far less of an addiction risk as compared to prescription drugs.

stonerdays-logo-smallThis fact has hindered the research of THC on all types of diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

Cannabis has been classified as a Schedule 1 drug. This fact has hindered the research of THC on all types of diseases, including Alzheimer’s. Even though there are those who still believe that cannabis will have worse effects than the current prescribed drugs. It is clear that the plant shows at least some promise at fighting disorders where traditional medicine has failed. At the very least, cannabis is worth looking at for treatment to a multitude of afflictions.

Cannabis May Be Able To Halt Alzheimer’s | Stoner News

Cannabis Breaks In To Bars

Cannabis Breaks In To Bars | Stoner Guide

People often compare cannabis and alcohol, putting them head to head. But some people are beginning to mix the two together… Yes that’s right, cannabis infused alcoholic beverages. That you can order at a bar. Take for example West Hollywood’s Gracias Madre, a vegan Mexican place where Jason Eisner is creating CBD infused cocktails that are becoming quite popular.

Since CBD is the compound in cannabis that helps to reduce pain and can give you energy, these drinks make a great starter. Eisner has three different cannabis drinks, the Rolled Fashioned, the Sour T-iesle, and the Stoney Negroni. He started making the drinks in order to treat injuries that he sustained playing sports. While the price of the drinks are surely high, they will have you feeling great on a night out. CBD oil, which is what is used in the drinks, has a slight earthy taste to it as well, which will give the drinks an interesting taste.

For those that aren’t near West Hollywood or in a legal state, you can make a drink that may just simply remind you of cannabis. The Liquid Marijuana is a delicious beverage that you can make as a shot or a drink. It’s fruity and smooth, so be careful not to drink too many. Try one out the next time you go to the bar or grab a few nips and make your own at home. The liquid marijuana makes a really good unwind drink, something that will be good to kick back and relax with at the end of the day.

Take a pint glass and fill it with ice.

  • Pour in 1/2 oz Captain Morgan spiced rum.
  • 1/2 Malibu coconut rum, 1/2 oz Midori.
  • 1/2 oz blue curacao.

Pour in some pineapple juice, leaving a space at the top of the glass for a splash of sweet and sour mix. Shake everything together vigorously and there you have it, a liquid marijuana drink.

It was only a matter of time before people began to mix cannabis and alcohol to form new kinds of cocktails. Pot bars will definitely be a thing of the future, with bartenders specializing in cannabis infused cocktails for all different kinds of people. Some will be stronger in THC, some in CBD. It is only a matter of time before we see these interesting new establishments appear.

Please remember to smoke and drink responsibly.

Cannabis Breaks In To Bars | Stoner Guide

Does Marijuana Give You Anxiety?

Does Marijuana Give You Anxiety? You’ll Need This | Stoner Blog

Anxiety can be completely debilitating, just ask anyone who suffers from the mind-numbing, pulse-racing mental disorder. As a person suffering with anxiety for over 14 years I can attest that there are a variety of prescription drugs that can help tame the unrest, but most life-long suffers worry about the long term effects of Xanax and other anti-anxiety medications. Many patients turn to medical marijuana as a way to ease the symptoms of anxiety, but what happens when marijuana isn’t effective, triggers irrational paranoia, or you feel it’s not appropriate to medicate, such as at work, at school, or with family?

Well, now we have an all-natural solution for you. It’s called 1Hour Break®, and it will change how the world handles anxiety.

Kava Kava spray all day


1Hour Break® is a California-based company providing all-natural remedies for anxiety. They’ve spent the last few years perfecting a breakthrough sublingual tincture made from highly concentrated extracts of organic Kava Kava, Passion flower, Lemon balm, and Lobelia herbs.

