Boss Woman In The Cannabis Industry

Boss Woman In The Cannabis Industry

Boss Woman In The Cannabis Industry

There are many woman in the cannabis industry who stand for woman rights, help us reach in, and pull out or inner divas. Beyonce, Pink Cira, Opera, Whoopi, Michelle. Are only a few of the many woman in the spotlight. As we awe and gravel at how amazing they are and often wish that we could be like them. Their words and music inspire us, touch us and even make us cry. They are powerful, in charge boss ladies. And we are moved by their presence. But what about the other queens that are changing the world. The “non celebrity” spotlight women who equally deserve every praise.

It isn’t uncommon to see a woman in the cannabis industry. CCS ( cannabis consumer correlation) polled in 58% woman responses and only 41% men back in 2017. In the last couple of years woman are coming out of the closet and speaking out about cannabis. Statistics say that women outnumber men when it comes to “toking up”. If thats because of its many health benefits. Such as: menstrual cramps, pregnancy pain, menopause. All the way to relieving stress, anxiety, depression, postpartum depression and muscle relief. Women are taking it and turning into a self made businesses. From wellness & health to perfenalia – woman are taking charge in this growing and changing industry.

There are a number of woman in the cannabis industry that deserve praise a few of them are:

Whoopie & Maya – Together these two amazing woman took cannabis and turned it into a business that specializes in helping woman & menstrual cramps. Woman from all over the world can agree on one thing. Getting your period sucks and is often painful. Blunted Objects – created by Melodi Ling. Created her cannabis business to inspire other females to see the beauty. And the real Nancy Botwin from California Dr. D aka DR. Deena the first woman to open up a medical dispensary in California called Sunset Shop. In an interview, Dr. D she said “ the first time i got high was with Snoop Dogg”

Boss Woman In The Cannabis Industry
Boss Woman In The Cannabis Industry

But these are all American boss ladys where are all the Canadian boss ladies? I was very happy to find Canadian Female entrepreneur Jeannnette VanderMarel. Co- founder of The Green Organic Dutchman. Jeannette has a life many families across canada suffer with. A family member with a syndrome that only cannabis eased. In 2003 – her daughter passed away from dravet syndrome as well as a severe form of epilepsy. When she found out cannabis was being used to treat epilepsy, she began the process of being Licensed Cannabis producers. The Green Organic Dutchman became to be one the leading licensed distributors in Canada.

Some more beautiful honorable Canadian boss ladies in the cannabis industry are:

Blandford Ontario Katie Larocci. Grows it not smokes it. Horticultural manager at Up Cannabis. Her job is to study the plants, managing the growing, monitoring the environment and taking data. That may sound bizarre to our “normal” 9-5 job but for katie this is as normal as it gets. Having A voice and speaking well is a big part in the cannabis industry. Pot activist Sarah Hanlon – Speaks out as an ambassador for the webs largest cannabis information resource

These are only a few of the many “not in the spotlight” boss woman, who have changed the face of cannabis. Stepping out into a industry that is still so undercover by its laws. Breaking down the negative social stigma and working on bringing the best medical cannabis to suit all your needs. These women deserve just as much as praise as the “celebrity spotlight boss woman”

Writer: Megan Thiessen

Canada AB Lethbridge

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