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Durban Poison


Durban Poison – Marijuana Strain Review

Sativa THC content 18-22%

Durban is the poison to pick. This grass is probably what Bob Marley was smoking. It is a subtropical sativa named after the port city of Durban in South Africa where copious amounts of this strain are distributed all over the world by the thousands of kilos. Durban Poison is a very distinctive bud, having a dark, dark purple hue that can almost look black. This sativa will need lots of light and 8-9 weeks of flowering. The strain has gain notoriety with smokers everywhere as a world class sativa strain.


The Review:

Durban Poison has been called “the espresso of cannabis” because the high is clear and wakes you up, gives energy and intense emotional euphoria. Described as having a spicy flavor with notes of licorice and anise, this is a very unique bouquet indeed. Along with unique flavor, perhaps the better reason to pick this poison is the incredible high. Stress disappears and anxieties vanish in a cloud of smoke. Also the intense euphoria delivered makes this poison a great anti-depressant strain. Durban Poison promotes focus, alertness, and overall positive feelings and lends itself to daytime use. It is also reported to be a moderate pain killer with almost no body high.


Durban Poison – Marijuana Strain Review

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