Taking 1Hour Break® to relieve anxiety, panic attacks or cannabis-induced anxiety is simple. Anytime you feel anxious, all you do is spray 5 sprays (about 1ml) of 1Hour Break® beneath your tongue, wait ten seconds, and then swallow. Because it is absorbed underneath the tongue, it bypasses the digestive system, so the effects are felt immediately. Kava Kava, sourced from the South Pacific, is the main ingredient and has been proven safe and therapeutic for relieving anxiety. It works by binding onto various receptors in the amygdala that regulate feelings of fear and anxiety, and in turn promotes calmness, relaxation, and a sense of well-being. It’s like getting a big hug from Mother Nature herself.

1Hour Break with cannabis: Supercharge your buzz


I had the pleasure of trying 1Hour Break® Version 2.0 in Honey flavor. As someone who has suffered from anxiety since my teens, I have tried everything available to relieve my symptoms. I was pleasantly surprised by the effects of 1Hour Break®; after just five sprays, I instantly noticed a numbing sensation under my tongue and felt my pulse slow down and my mind got that familiar calming sensation associated with Xanax. The numbness lasted about 20 minutes and assured me it was working, and I remained calm and relaxed for well over an hour. I have never used a natural anti-anxiety medication that has worked… ever. So, believe me when I tell you, I went into this a skeptic, but came out beyond satisfied. I’m certain 1Hour Break® is effective and can benefit both cannabis users and non cannabis users alike.

1Hour Break® along with cannabis is simply the perfect all-natural combination – a no-brainer, in fact. Imagine experiencing a strong, uplifting, clear-headed buzz without any anxious side effects. You’ll experience only the positive feelings of a supercharged buzz, and none of the negative.

As a special promotion, 100 lucky StonerDays readers will have a chance to try 1Hour Break® Free on us, just pay shipping. Click HERE to redeem your Free Bottle! ($29 Value) 

Missed out? Ask if 1Hour Break® is sold at your local dispensaries or available on the new cannabis delivery app EazeUp. If you’re interested in learning more about 1Hour Break®, visit their website at

Have you tried 1Hour Break® to help ease anxiety? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Does Marijuana Give You Anxiety? You’ll Need This

Cannabis & Memory


Cannabis & Memory | Stoner Blog

For years, people have believed that cannabis effects the memory formation in the human brain. Those against the plant have insisted that long term use (or even short term) will kill your brain cells and make you dumb. This fact is highly contested, with supporters arguing that some of the smartest, most successful people have admitted to smoking (and enjoying) cannabis. Not only that but memory is a difficult thing to measure and there are different types of memory, such as short term memory and long term memory, among others. So what does cannabis do to memory?

The main compound in cannabis, THC, has shown to have an effect on short term memory. It creates a difficulty in encoding memories. Those who use cannabis sometimes show trouble in forming new memories while under the influence. While this is like being “black out” drunk, the effects are not as severe as cannabis. Short term recall is also effected by THC. Stoners have difficulty recalling events while high and even after the high wears off. But those who continuously indulge in cannabis have shown in studies to develop a tolerance to these effects of THC. The more cannabis is smoked, the less difficulty the user had recalling the memory.

Studies show that the memory impairments tend to be temporary. One of these such studies showed that while THC can effect memory for two hours after consumption, there are no lasting effects after 24 to 48 hours. It was also shown that cannabis will not effect the ability to recall existing memories, like your high school, your address, your siblings, or your parents.

As for cannabis and long term memory, a study published by JAMA Internal Medicine, it was shown that people who consume more cannabis over five or more years developed worse verbal memory recall as compared to those who consumed less cannabis or none at all. The study consisted of nearly 3400 Americans over a period of twenty five years. Verbal recall was tested and Reto Auer, a professor at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, was the study’s main author. The results showed that those subjects who smoked every day could recall 8.5 words out of 15. Subjects who smoked less or none at all could recall 9 out of 15 words. While .5 words doesn’t seem like a whole lot, Auer suggested that the longer someone used cannabis, the worse their memory would become. But only 8% of those in the study considered themselves heavy smokers and they also didn’t find that the 8% had any other cognitive abilities impacted by their cannabis use, such as the ability to focus and process information.

