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Cops Befuddled By Stoners Yet Again

Cops Befuddled By Stoners Yet Again

Vaporizers are a great way to get stoned on the go. The portable ones are small and inconspicuous, the perfect tool for a sneaky stoner. Designs like the Cloud allow us to appear to be smoking just a regular e-cigarette. We’ve gone a bit further in our sneaky ways, however. Stoners have managed to fool cops even more by putting cannabis in actual e-cigs.

The cops in Nassau, NY are beginning to catch on to our plans. They’ve begun to search the cartridges of e-cigarettes found on people charged with drug crimes. When someone is busted for drugs in this area, the e-cigarette is sent away for testing to determine if it contains cannabis or not. Whether you’re smoking a Cloud or just a normal e-cig, be prepared to get stares from local law enforcement. Since the e-cigarettes are legal, officers can’t do anything until you do something wrong.

Detective Lt. Kevin Smith, who heads the narcotics unit in Nassau County, as well as a New York Assemblywoman who tried to ban e-cigarette sales to minors, both had really great things to say about our good friend Mary Jane. Smith stated, “For young people, marijuana is a gateway. The next thing you know they’re doing acid, molly, and even heroin. I don’t like that people are giving it a pass.” I’m not familiar with the geography around Nassau County but they must be incredibly secluded from the rest of the modern world. The gateway theory has been thrown so far out the window that it landed in the next town over. The Assemblywoman also had some wisdom to contribute, saying “Once you try e-cigarettes, you can become hooked on them, move on to cigarettes, and then move on to other drugs.”

Both of this people are supposed to be respected, well informed members of the community. But yet neither of these people makes any sort of valid statement regarding the cannabis industry, let alone their crazy waste of money plan to test every cigarette confiscated. The tests must cost money to perform right? And yes, they do have to test it to verify that it’s marijuana. I don’t know if that’s a failsafe for the law, who might not know what cannabis products look like but it seems like an extreme waste of money. While the rest of the world advances towards cannabis legalization, it seems that Nassau is stuck in a time warp.

Cops Befuddled By Stoners Yet Again

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