New studies are being released that are suggesting that cannabis may actually benefit memory and the plant is being studied for use in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and Parkinson’s. CBD, one of the other compounds found in cannabis, has promise of being able to also fight the brain damage caused by alcohol abuse and binge drinking. CBD reduced alcohol induced cell death in the brain by up to 60%, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. So does cannabis have an effect on memory? More research is definitely needed to gain a definitive answer but as of right now, the effects don’t seem nearly as bad as someone who drinks a lot of alcohol.

Cannabis & Memory | Stoner Blog

StonerDays Presents: The Future Of Weed Delivery


StonerDays Presents: The Future Of Weed Delivery

The time has come for a change of delivering you ganja.. Well this was just a fun day at the StonerDays HQ. One of many great ideas put together while we were baked. Unfortunately what you don’t see in the video is the stoner fail that came from one of the begging scenes. Two Ounce’s of kush went flying all over the place when the bag ripped in mid air. As we franticly picked up our weed we could not help from laughing our ass’s off.

Well we hope you enjoy this stoner video please let us know what you think in the comments below. And remember to always Stay Blazed.

Be sure to tag us on all your social media pages with #stayblazed and #stonerdays to be featured.

StonerDays Presents: The Future Of Weed Delivery

Stoned Driving


Stoned Driving | Stoner Guide

One of the most heard arguments against legal cannabis is the fact that drivers that are stoned are at high risk for accidents, potentially injuring themselves and others. But even though this is a strong debate point for anti-cannabis supporters, about 70% of people don’t think that driving while stoned is dangerous according to a recent Gallup poll. Only 29% said that cannabis was a serious problem when used while driving. So are high drivers dangerous?

In 2013, nearly a third of all of the fatal accidents were caused by alcohol impairment, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Seeing as how alcohol is already legal, one would think that this substance would be more of a focal point than cannabis. The plant, while it does impair driving ability, doesn’t have the same effects as alcohol on a driver. People who have been drinking are physically impaired and don’t really think that they are. Drunk drivers will driver faster, more aggressively, tailgate, and make rash decisions behind the wheel. People who are stoned, on the other hand, overestimate their impairment and will tend to driver slower, leave larger distances between themselves and other cars, or overcompensate to be sure that they’re following traffic laws.

A study conducted in 2013 in the Journal of Law and Economics, it was found that after medical marijuana laws were passed, traffic fatalities fell. It was evening accidents and drunk/alcohol related incidents that saw the most drastic decrease. The researchers who conducted the study hypothesized that cannabis may actually be decreasing accidents because people are smoking as compared to drinking. But it’s difficult to see a true correlation as traffic fatalities have been falling across the country for years, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Cars are now safer with new technology, less people risking drinking and driving, or other unknown factors might play a part in the decline.

So is stoned driving a serious risk? Not really. It isn’t recommended that you drive while high, especially if you’re not familiar with it. Alcohol has been proven to be far more dangerous of a substance to drive on, causing many accidents over the years. But cannabis doesn’t seem to have that much of a negative effect on drivers. More study is definitely needed but as of right now, it would seem that the argument against cannabis because of driving isn’t a very strong one.

Stoned Driving | Stoner Guide

Banana Bud Bread


Banana Bud Bread | Stoner Cookbook

For the best tasting banana bread, use bananas that have the “bruised” spots all over them, be sure to freeze the banana’s you don’t use. You can also substitute with Cannashortening instead of adding straight cannabis.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 1/2 cup Shortening
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 teaspoon Lemon Juice
  • 3 teaspoons Baking Powder
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 cup Mashed Bananas
  • 2 cups Sifted Flour
  • 1/2 cup Cannabis, Powdered
  • 1/2 teaspoon Salt
  • 1 cup Nuts, Chopped

Here’s What You Have To Do:

Mix the shortening, sugar, and eggs together. Separately mix bananas with lemon juice and add to first mixture. Sift flour, salt, and baking powder together, and then mix all the ingredients together. Bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes at 375 degrees.

Banana Bud Bread | Stoner Cookbook

High Beam Solar Glass


High Beam Solar Glass | Stoner Review

Ever taken a solar hit? They’re fun and a great way to get stoned creatively. Well, here is an innovative and creative glassblowing company that not only make’s the High Beam Solar Glass but an awesome assortment of products. With colorful and unique glass like Sherlocks, Spoons, Bubblers, Water Pipes, Dabbers and Nectar Collectors all hand blown by the awesome guy’s at High Beam Solar Glass Co.

3057557_origThe High Beam Solar Lighter!

This is the first and finest solar lighter attachment for your tobacco and medicinal needs.  Wind is no longer a problem when using a High Beam Solar Lighter. And at half the temperature of a butane lighter the High Beam Solar Lighter delivers cool and tasty hits every time!

We realized that there is a perfectly fine sun up there, the most abundant natural resource in sight. It’s time we take full advantage of this. Concentrate the High Beam Solar Lighter on your next bowl for a tastier and healthier smoking experience.

With Results that will knock you stoned cooled out. With the High Beam, temperatures linger in the crucial range where those essential oils boil for a duration of time. This is when you’ll receive the vaporization of your smoking product.

Can be used both indoors and out. Utilize a ray of sunlight or situate a mirror outside directed in and enjoy the solar experience in the comforts of your own room.

Be sure to check out their website by clicking the button below for more details. Enjoy!


StonerDays Presents: High Beam Solar Glass

High Beam Solar Glass | Stoner Review

Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes


Garlic “Herb” Mashed Potatoes | Stoner Cookbook

Here is a great side dish for any meal and a great way to impress your stoned crowd. Try serving this with baked fish or chicken

What You’ll Need:

  • 3-4 large Russet Potatoes, Washed, Peeled, and Cubed
  • 4 large Garlic Heads
  • 3 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 tablespoon Basil
  • 1 tablespoon Cracked Black Pepper
  • 1 tablespoon Kosher Salt
  • 1/4 pint Heavy Cream
  • 4-6 ounces Ricotta Cheese
  • 4 tablespoons Sweet Butter
  • 4 tablespoons Cannabutter

Here’s What You Have To Do
Cut the top 1/2 inch off the garlic heads. Add olive oil to the cut heads and sprinkle with basil. Roast in 420-degree oven for 30-50 minutes. The garlic is done when tender to a fork. Boil the cubed potatoes in salted water until fork tender, drain, and mash lightly. Add butters to potatoes and continue to mash. Add pepper, salt, cream, and cheese and mash until smooth. Squeeze garlic into the mix and whip until smooth.

Add On’s

You can crumble bacon into your mashed potatoes for an extra crunch; or for a home-style taste, leave the skin on the potatoes.

Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes | Stoner Cookbook

Cannabis Gives Back


Cannabis Gives Back | Stoner News

There are numerous reasons as to why some people don’t want cannabis to be legalized and these people will come up with any reason possible in order to keep others away from this amazing plant. Among these arguments is that the legal cannabis industry will contribute to teen use (myth), crime rates will rise (also a myth), and the communities will be overrun with citizens of all ages getting stoned (maybe not so much of a myth but no one is concerned with their neighbor’s tobacco/alcohol habit so what’s the big deal if no one is causing problems?). But since the cannabis industry is dead set on proving the negative stigma wrong, businesses and governments are beginning to see the economic boom that legal marijuana can bring.

In Colorado, where cannabis is legal for everyone over the age of 21, part of the implemented law specifically states that a tax of 15% gets taken out when wholesalers sell to the retailers. That specific tax is given to special school taxes. The money is meant to be used to repair and build schools around the state of Colorado. This particular tax isn’t seen by the customers of the retail cannabis shops. When bought at a store, the tax charged goes to the state’s general fund and focuses on drug prevention education, substance abuse treatment, and research.

The Rocky Mountain State is also doing amazing things with marijuana tax money to help to homeless in the Pueblo, CO area. The Pueblo County commissioners recently approved a grant of $25,000 to go towards the Pueblo Area Law Enforcement Chaplain’s Crop. The money will be used to attempt to reduce the homeless population by helping people that have family out of town or out of state get their familial support system back. In previous cases, the group was only able to send people about 100 miles, which left some stranded halfway between Colorado and home. Now, with the help of money made from marijuana taxes, people will be able to have their trips home completely funded. Each person the gets involved with the program gets a bus trip and a motel voucher for the voyage. Aurora, CO is also using cannabis tax money to help it’s homeless. The city will provide $4.5 million to programs that will assist homeless over the next three years. The focal point of one of these programs is to offer a place for homeless children to attend school, as well as get fed, supplies for classes, and go on field trips, all things that they might not otherwise get to do.

Backtracking to Pueblo, CO, the city also decided to pass an additional tax on recreational marijuana cultivation facilities. This money will be used to fund the college tuition of students that are graduating from high school. With the program just getting up and running this year, it will start off by giving out twenty five $1000 scholarships for the fall of 2016. This tax will be phased in over the next five years, where 50% of the money will be used for scholarships and the remainder will go towards public improvement and medical marijuana research. Pueblo, CO is a perfect example of a town taking advantage of legal cannabis.

Last but not least, a school in Nevada got the unfortunate news that they were losing a large scholarship that sent a group of students to Washington DC every year. Students would go to the capitol to see how things really worked at the nation’s home base, as well as give them a chance to explore the architecture and historical monuments. But the trip was expensive and wasn’t obtainable for students without the help. Cue the medical marijuana businesses help. Pahrump’s M&M Development donated $3000 and Nye County Consultants Association threw down $5000.

Actions like these by medical and legal cannabis companies is important and shows people how kind the industry can be. It’s not all about “just getting high”. Those that are involved in the cannabis industry want to help and it’s only smart of governments to take advantage of that in order to help their citizens lead better lives.

Cannabis Gives Back | Stoner News

Cheesy Weed


Cheesy Weed | Stoner Guide

Most people know that cannabis is a flower. And if you didn’t before this, you do now. And if you’ve ever smelled a flower, you know that they emit strong aromas (some great, like lilacs, and some strange like that flower that smells like rotten meat when it blooms). Certain flowers smell better or worse to different people and the odors/flavors (when you smoke it) stimulate the human mind to feel different sensations. And since cannabis is a flower, it has the ability as well, to make us feel a certain way when we smell/smoke it. Why? Because terpenes.

Terpenes are what makes flowers smell. There are more than 200 of them found in cannabis, many of which resemble smells that aren’t normally found in nature, such as cheese. Yes, cheese, like the dairy product. You are probably familiar with weed that smells somewhat like the deli at a supermarket. Cheesy strains are some of the strongest and they really sting the nostrils. The strains are uplifting and stimulating, which is quite interesting after getting a whiff. While it may not be an odor that you want to bottle up, the cheese strains make up for it by being very strong.

The cause of the cheese smell comes from a number of terpenes in cannabis. They include ethylmethyl acetic acid, isovaleric acid, octanoic acid, (methyl thio) butyrate, and methyl mercaptan. With these terpenes present, cannabis strains can smell slightly dairy-esque, giving off a sweet, almost vanilla scent or go the opposite way and smell like old cheese on a hot day.

So while the cheese strains may not be the greatest smelling jar on the shelf, you shouldn’t write them off just because they might not smell great. While mostly sativa dominant, the cheese strains offer indica effects as well, making them a decent choice of hybrid. They have shown to be quite effective as an antidepressant and an anticonvulsant. So be sure to give these strains a chance.

Cheesy Weed | Stoner Guide